Skills in League of Legends: The Three F’s

If you’re in the market to buy a League of Legends account that already has some fighting prowess, there are some skills in league of legends that you will need to possess to not destroy the purchased account. Hopefully, you did your research and didn’t get any cheap LoL accounts just because they were inexpensive. If this is the case, and you performed proper due diligence, you’re likely looking at an account that has seen its share of battle.

So let’s assume you spent some coin and bought a solid LoL account. What kind of skills should you maintain to get the proper usage out of it? We will dive into a few necessary skills to ensure that your new-to-you account stays on the up-and-up: flexibility, fighting ability, and farming… also known here as the Three F’s.


Felxibility - Deconstructing Skills in League of Legends The Three Fs

Flexibility can be defined as the ability to play at your best, regardless of the circumstances. Do you as a gamer have the capacity to adapt, react, and adjust to events that transpire, or is your style more predictable and rigid?

Aspects of Player Flexibility

There are many aspects that determine a player’s flexibility. Some of the most telling are steadiness of decision making, style of play, and playing across phases.

Steadiness of decision making

Steadiness is a measure of how well you can play League of Legends, regardless of whether you and your team are winning or losing. Ensuring that you maintain steadiness even in the most stressful of situations is vital. The ability to adjust and maintain peak performance regardless of positioning is a surefire sign of a powerful and flexible LoL player.


Style of play

If you are a player who can play at optimal levels for positive metrics, and still minimize the negative aspects of this game, your play style will show high flexibility. A balance between aggressive and passive play is vital to ensure that you have the capacity to be a well-rounded player with an adaptable style.

Playing across phases

What this refers to is a player’s capacity to play well across all phases of a game: early, mid, and late. Some players are notoriously stronger at tasks such as laning. However, others show strong prowess during team fights. Much like the well-roundedness referred to above, if you maintain flexibility and power in all phases of a match, you will be able to play strongly in all phases.

“League of Legends is an extremely complex game. There are many thought processes and quick decision making necessary to lead the game to a win.” – Lee Sang-hyeok “Faker”

Methods to Improve your Flexibility

As a player, improving flexibility is no easy feat. However, some of the below steps are killer in ensuring that you remain a versatile, reactive player with a level head and strong decision making skills on the fly:

  • Expanding your horizons: Are you only a solid player in one of the phases? That’s great, but also means that you are weaker in 66 percent of the match. Aim to become a threat the entire match through. Focus on and work on your weak play areas. Don’t be afraid to ask others for tips on improvement.
  • Adaptation of your builds: Taking pride in opting for tanky items when your team has faced serious damage show the ability to assist your carries in their survival. If your team is in the need of more damage, you need to also be adaptive to taking more of a carry role with items.
  • Thriving in all situations: League matches have ups and downs. Close matches are a commonplace, and being able to succeed regardless of whether the outcome is positive or negative is critical to flexibility in a player.

Fight Ability

Fight Ability

Fight ability is the skill where decision making and champion design merge. Fight ability is a skill that matters when the game is on the line. Each skill shot and auto attack you miss or hand truly make a difference. Do you have what it takes to fight when the game is up for grabs?

Aspects of Fight Ability


Doesn’t everyone love the thrill involved with one on one combat? It’s a true classic feel. Dueling evaluates player success in high-stress situations. One player, one enemy. This is very important if your pool for your champion includes duelists and assassins. If you haven’t performed well, you might want to look to play that is team-oriented.


As a player, have you ever thrust a bit too far in your lane without a true vision, and were then surprised by multiple enemies at the same time? If this has happened to you, you fell victim to a pick. Picks are an essential part of League of Legends, and evaluate your success as a player, in situations where your team’s side has multiple players and attempt to take care of one enemy.


Some fights end up unorganized and messy, like hit-and-run developments mixed with guerilla warfare. These are classified in the LoL community as “skirmishes”. A skirmish counts as any type of fight that does not have at least three players on each side of the line.

Team Fighting

A team fight is the largest type of fight in League of Legends. Remember Halo? Remember those massive death match battles? This is like that, a massive battle that everything else builds up to, and is often the deciding factor of a game. Team fights are the opposite of skirmishes, and involve three or more players on each team.

“I am of the belief that all pros would agree that there is only two ways to play: right or wrong.” – Michael Yeung “Mikeyeung”

Methods to Improve Your Fight Ability

As a League of Legends player, improving your ability to fight is no walk in the park. Yet, some of the options below will assist to increase fighting knowledge, use positioning to your advantage, and utilize proper mentalities in the virtual battlefield.

  • Increase your fighting knowledge: Three of the best options to help increase your fighting knowledge, and thus your fight ability in League of Legends is to evaluate the team instead of the matchup at hand, know what your role is before the match starts, and then master the potential of your champion.
  • Use positioning to your advantage: There are three options for this as well that increase your chances of team victory. First, emphasize fighting occurring from positions that seem favorable. Then, use the terrain at hand to your advantage. Finally, know the right time to hold or commit.
  • Utilize proper mentalities: The virtual battlefield is a tough place. One of the best rules of thumb is to fight with a purpose, and never forget that purpose! Also, keeping timing in consideration and making valuable trades will not only benefit yourself, but also the team, and therefore the game.



Farming is one of the arms race for both experience and gold. This sets the foundation for your team’s future success. Regardless of the fighting prowess of the account your groomed or purchased, if you arrive at battle with a disadvantage of resources, you will likely find yourself (and your team) struggling against teams of similar skill levels.

Aspects of Farming Skills in League of Legends

Early in the Game

The early form of the game is typically the first ten minutes or so of the game. This is generally the amount of time it takes for the first turret to go down. If your team’s early game prospects are low as a laner, you will find yourself missing out on creep score (CS) and experience (XP). Additionally, if you are a jungler whose ganks have not been working, you will be wasting time that can be spent collecting camps.

Amid the Game

Once the first turret has been destroyed, the map starts to open. This is typically because the lanes will start to roam outwards. This is typically referred to as the middle of the game, and occurs around the ten to twenty-minute mark.

  • As a support player, you might want to leave lane to assist ward and clear various parts of the map.
  • As an ADC (attack damage carry), you are likely remaining in lane to assist in hitting item spikes.

Later in the Game

After twenty minutes, the map has usually opened quite a bit. While carries will still collect creep score (CS) from minion waves while pushing towards base, the game at this point has shifted from resource gathering to an emphasis on team fights.

Your score at this point is dependent on how well you are grouping with your team as five, whether obtaining assists and kills, as well as whether you are securing any of the major objectives.

“One of the main farming lessons I’ve learned was that, when you play a carrying role, ensure you get every single farm wave before roaming or base. Don’t let minion waves go to waste.” – Greyson Gilmer “Goldenglue”

Methods to Improve your Farming Skills

As a player, working to improve upon your farming skills can be tough. However, some of the below work can assist in improving this knowledge greatly. Working on your mindset and practice, techniques and differentials for CS, and being a team player can take your account to the next level.

  • Mindset and practice: It is vital to practice with some form of purpose, and in this way, practice with Purpose (with a capital P). This works to make towers less vulnerable, not shoving, and training at various levels. Additionally, making CS gathering second nature works to let you as a player dedicate more thought time into making calls and reading the moves of the enemy.
  • Techniques for creep score: Three of the strongest techniques for practicing your CS is to prioritize the killing of caster minions, watching for allied minion attacks to occur, and farm underneath the tower effectively. These three combined will work wonders in your improvement of farming skills.
  • Differentials in creep score: The trifecta of watching for differential in CS is utilizing zone controls to increase your team’s lead, maintaining a strong eye on CS scoring, and knowing when the time is right to abandon creep score prospects.
  • Working as a team: It’s important to understand the needs of your team. Pay attention to who is close to finishing vital items, and then allow them to grab the farm. Also, setting up your lane partner is a must. If you are a support, learn to chip minions to last-hit range for ADC partners when under the tower.

League of Legends Smurf Accounts

A “smurf” account on League of Legends is basically an account that is lower level or lower ranked, but used as a player of a higher level of skill. LoL smurf accounts derived from World of Warcraft communities in the 1990’s, when some players became so good at the game that few would dare play against them. They made new accounts to play with everyone else, and chose the names of “Smurfette” and “Papa Smurf”. This brought about the concept of smurfing.

Two main types of LoL smurf accounts exist:

  1. Lower level smurfs where players are not necessarily highly ranked, but are looking for some less competitive paying styles.
  2. Elo smurf accounts that are higher ranked players looking for a secondary ranked account (in this case most buy a league smurf account) or looking to mast their true skill levels.

There are a few reasons why someone would create or buy either of these types of accounts:

Why a lower level smurf account?

  • Some players want to attempt different compositions of teams, or try out some new strategies.
  • High value players are wanting to have some fun and guarantee a quick and easy win.
  • Some are level 30 players that are wanting to play with their lower level LoL friends.
  • There are also players looking to troll games without consequence.

Why a high elo smurf account?

  • Some players who are lower ranked and looking to retry their placement matches.
  • Others are just looking for a secondary ranked account.
  • Once players reach a certain level, the queue times can be insanely long. A smurf account fixes this.
  • Some players use smurfs to create a backup LoL account.
  • And some are professional players looking to play without divulging their main account.

Regardless of your playing style, or what kind of skills you need to improve upon, or whether you are using your pride and joy account or bought cheap LoL accounts, League of Legends is a wonderful and popular game. It takes time to master, and is like chess in the number of moving pieces happening at the same time. Hopefully these suggestions on improvements for flexibility, fighting ability, and farming (the three F’s) will make you a better team player. Happy gaming!

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