Strategies You Should Use When You Buy League Smurfs

Are you a fan of battle arena video games? If yes, then League of Legends is one game that will surely inspire you. Below, we’ll outline different Strategies when you should use when you’ll buy League Smurfs.

The players in the League of Legends take up the role of a summoner that has unique abilities for controlling the champion. Well, the Champion has to battle a team of players, or he may need to battle the computer-controlled champions also.

The interesting part about this game is that the Champion is usually quite weak at the beginning of the game, but he gradually gains the experience during the game. There are about 30 levels in League of Legends.

Now, there are different strategies towards playing the game. There are times when a summoner wants to purchase league smurfs. If this term sounds a bit alien, then let us explain things a bit here.

The smurf account can be termed as a low-level account, and it belongs to the summoner. The summoner is a high-level player at level 30. The high-level players use the smurf account to play with the low-level players.

You might be wondering why the high-level players adopt this strategy so we will just answer this question right here.

Why You Should Opt to Buy League Smurfs

Eases Down the Stress Present in The Game

The truth is that a high-level game can be quite stressful. This is why some high-level players opt for smurf accounts because this helps them achieve an easy win.

Acts More As a Backup Account

The smurf account also acts as a backup account. This is why the high-level players opt to buy unranked league of legends accounts in case their main account gets banned.

Gaining Experience by Using the Smurf Account

The smurf account is a blessing for the new players. It can be quite daunting to play a ranked game especially if you do not have the necessary experience at all. If you go for a ranked game with a champion, then there is a possibility that you will end up losing the game.

When you opt for a smurf account, then it will help you understand the intricacies of the game.

Experimenting with A Different Role

There are times when you are keen to try a new role in the game, but you are apprehensive to use your main account. You can use your smurf account to try out this new role. You will not be apprehensive to try out new strategies and tricks. As a result, you will also be able to excel in the new role faster.

Let us assume that despite your efforts you do not excel in the new role, then using the smurf account will make this decision easier for you. The interesting part is that your losses will get recorded on the smurf account and not your main account.

Acquiring A Better Ranking

If you are looking for a better ranking, then in this situation you should buy league smurfs. If you are in Bronze 5, then it will not be easy for you to break out from the Elo hell. There is a possibility that you will waste months together trying to break into the Silver League.

The below-mentioned graph shows how long it takes an average player to reach level 30.

Buy League Smurfs

Buy Unranked League of Legends Account to Transfer to A Different Region

Some players want to transfer their account to a different region, but this can be quite expensive. The smurf account is a more reasonable and affordable solution in this situation.

The good news is that Riot does penalize those players who have a smurf account.

How to Smurf To Level 30

You are already aware of the benefits of Smurfing so let us explore the easy way to smurf to level 30.

  • Step 1: You first need to enter Coops versus the Beginner Bots.
  • Step 2: Next, you need to select an ADC. It will be better if you go for Ashe.
  • Step 3: After this, you should think along the lines of buying the Longsword. Start walking to the Mid and make sure that you wait for the Minions.
  • Step 4: You should be ready to move towards Nexus to progress with the attack. You should keep attacking Nexus till you can secure a win. Additionally, you have to buy Vampiric Scepters also.

Essentials You Should Remember

It will take you about 60 games of 25 minutes to achieve the suggested. What you need to know is that the mid-bot is bound to become quite strong. However, it will stay in the mid-lane only. You will not find it wandering off to the other lanes, provided the pressure is consistent from your side.

There is a possibility that you will often be dying, but your teammates will not find it hard to win the game.

Remember that the towers at the mid-lane will fall rapidly as soon as the mid-game arrives. The towers may also fall quite rapidly if the Aggro of nearby bots gets drawn to the mid. This will eventually make it easy for the teammates to start pushing their lanes.

If you notice that the bots are getting an edge, then smurfing makes it simpler for you to intervene and you can easily kill these bots. What you should know is that it is much easier to kill the beginner bots.

It is quite simple to kill these bots even if they are fed. You can use your Vampiric scepters to kill the fed bots.

Tips for Speeding Up the Game

Level UP Fast meme

If you want to speed up the game, then it is recommended that you kill the mid-bot twice before you start the steps. This approach will help the ADC kill the bot with immense ease.

Discover the Power of Exhaust and Ghost Spells

When you buy league smurfs, then there are many secrets that you need to unveil. You should have a clear idea about the best Summoner spells. You should think along the lines of exploring Ghost and Exhaust. These can be termed as the most powerful spells.

When you make use of Exhaust, then it gives you the opportunity for quick intervention, and it becomes easier for you to kill the bots with ease. When you make use of Ghost, then it helps you catch up easily. With the help of the Ghost, it helps you to kill the running bots with ease.

Once you make use of these spells, it will become simpler for you to buy a set of Tier 2 runes. Additionally, you should know with Ashe’s ult it becomes easier to intervene and kill the bots that are nearby quickly.

With Ashe’s Ult, it also becomes much simpler to assist the team members in their lanes.  ADC selection does matter in the game so you can opt for Tristana and Vayne also.

Consider Finishing Up the Tier 2 Boots

After your first vampiric scepter, it will be a good idea to finish up with the Tier 2 Boots. This way you can kill more bots. You can also follow up with the Furor boot enhancement.

Spam the Vampiric Scepters

Consider Spamming the vampiric scepters because this is surely a great way to keep your ADC alive for a long time to come while you walk down the lane. When you spam the vampiric scepters, then it will become easy for the ADC to sustain the attack of the minion waves. The ADC will also be able to sustain against most bots in this situation.

The most important thing you need to remember when smurfing is that you should never abandon your teammates. If you notice that they need a bit of help, then spend some minutes assisting them.

For example, if you notice that the mid-bot is causing inconvenience to your friends, then it is mandatory that you should intervene in this situation.

You are already aware of the benefits of smurf account, so we will just give you a few tips how you can get the best deal when buying your smurf account.

When you buy unranked league of legends account, make sure that you get a lifetime warranty on the account. Always buy your smurf account from a credible resource. The best approach is that you should do some research on your part before you buy the smurf account.

Raise as many questions as you want when buying the smurf account. You can send in an email to the sellers. Most credible sellers are responsive and will make sure that they get back to you with the answers to your queries on time. Avail the best deal because League of Legends becomes a lot more fun with smurfing.

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