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Riot once again breaks the barrier of creativity (sort of) with this last champion added to the game. First of all, after the success of Zoe’s “Summoner’s Spell Steal” (which gives you the option to copy your enemy’s crucial abilities); consequently, you have the chance to copy your allies “looks” with Neeko, making this “copy” gaming mechanics somehow interesting. Furthermore, this new “theme” of skills can give you more entertaining options in every game. Besides the randomness of your teammate’s picks, you now have different options to “steal” between your enemy’s arsenal. Therefore, the “fun factor” can reach higher levels of entertainment when you’re experimenting between your chosen “lane” and later on with interesting team-fights.

This time around, with the last acquisition of the (seemly) never-ending roster, you get more options to have fun in your matches. In this Sylas champion Guide, we’ll go through the new elements that he brings to the table. Above all, the new interactions that you can witness after activating the “Ultimate” that he possesses. Similarly to the previous two “copy” champions, you’ll have lots of fun experimenting the different outcomes that may go through in any particular match, expecting the unexpected. Even more, we’ll dive deep between the other abilities that Sylas the Unshackled contains, what roles he shines on, and what possible builds can improve your playstyle to keep you ahead of the game.

Breaking the chains (Lore)

Being born in a low-income family, with natural magic, and between the walls of Demacia; creates a total mixture of problems in the future. Therefore, when his parents noted the “gifts” from their son, they had no other choice but to give him the advice of turning himself to the authorities. Sylas, having no other option, he followed his parent’s wishes and left the house within a shortage.

Magic For the Win!

The “mageseekers” though, had “pity” on him; and after realizing about his power to recognize other’s people magical abilities, they gave him another task to comply. Therefore, Sylas was now acting as a “snitch” to help his captives about possible discrepancies from magical beings. As a result, like a well-trained dog, he was able to “sniff” the magic capabilities from other Demacian citizens and report them for imprisonment. Due to his effectiveness, Sylas was able to witness some discrepancies in his society, involving influences. In contrast to enslave all the possible “evildoers,” he quickly found that only the people of the “lower grounds” took full punishments; while the higher and important families got more privileges and protection instead.

Still though, feeling ambiguous about his role in Demacia, he kept his oath through the years. Sadly, this “arrangement” took its toll when an accident occurred in a particular case. First of all, after touching powerful magical power in a young girl, Sylas was able to “steal” her potential, creating catastrophe with bursts of energy. After the commotion, he soon figures out that his accident had taken the life of three people and consequently making things worse for him. Within a couple of hours, he was now between bars in what it seems for the rest of his life.

Possible Roles in League of Legends

Like the other “copy” champions from League of Legends, Sylas the unshackled has the potential to be quite versatile. Due to his ability to use Ultimates from your enemies, different roles can take advantage of his randomness and the potential to keep the other squad in confusion.


Being an “AP” champion, this role is probably the most common for him to master. Most noteworthy, by standing near the minion wave, you always can obtain experience; which to Sylas, it takes priority instead of continuing the “last hit” chore that we all have to endure. Due to his lack in the “health” department, this is probably your best take when you’re between the first couple of minutes. Furthermore, Sylas lacks long range attacks which the enemy mid-lane can take advantage if you’re not careful enough.


Everything you do, I can do better!

If you’re careful enough, you have the option to use the enemy’s jungle for your advantage. Therefore, when they less expect any encounters, move quickly and use your chains to give a surprise attack and move near your enemies. Consequently, you always need to be precise when you’re using this champion for possible Ganks in the middle of a match. Above all, remember that your movement is limited to cooldowns, which means that once you go in, there’s no turning back.


Need a hand?

The ability to steal one enemy’s ultimate is all you’ll need if you’re trying to go in this role as Sylas. Consequently, the only tasks required in the early stages of this lane are to get as many levels as possible and keep your carry alive. Indeed, when the “fun” part starts, use your “copying” abilities to create chaos within the team-fights and help your squad for any engagements. Above all, remember to keep every possible ward on the map to prevent possible “Ganks” and give more information about the enemy’s whereabouts.


Due to some similarities with the Middle-Lane, your approach on “top” is probably similar. Remember to keep some distance between the minions and the enemy champion. Therefore, if you’re dealing with a range adversary, retreat to heal and use your surroundings wisely. Likewise, it is fundamental that you keep that experience bar in progress, the more levels you’re able to obtain in the lane, the better.

Pros and Cons



Besides his Ultimate ability, Sylas contains with different skills that pretty much help in achieving different tasks in the game. Due to his arsenal, it is hard to “ping” him for a singular role in every possible game through the League of Legends “uneven” matchmaking. As a result, you have the opportunity to counter any possible threats and accomplice your team for better chances of winning. Therefore, doing some queue in the ranked atmosphere, you have better options to strategize with your teammates and create better opportunities.

Good defensive skills

I came here to Win it!

Between your ability combo, you’ll probably find out that some protections may trigger from time to time. That’s right, with Abscond/Abduct (E), you’re able to trigger a shield that can help you in keeping you active for a longer time in a random encounter. At the same time, you can use the same ability to deal more damage to your enemies and win some team fights in the process. Furthermore, with some equipment that can boost your AP “numbers,” the protection will be more robust to get through.

Great passive

Feel your enemies “regret” as you keep throwing abilities and triggering your passive at the same time. Since you need to be as close as possible between fights, the damage that you’ll deal over time will be hard to bear. Most noteworthy, being an AOE (Area of Effect) damage, even though you’re focusing all the damage in an enemy, his allies may feel the “love” as well.

Stealing capabilities

Nice Ult you get there mate

What makes this champion unique is the most substantial element that Sylas possess. With the ability to borrow and use the enemy’s Ultimates at will, you have the “trump card” that can create chaos within the game. Therefore, in the middle of any team fight, the enemy’s squad can never assure what Ultimate is going to change “sides” and hurt their chances of winning. In contrast, always remember to use your “stealing skills” wisely and keep an eye for your cooldowns, when you master this champion, everything will feel more natural for you in every match.


Low Health

Being an “AP” champion, Sylas shares the disadvantages that this archetype always suffers. That is a low health pool that can easily banish if you’re not careful enough. Therefore, you always need to keep an eye of your positioning; the less they can target you, the better. Also, being “squishy” can be troublesome in the early stages of every match, with low levels, you can quickly die if you’re not careful enough. As a result, it is advisable that you keep your distance and sacrifice last hits to maintain your presence in the lane.

Some bad Ultimate interactions

Sadly, the “stealing” wonders of the Ultimate may not work correctly with the vast roster that League of Legends contains. Due to this troublesome reason, if you steal the ultimate of some specific champions, your ability won’t be as useful as it should be. Most noteworthy, when you copy some skills, it always counts your stats to deal with the damage. Consequently, if you’re stealing an ultimate that requires “AD” stats when you use it, the damage may be less impactful as it should be.

Nothing to worry about!

No range for attacks

It may be “weird” at first when you are mastering an AP champion with no damage from afar. Because you count with a lower health pool, you’re always in constant jeopardy between the damage you make, and how much you can handle. As a result, you need to master the art of “positioning” with this character to keep your presence for a prolonged time on the lane. Above all, in the late game, your bought equipment kind of keep this disadvantage to maximize your damage in the ability department.


The nightmare of every AP champion is dealing with the time that they have to wait to continue with the “pain train” from their abilities. First of all, is your primary source of damage, its always recommendable to keep an eye for those pesky “cooldowns,” before, in the middle, and after an encounter. In contrast, the mana pool in League of Legends is more forgiving, making it less stressful for you. Above all, the more you play with a particular champion, the more familiarized you’re going to be with the different cooldowns that every ability possesses. Due to this same reason, you’ll find it more comfortable and natural the more you keep practicing.


So many paths to choose!

Petricite Burst (Passive)

Petricite Burst

Description: After casting a spell, Sylas’s next basic attack whirls his energized chains around him dealing bonus magic damage to enemies hit.

Tips: With this passive, you better keep those abilities on cooldown all the time. As a result, you’ll become an AOE (Area of Effect) monster that continuously damages those enemies that want to get a little closer than usual. Above all, remember that this passive doesn’t require more mana to be triggered. Instead, you need to do right-clicks between abilities to take full advantage.

Chain Lash (Q)

Chain Lash

Description: Sylas lashes his chains out, intersecting at his targeted location dealing damage to and slowing enemies. After a delay, magical energy explodes from the intersection point dealing damage and increasing the slow.

Tips: When mastered, this ability alone can give you a lot of last hits and therefore, more money will be going to your wallet. Most noteworthy, always keep an eye to where you click when you use this powerful “weapon,” because that will be the center of all the damage you’ll make. Consequently, if you aim this ability around the middle of the minion wave, the better for you and your income.

Kingslayer (W)


Description: Sylas lunges at an enemy with magical force dealing execute based damage and healing himself against enemy champions.

Tips: With this tool, you’ll be able to keep your enemies as close as possible. We all know that pesky “Flash” that is used sometimes to get out of trouble. Therefore, if you’re using the “W” correctly, your enemies won’t have that “glorious” escape that the Summoner’s Spell provides.

Abscond / Abduct (E)

Abscond / Abduct

Description: Sylas dashes and gains a shield. Sylas can recast the ability to throw his chains out, pulling himself to an enemy he hits.

Tips: This is probably the most loved gaming mechanic in the Riot studio. Similarly to all the other champions with this “hook,” you’ll have the chance to aim for your enemies and begin an encounter as close as possible. Likewise, if you’re familiar to similar abilities (like the Leona’s Zenith Blade), you’ll probably need less time to master it.

Hijack (R)


Description: Sylas hijacks a targeted enemy, allowing him to cast their ultimate ability as they would throw it, based on his Ultimate level and using his stats. Hijacking an enemy places a cooldown on them for 200% (modified by Sylas’ Cooldown Reduction, minimum 20 seconds) of the enemy’s ultimate’s cooldown, during which time Sylas cannot hijack them again. Sylas converts non-hybrid AD ratios into AP ratios, granting him.

Tips: Always fulfill the need to interact with every Ultimate that you can come across in the different matches that you can get with Sylas. As a result, you’ll find it easier to target the best “steals” that can be gaming changing and give you some advantages. Furthermore, always keep a track to what enemy you steal from, to avoid more cooldowns that’ll reduce your effectiveness in a team fight.

Ultimate Interactions

After a lot of digging with different outcomes that this ability offers to Sylas the unshackled, there may be some discrepancies that you’ll want to keep an eye. It seems like; some interactions may guide you to make a mistake in a particular match. Therefore, to prevent this inconvenience and probably some blessing from your team-mates, here are some advice to consider before pressing that “R.”

Demacia’s New King

Poor animations and sounds:

This may be a little “picky,” but it kind of feels like an “easy route” that Riot made for this ability that makes it look “weird.” First of all, if for any reason, you copy one Ultimate that triggers an animation. Instead of Sylas mimicking that movement, he practically changes to that enemy’s model. For example, if you steal Annie’s “Summon: Tibbers;” when you cast that spell, Sylas will momentarily chance to a phantom model of Annie, do the summon animation, and change back to his original form. Sometimes Sylas even “copies” the sound responses from that champion as well.

Cho’Gath stacks become permanent by devouring:

Eat it up!

If you’re able to steal this Ultimate, the game will change into something like “All you can eat” feast. The more you take advantage of the time you get with this ability, the better for your stats

Changing form and gaining all of its abilities:

Here are some examples that take full advantage of this gaming mechanic; Nidalee’s Cougar, Elise’s Spider, Jayce’s Range. When you’re able to steal any of these forms, you’ll be able to transform into a “phantom copy” and gain the additional abilities that come with a particular shapeshift as well. Furthermore, this change won’t last long though (around 5 minutes,) so use them as much as possible. Another example comes with Shyvana’s ultimate. In contrast to the previous forms, this time around it will last until you run out of mana. Consequently, when you turn back to normal, your mana will return to normal after it ends.

Enemy’s Sylas Interactions:

Real or Not?

If for any case, you end up with a copy of Sylar in the other squad, there are things to consider before you try to use your Ultimate on him. First of all, if you’re able to be more efficient and reach level six before your enemy. Pressing “R” on him will only get you this message “Nothing to Steal!” giving you nothing in return. Therefore, if you wait a little bit more, your ability will only work if the enemy Sylas already stole one ultimate beforehand. As a result, it will give you the option to “steal” one of your teammates Ultimate and use it twice. Above all, be careful as well, because it can happen to your squad as well.

Using your Ultimate on Shaco’s clone will make it only go into cooldown:

Taking this into consideration, Shaco is probably one of the “counter” champions that may make it a little bit hard for you.

Udir sucks:

Do not even try to steal anything from him, avoid at any cost.

Skill and Item Build Options

Ability Order:

Choose Wisely!

To get full advantage of what Sylas the unshackled offers, you’ll probably want to follow this useful guide to follow as you level up. First of all, try to max your Q (Chain Lash,) with this skill, you’ll be able to gather more gold from minion waves. At the same time, it gives you some opportunities to inflict some damage to the enemy. Secondly, max out your W (Kingslayer). With this tool, you’ll be able to scare your enemy as you dash near them; additionally, you’ll have some healing options for your lane. Last but not least, max out your last ability E (Abscond / Abduct) to get those more elements which can be useful in any encounter. It’s needless to say that you need to use skill points to your Ultimate when available, this is your primary tool to keep everything interesting in your matches.

Item Build:

You’re a Wizard, Sylas!

Try to get those fantastic items that help you on improving that AD stat as much as possible. With every point in that stat, you’ll be able to deal more damage and get those precious advantages when team fights occur. At the same time, look for some equipment that reduces your cooldowns. As a result, you’ll be dealing a lot of damage as fast as possible. In contrast to those AP carries, you need to rely more on spamming your abilities to deal with all that hurting.


With all that gaming changes that those “stealing” champions that have become available in the League of Legends roster, you have no other choice but to have fun. Furthermore, with those new mechanics that Sylas the unshackled bring for your entertainment, you’ll have more time checking how it correctly works. Consequently, with this new thing about being a close range champion and AD at the same time, you’ll probably find it fun to experience this new type of gameplay. Above all, after you have seen all those different interactions between all those options, you can “borrow,” you’ll have a better time later on in choosing better later on.

Whatever the case it may be, keep the fun coming and the Wins in your records. This time around though, with another layer of fun for you to experience in a random match of League of Legends.

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