T1 Undefeated For LCK Spring 2022 Regular Season

T1 remains undefeated during the LCK Spring 2022 regular season, with the organization aiming to go 18-0 for the first time in years. The LCK powerhouse has shown consistency throughout the entirety of the split, showcasing their dominance in the region despite other star-studded teams. With T1 undefeated in the season, how is the esports scene shaping up not only in the LCK, but also in the entire world.

T1 Undefeated Record For Spring!

T1 is currently 16-0 as of March 13, 2022 and they’ve already cleared some of the most difficult teams aside from DRX, who they are looking to play against as the closing match of the LCK’s regular season. With such a dominant run, it makes fans wonder how far this team can go this year with the legendary Faker helming the young roster to a new age of esports while trying to restore a dynasty that was lost in time.

T1 showcasing their 15 win streak
The T1 Undefeated Streak Continues!

With T1 undefeated in the regular season, fans believe they’ll be able to easily sweep their way to the Mid-Season Invitationals. While the best-of-three format of the LCK has made it extremely likely for teams to repeat the same performance in the playoffs, there’s still a chance that something can go wrong or another team finding their tempo once they get to the Bo5s. However, T1 has shown a strong performance even against the other best teams in the league.

Does T1 Have Competition in the LCK?

Yes, very much so. In fact, Gen.G has created the ultimate superteam revolving around Chovy, who is considered the best mid laner in the past years since his debut with Griffin. Despite such a strong roster featuring Peanut, Chovy, and Ruler, the team went 0-2 in both games against T1. Gen.G’s total standing is 10-3, with two of their losses coming from T1 and the other series loss was an upset against KT Rolster.

T1's 2022 Spring Roster - T1 Undefeated
Has the king returned?

Damwon Kia may have become significantly weaker, but the team still features the powerful duo of Showmaker and Canyon, who remain to be the centerpiece of the team. Damwon Kia managed to take one game from T1 in their first series but they got swept when they met again. T1’s dominance isn’t a fluke by any means nor is the LCK getting weak. It’s just that the team has found the perfect formula to win games in this meta.

Competition From The Other Regions

T1 may be dominant in the LCK, but do they have what it takes to compete at the world stage? With MSI 2022 coming up in just over a month from now, we need to know who the biggest competition in the world would be. The biggest factor being T1 undefeated in the regular season, which is the only team amongst the major regions to do so. Here are how we think the other regions would fair:

1. LPL (China)

The LPL is undoubtedly the biggest challenger to T1, with the region remaining as competitive as ever and showcasing a bunch of promising teams. Unlike last year, T1’s dominance seems to be the real deal and is looking to sow some fear against the defending MSI and Worlds champion region. That doesn’t mean that LPL teams are at a level lower than what T1 is showing this year but the difference in power can’t be told before they play a real game against each other.

EDG and RNG players
Can the LPL defend its titles?

The biggest threats in the LPL are Victory 5, EDward Gaming, and Royal Never Give Up. Victory 5 has finally found a roster that showcases star players in Rich, Karsa, and Rookie who lead the team to a dominant 11-2 standing. EDG and RNG remain strong and consistent challengers who have each won a title in last year’s major tournaments. They’ll be hungry to defend their titles. Weibo is a dark horse who might also show that it shouldn’t be forgotten.

2. LEC (Europe)

The LEC has seen a massive decline in its competitiveness, with most of the centralized powerhouse teams finding themselves with new players that are rookies. The superteams have also shown disappointing results, with the hopes of the fans getting flushed into the toilet since they believed these organizations had invested into big names that were supposed to carry the region to a higher level of competition.

Rogue in the LEC winning
Europe stands strong

The biggest competitors from the region are Rogue and Fnatic. Rogue have shown consistency as a team, managing to secure the top spot in the regular season for the past 2 years. However, it is Fnatic who is favored to represent the region since they’ve looked very strong and have only made a few blunders in the Bo1 setting. The team is a definite powerhouse of talent that isn’t disappointing to watch.

3. PCS (SEA) & LCS (NA)

These regions have shown that they are still competitive but the community has their doubts about either of these regions performing well internationally. Unlike the other major regions who have a shot of claiming the title, none of the teams in these regions look like they’ll even take one game from the top teams in our top 3 regions. It might simply be a running joke to make fun of NA, but we’re pretty sure they still remain at the bottom.

C9 Blaber looking back
Can these regions break the barrier?

Cloud9 may be the messiah of North American League of Legends but even a full Korean roster can’t save them from the fact that they’re still disorganized. PSG Talon has lost many star players from its previous roster so it’s hard to tell if they have a shot against the other regions who have only improved. Regardless, it’s never a good idea to completely dismiss the chances of PCS or LCS making it to at least the finals.

Can The T1 undefeated Streak push to the Summer Season?

The meta in both spring and summer can be completely different so it’s difficult to say if the T1 undefeated streak can carry over to the next season. For now, the feat is definitely impressive and they don’t look likely to fall off if they retain the same roster.

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