Teamfight Tactics: Best Team Compositions

Gather Your Troops

We all know that this game got what it takes to give us much entertainment in our regular gaming sessions. First of all, Teamfight Tactics keeps that “charm” that you always see when you start the League of Legends client. Secondly, it adds more deep gaming mechanics that require some thinking before you begin to own the “board.”

Little Legends
I’ll become a Legend someday

Furthermore, even though each of the champions or “pieces” have their movement, they also have stats and skills that act differently. Indeed, you always require a little bit of luck to acquire the right pieces on perfect time and have elements that counter your opponents at the same time. As a result, thanks to the mixture of all these evolving characteristics of Teamfight Tactics, you’ll always want to return and give it another try.

More importantly, due to the complexity of this “game mode,” you’ll probably have an idea or two about those champions or pieces that have good stats/abilities, but your other parts do not seem to match. In contrast to the classic game of Chess, you already have the board ready when you play, with the same pieces that all have some synergy. Likewise, in Teamfight Tactics, every champion has an additional attribute that categorizes it in a particular group.

More importantly, when you have more pieces on the same category, they gain bonuses which improve the overall performance of your team. Above all, in this article, we’ll discuss those “groups” that have great synergy and have the potential to give you a better chance to win in your matches. Most noteworthy, remember that you always need to keep an eye for your opponents and try to counter their strategy.

Meta (At the Moment)


Behind you!

“Assassins sneak across the battlefield at the start of combat, placing themselves opposite from where they started.

Deploying multiple Assassins grants them increased critical strike damage, increasing with more Assassins.”

The champions that belong in this group tend to use trickery as their primary strategy, with the capability to change the outcome in a matter of seconds. Additionally, if your enemy relies too much on sorcerers, rangers, or any long-range attackers; having assassins on your team has the potential to counter that strategy.

Indeed, with more Assassins on your team, the more DPS (Damage per Second), you’ll be able to get. Most noteworthy, remember that any critical damage requires much luck on your end.


“Deploying multiple Blademasters grants their attacks a chance to hit extra times, increasing with more Blademasters.”

Got Blades?

If you like to belong in a “stable” outcome, you can always rely on these Blademasters. Due to their lack of critical requirements, they’ll ever create the same threat with every encounter. Therefore, it’s advisable that you equip these Champions with “increase damage” items.

Plus, if you have a lot of these pieces on your board, the more attacks they’ll be able to achieve when the fight starts.


“Deploying both Guardians grants armor to themselves and allies that start combat adjacent to them.”

Defense for Days

Keep your best champions alive with this fantastic pair of Guardians. Once you have both of them, you’ll be able to hold your ground for a long time, giving a chance to the damage dealers to finish the job. Therefore, if you like this strategy, do not hesitate and buy the first option that you see, with a little bit of luck, you may find the other in no time.

Due to their uniqueness, you always need to think twice if you want to follow this strategy. However, if you’re able to get both at a higher level, nothing will stop you in the late game.


Boom Boom

“Deploying multiple Gunslingers grants their attacks a chance to hit additional targets, increasing with more Gunslingers.”

Let your pieces shoot everything that your enemy has to offer until there are no more threats. Indeed, with these champions, you’ll always have the advantage when you keep the enemy at bay. Furthermore, they still become reliable since they usually do not require critical attacks to do their damage. As a result, you can always count on them to do their job.

Most noteworthy, the more Gunslingers you have on the board, the more targets they’ll focus. Therefore, you always need to find the balance between having the required Gunslingers and their shields.


“Deploying multiple Imperials grants one random Imperial double damage.

Deploying every Imperial grant all of them double damage.”

Paint it Black

If you’re feeling lucky, you should go ahead and try the Imperials for one of your victories. Due to their unique ability, one of your Imperial pieces will eventually deal double damage. Therefore, you’ll have the chance to have a dominant champion that does much harm. Additionally, with that prodigious Imperial, it may feel like you have a boss in your arsenal.

Furthermore, with all the Imperials on the board, everyone will have the bonus damage that has the potential to destroy every opponent.


“Deploying multiple Rangers grants them a chance to gain a burst of attack speed, increasing with more Rangers.”

Keep Running!

The DPS Kings/Queens belong to this category. Due to their range and damage, they have the chance to control the battlefield with their tremendous destruction from a distance. Still, though, due to their low hit points, you always need to have some Champions to function as guards to keep the threats at bay.

Above all, if you have more than one Ranger, each will have a little burst of attacking damage. As a result, the more Champions you have from this group, the more you’ll have that magnificent burst activated.


“Deploying enough Voids lets your team ignore some of their targets’ armor.”

Who Needs Mana Anyways?

Every Champion that belongs in this category has some special characteristics that make them unique. First of all, each of these pieces uses their Void gifts in their unique way. Furthermore, they have different stats and attacking animations.

Indeed, even though everyone from this group kind of feels unique, they increase their performance as a group. As a result, the more Void pieces you have, the lower the armor from your adversaries will become. Above all, with less protection, they’ll practically melt with every attack.

Best Compositions

Critical Assault (Assassins, Voids, and Brawlers)

Nowhere to Hide


  • Akali (Assassin)

“Akali throws shurikens in front of her, dealing damage.”

  • Rengar (Assassin)

“Rengar leaps to the weakest enemy, gaining Attack Speed and Critical Strike Chance.”

  • Khazix (Void/Assassin)

“Kha’zix slashes the closest enemy, dealing bonus damage to enemies that are alone.”

  • Cho’gath (Void/Brawler)

“Cho’gath ruptures an area, stunning and damaging enemies inside of it.”

  • Rek’sai (Void/Brawler)

“Rek’sai burrows for a short duration, becoming un-targetable and healing. When Rek’Sai unburrows she deals damage and knocks up the closest enemy.”

  • Blitzcrank (Brawler)

“Blitzcrank pulls the furthest enemy to him and knocks them up.”

  • Warwick (Brawler)

“Warwick pounces onto the lowest health enemy, stunning, damaging, and applying on-hit effects while healing himself.”


With this line-up, you have many options to consider when you place your pieces in the right place. First of all, remember that the assassins “teleport” to the enemy’s back-line, while the Void requires a little bit of protection to keep them from continuing the chaos. Therefore, place the Brawlers in the front-line, shielding and attacking the rest of the Champions. Additionally, take the Voids in the middle ground, behind their tanks, which gives them the proper time to cast their spells. Last but not least, the Assassins need to be further away from the front-line and with the freedom to teleport to the enemy’s key pieces.

DPS Galore (Gunslingers and Blademasters)

Shooting Our Way In


  • Aatrox (Blademaster)

“Aatrox cleaves the area in front of him, dealing damage to enemies inside it.”

  • Draven (Blademaster)

“Draven gains bonus on-hit damage and Attack Speed. Stacks up to two times.”

  • Shen (Blademaster)

“Shen creates a zone around himself, allowing allies to dodge all attacks.”

  • Yasuo (Blademaster)

“Yasuo stabs forward, damaging and applying on-hit effects to two enemies in a line. On the third cast, Yasuo instead launches a tornado dealing damage and knocking up enemies in a path.”

  • Gangplank (Blademaster/Gunslinger)

“Gangplank periodically creates barrels. On cast, Gangplank detonates the barrels, damaging and applying on-hit effects to nearby enemies.”

  • Graves (Gunslinger)

“Graves’ attacks deal increased damage and hit all enemies in front of him.”

  • Miss Fortune (Gunslinger)

“Miss Fortune channels and fires several waves of bullets in a cone.”

  • Tristana (Gunslinger)

“Tristana places a bomb on her current target that detonates after three attacks, damaging nearby enemies.”


Easy to set up, you need the Blademasters in front and the Gunslingers in the back. Above all, if you’re lucky enough to gather the right pieces, you’ll see how the enemy’s health bars will melt away. Furthermore, the only problem that may come up with is the lack of protection in your team. As a result, give some ground for the enemy’s champions to walk towards the fight while they’re getting some damage from your Gunslingers. When you have both teams assembled, the Gunslingers will target more targets when they shoot; while the Blademasters will hit extra times.

Full Assault (Imperials and Guardians)

To the Fight!


  • Darius (Imperial)

“Darius swings his axe, damaging nearby enemies and healing himself based off enemies hit.”

  • Draven (Imperial)

“Draven gains bonus on-hit damage and Attack Speed. Stacks up to two times.”

  • Katarina (Imperial)

“Katarina channels and fires daggers at several nearby enemies, dealing damage and reducing healing.”

  • Swain (Imperial)

“Swain transforms, draining health from all nearby enemies. At the end of his transformation, Swain sends out a burst of energy dealing damage to nearby enemies.”

  • Braum (Guardian)

“Braum gains a barrier that reduces incoming damage.”

  • Leona (Guardian)

“Leona calls down a solar ray that damages and slows enemies inside it. The enemy in the center is stunned.”


Keep the Guardians in front and the rest around them. Due to their defense bonuses, the tanks will keep the rest of the party alive while they also give some armor to the near champions. Furthermore, thanks to the Imperial gifts, each of their members will do double their supposed damage to the enemy’s units. Due to the nature of their attacks, your pieces need to be as close as possible and start their attacks as soon as possible. Between the defense attributes and their double damage, the Imperials will have the option to kill everything that crosses their path.

Tower Defense (Rangers and Guardians)

I see You!


  • Ashe (Ranger)

“Ashe fires an arrow that stuns and damages the farthest enemy. The stun is longer the farther the enemy.”

  • Kindred (Ranger)

“Kindred creates a zone around herself that prevents allies from dying.”

  • Varus (Ranger)

“Varus charges and fires an arrow, dealing damage to all enemies in a line.”

  • Vayne (Ranger)

“Vayne deals bonus true damage every third attack based on the enemy’s maximum health.”

  • Braum (Guardian)

“Braum gains a barrier that reduces incoming damage.”

“Leona calls down a solar ray that damages and slows enemies inside it. The enemy in the center is stunned.”


Build a wall with your Guardian Units while the rest of the team deals as much damage as possible from a distance. Above all, placing the pieces may feel a little tricky, because they need to be as close as possible from the tanks to acquire the defense bonuses while they always gather some distance from the enemy. Most noteworthy, due to the Ranger attributes, they’ll be able to gain an attacking burst that will last for some time.

Nukers (Void and Sorcerers)

Drop It!


  • Ahri (Sorcerer)

“Ahri fires an orb in a line that returns to her, damaging enemies it passes through.”

  • Karthus (Sorcerer)

“Karthus deals damage to several random enemies after a long channel.”

  • Lulu (Sorcerer)

“Lulu grants an ally bonus Health, knocking up enemies near them.”

  • Kassadin (Void/Sorcerer)

“Kassadin’s attacks steal mana from enemies, converting it into a shield.”

  • Cho’gath (Void)

“Cho’gath ruptures an area, stunning and damaging enemies inside of it.”

  • Rek’sai (Void)

“Rek’sai burrows for a short duration, becoming un-targetable and healing. When Rek’sai unburrows she deals damage and knocks up the closest enemy.”


Destroy your enemies from afar with all the magnificent spells that these two groups have in their repertoire. First of all, you have the Voids that have their unique attacks with the bonuses of reducing the armor of your adversaries. Secondly, you have the sorcerers that even though they need some time to cast, the damage can be devastating. Above all, remember to pair all these pieces with some Guardians or defending champions that provide the distraction until your nukers have the chance to destroy all of those threats.



Teamfight Tactics seems to have the potential to keep us at bay for an extended period. Due to its uniqueness in gameplay, it also allows those players that have no experience in MOBA games but would like the vast lore. Furthermore, since the rules of the game are quickly acknowledgeable by anyone in a couple of minutes, the learning curve is practically non-existent. Due to these positive attributes, gamers from around the glove took a little time and effort to learn about Teamfight Tactics and join the fun.

Furthermore, due to its concurrent updates, the “modification” always has a chance to grow. For example, in the latest patches, the champions that belong to Brawlers and Sorcerers recently got a little “nerf.” As a result, the Meta of the game keeps evolving and changing for the better. Last but not least, we may have the opportunity to have all the concurrent roster from League of Legends, which gives us more options in every random match.

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