The 10 Different Types of LoL Players

Playing solo queue exposes you to a lot of different people who play the game. With tens of thousands of players playing the game in a day on a single server, you’re bound to encounter different types of people each with their own quirks. Some of the different types of LoL players are completely harmless while the others are downright annoying. Are you familiar with all of the different types of LoL players? Let’s take a look at all of them and see which one fits you!

The Different Types of LoL Players

Every LoL player has their own thing and we’re sure that you fit at least one of these categories that we’ve laid out. From players with just annoying quirks to people that are downright unhealthy to play with, we’ve covered all of the people that make League of Legends such an interesting place to be in. Solo Queue players definitely have a lot of experience encountering different types of people when they’re playing the game a lot.

tyler1 screaming after what he did
Let’s explore the different types of LoL players!

We’ll be listing all of the different types of LoL players that we’ve encountered when playing the game. Whether or not you like playing with these people depends on your preference when playing the game. Some players don’t like to interact with other players so they totally avoid trying to communicate with them to the point that they instantly input “/muteall” at the very beginning of the game. Here are the different types of LoL players that you’ll mostly encounter when playing the game.

10. The Ping Spammer

MOBA games have adapted so that players don’t constantly have to chat everything they want to let their teammates know about the game-state by adding pings, which are quick-access commands that let your teammates know if something is happening around the map. The problem is that some people kinda take it too far and try to overuse this function to the point that it just drives you and the rest of your team crazy – these not-so delightful creatures are called Ping Spammers.

Trundle wearing a baseball outfit - Types of LoL Players
Stop with the Question Mark Pings!

Ping spammers try to avoid chatting but they make sure to let you know if something on the map is happening. Spamming question mark pings when you make a misplay or danger ping whenever you get into a fight, even though you’re pretty sure that you can beat the opponent. Whenever you play with this person, you feel like they’re watching your every move because they constantly ping your lane instead of focusing on their own. The worst part is that they’ve been pinging so much that you probably won’t recognize a serious ping from an obnoxious one.

9. The Toxic Tyler

Everybody has played with Toxic Tyler. Named after Tyler1, who was previously the most toxic person in League of Legends until he became reformed, the Toxic Tyler is a gamer’s absolute nightmare when they get into the game. Toxicity refers to the extreme unsportsmanlike behavior that a player displays which ranges from trash-talking teammates and opponents to intentionally trying to lose the game so that the rest of the team won’t win.

Draven as a ruined soldier - Types of LoL Players
Toxicity beyond imagination.

Playing with a toxic Tyler can really ruin the entire game not only for you and your team but also for the enemy team. Constantly trying to point out people’s mistakes and not taking responsibility for their own. Luckily, players can always report these people after matches so that no one else has to suffer their selfishness when playing the game. Get mad at your teammates or insult people on the enemy team, you’re probably a Toxic Tyler and we recommend that you should stop doing so ASAP.

8. The Riot Hater

For the Riot Hater, you’ll keep hearing about how Riot Games messed up everything in the game. “Akshan is broken“, “Gwen is broken”, “Stopwatch is broken”, “Elder Drake is broken”, heck even the Rift Scuttler is broken. The player attributes their lack of knowledge about the champion to formulate proper counterplay to the simple idea that Riot Games didn’t create a champion that they can beat easily. These types of LoL players are extremely annoying especially if they start spamming making speeches in All Chat.

Akshan with his default skin
“WTF! This champion is broken”

For some reason, the Riot Hater still plays League of Legends despite finding fault in every little thing in the game which leads us to believe that they’re madder at themselves than they are with Riot Games. Yes, everybody likes to meme on Riot Games every once in a while especially since they do mess up a lot of things but you don’t have to spam it in chat as if you were trying to recruit people to join your cause as you start some sort of weird revolution against the company. Geez!

7. The Try-Hard

The try-hard isn’t necessarily an annoying person to play with unless they start urging people to play the way they want to. The try-hard is a player who probably has been queued up with bad teammates one too many times and doesn’t want to end the day on such a bad losing streak. The player straps on their gamer goggles and tries to play the game so that they have the best chances of winning – or so they think at least.

Fiora as a sexy educator
It’s time to teach these kids a lesson!

You’ll notice try-hards when they try to make too many aggressive plays that might or might not work. Sometimes, they start going on the chat so that they can “lead” their team to victory by explaining what everyone needs to do or what he plans to do so that everyone can follow them. The try-hard becomes annoying when they keep on telling you what to do even though their plan makes absolutely no sense, especially if you and your teammates are doing fine without them.

6. The One-Trick Pony

The one-trick pony is easy to spot as they’re the ones who instantly lock a champion when it’s their turn to pick. Sometimes, the one-trick pony will ask their team not to ban their champion of choice or even ask if they could pick it for them (as if other players are interested in playing that champion). One-trick ponies are often coin-flip players who either transcend the bounds of League of Legends and play like absolute masters or they completely fail and feed endlessly.

Riven joining the sentinels
The Master of One

The biggest problem with most one-trick ponies is that they can’t play any other champion or role. Most of the time, OTPs will dodge champ select if they don’t get the champion or role that they prefer. Some OTPs try to force their champion into a role that’s not meant for the champion, which can be really frustrating especially if they’re playing it as a support and you’re the poor AD Carry that has to put up with their champion trying to “make plays” like a regular laner instead of a support.

5. The “Smurf”

The “smurfs” are the easiest types of LoL players to find because they will let you know the entire game. From champ select to the end of the game, these players will never stop reminding you that they’re some Diamond player who created a smurf so you should trust them. That’s all good except for the fact that these players are often the worst performing players in your team but refuse to accept it so they blame it on the fact that they have “low ELO teammates”.

Lulu looking like a blue alien - Types of LoL Players
“Trust me, I’m a smurf”

Real smurfs don’t chat or talk about it because they don’t want their teammates being complacent since League of Legends is still a team-based game. These people who claim to be “smurfs” are just people who think they’re good but really aren’t and are often boosted by other people so they get exposed when they start playing in the lower ELOs. The worst part about playing with smurfs is that they often force you to swap lanes and will get really upset and toxic when they don’t get their way. Real smurfs don’t need specific roles to carry BTW.

4. The One With a Connection Problem

As annoying as these types of LoL players can be, it’s often not entirely their fault that they experience connection problems. These are the players that constantly ping that they have really high latency and get disconnected every now and then, especially during crucial teamfight moments where your team just accepts that fact that you are instantly screwed the moment you look at this specific teammate and realize that they’re just standing still in the middle of the fight.

Heimerdinger caught in a cartoonish explosion - Types of LoL Players
Time to change your ISP

People with connection problems could be forgivable if not for the fact that your LP is at stake. Sometimes you just want to get angry with these people and flame them for joining a game despite having such a horrible internet connection but that’s not always the case. Sometimes, players have really good latency before the game begins only for it to start getting bad once the loading screen comes up and everything starts falling apart really quickly.

3. The Lovesick Couple

Now, these are types of LoL players that can really get in the nerves of the people who are less fortunate in their romantic life. The lovesick couple who is most often a bottom lane duo with matching Rakan and Xayah skins do not only hurt our eyes but also our egos because most of us can’t find the same someone who’ll play the same way with us. Now I’m not projecting or anything but I’m pretty sure that if I was the jungler, I’d never gank their lane out of spite.

Xayah and Rakan back-to-back - Types of LoL Players
League of Lovers

Kidding aside, the lovesick couples aren’t necessarily problematic in the game because they have already built a sense of synergy that they actually play really well. However, the rest of the team might find themselves low in morale while watching people who are more fortunate than them so they lose the game. Luckily for the couple, they don’t care if they win or lose because they’re okay just playing with each other. (Sickening).

2. The Chatty Cathy

Similar to the ping spammer, the Chatty Cathy takes up the entirety of the game’s chatbox by constantly typing in random stuff that isn’t even remotely helpful to the game and, sometimes, not related to the game at all. Most Chatty Cathies are just players who are trying to be funny by talking about anything and everything or simply want to socialize with the people they’re playing with, who probably feel obliged to engage in the conversation because they feel bad for them.

Zoe wearing futuristic pop costume - Types of LoL Players
Just press mute…

Chatty Cathies are probably okay and usually quiet down during the important stages of the game or when nobody talks to them anymore. These are the types of LoL players that you can definitely get along with or get annoyed with really quickly depending on the topic they bring up. The worst Chatty Cathies are the ones that continue flooding the chatbox with nonsensical crap even though nobody in your team or enemy team is replying to that person because they’re just simply fed up.

1. The Silent King/Queen

We’ve talked about all of the people who have negative quirks but let’s bring up those that are the real MVPs of League of Legends and they are the Silent Kings & Queens. These people don’t really chat often or use the ping function unless necessary but play the game and do good in their roles. Since they’re entirely focused on winning the game and nothing else, they focus on what they can do as an individual to help their team succeed in League of Legends.

Dr Mundo in an ice prince costume - Types of LoL Players
The real Kings and Queens of the League!

Even though you might be playing terribly to the point that you’re single-handedly losing the game for your team, these players won’t make you feel bad by going on the chat board to let you know what a bad player you are. Most of the time, these calm and collected players that carry the game really make the entire League of Legends scene incredible. Let’s take a moment to thank all of our Silent Kings and Queens on Summoner’s Rift!

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