The 5 Great Ways to Get Cheap LoL Skins in the Game

Skins are probably one of the most valued items in League of Legends. The game offers so many skins that it’s only natural for every player to want at least one of the items in the shop. Unfortunately, a lot of the greatest skins in the game are above the price range of the average person. That’s why we’re here to take a look at the most effective ways to get cheap LoL skins in the game to give players the discount they deserve.

5 Great Ways to Get Cheap LoL Skins

There are many ways to get a massive discount in League of Legends without resorting to illegal methods. Since this guide aims to introduce legitimate methods for players to get cheap LoL skins, players shouldn’t expect this guide to contain suspicious methods that might result in your account getting compromised, suspended, or banned for going against Riot Games’ Terms of Service.

Jax getting unlocked in the loot section - Cheap LoL skins
What’s the best way to get cheap LoL skins?

Instead, we’re introducing some of the best ways to get cheap LoL skins in the game that beginners might not yet know about. Naturally, veterans will already know about these methods but they might not understand how they work. That’s why we’ll also be giving some tips and tricks to help both beginners and veterans get the best possible deals when purchasing cosmetics from the League of Legends shop.

Your Shop

League of Legends “Your Shop” system is probably the best and most reliable source of great deals when it comes to buying skins. This is a personalized shop that records the trends in the player’s match history and picks random skins according to the gathered information. This means that it is a shop catered towards the player’s most played champions, which is extremely convenient since those are most likely the characters you want to buy skins for.

Most playerd champions being on sale - Cheap LoL skins
Play your favorite champions!

For those that don’t know how this system works, this shop appears periodically and doesn’t have a set timer so people can’t predict when it will appear. The only guarantee is that it won’t appear for at least 30 days after the previous shop period has ended. It’s safe to say that if the “Your Shop” button hasn’t appeared for quite some time, you might want to play the champions you want to buy skins for to prepare yourself for massive discounts.

RP Discounts

RP Discounts aren’t a direct way of getting the cheap LoL skins but it’s definitely one of the best ways you can buy the stuff that you want. The thing about getting RP discounts is that you get more resources to buy anything that you want. You can wait for a potential sale with the RP you bought or you can simply buy the skin that you want for full price. Either way, you save up some amount of money for your purchase.

RP sales in League of Legends - Cheap LoL skins
Get the best offers possible!

Riot Games doesn’t give a lot of RP discounts. However, you can expect a lot of discounted RP cards online from various legitimate Riot Games-sanctioned stores. There are even some 2nd-hand sellers that offer massive deals for RP cards or codes. However, trusting a 2nd-hand seller or unsanctioned merchant might be risky because you’re opening yourself to the potential of being scammed for the amount you paid without getting any amount of RP in return.

Event Orb Bundles

If you don’t have a particular skin in mind and simply want to get some really cool cosmetics for a massive discount, you might want to consider buying Event Orb Bundles. Event Orbs give players random skin shards that they can use to craft skins but there is a chance to get permanent skins as well. The great thing about this bundle is that you can get Legacy, Legendary, and even ultimate skins from these loot boxes.

Event orbs being offered in the shop - Cheap LoL skins
Get the chance to win big!

Event Orbs aren’t really worth their price on their own. However, you can save a lot of money and get a ton of awesome skins if you splurge on big bundles. It’s important to keep in mind that Event Orbs don’t give specific skins and there’s no guarantee that you won’t get duplicates while opening multiple orbs. Luckily, the chances of getting really good items in massive bundles are so high that it’s almost always guaranteed that you get so much more value for what you paid for.

Hextech Crafting

Hextech Crafting is also a very good way to earn some good skins. This is done simply by buying Masterwork Chests and keys to get random skin shards in the shop. This method doesn’t save you as much money as the other methods on the list but it definitely provides a way for people to get skins for a lower price than the shop. It’s a lot better to buy Event Orbs if you’re looking to spend money on shards. This is probably the closest you’ll get to getting free LoL skins.

Golden chests up for sale in League of Legends - Cheap LoL skins
Loot boxes often get great stuff too.

Regular Hextech chests don’t give much but they’re free if you simply play matches with different champions and earn Honors from your allies. Masterwork Chests are definitely better in terms of getting rare skins but it’s probably not worth buying keys. Instead, try to play with your friends in Flex or Duo Queues so that you can all exchange honors to accelerate the progress of getting free key fragments.

Periodical Discounts

Periodical discounts are probably the most boring way to get cheap LoL skins since it’s the most obvious method. Riot Games does sales often so people will eventually see items they want in the shop if they just wait long enough. The sales range from 10% up to 60% at certain periods. You can usually expect these sales to appear when League of Legends announces new skin lines or other big events.

Riot Games giving discounts on skins - Cheap LoL skins
The most reliable method.

The only problem with periodical discounts is that players often won’t see skins that have been released recently to be put up in the market. Limited-time items also won’t ever see discounts in the first six months so it’s probably better to get those skins if you really want them in your collection. The most important thing to keep in mind is that Riot Games is constantly thinking of new ways to earn money so don’t expect that they’ll give everything away for cheap.

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