The Best Ashe Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Ashe is a champion that’s meant to be played by beginners since she is designed to be an easy champion to learn. That being said, Riot Games still gave this champion some room for players to pilot her at a higher level. Since you probably have experience playing this champion even if it’s for a little bit, we’ve prepared some of the best Ashe tips and tricks that will help you play like a real pro AD Carry for your team.

Ashe Tips & Tricks

Ashe can feel like a boring champion to play since she doesn’t have a lot of things she can do in lane aside from farm. However, high-level players know that this champion is one of the most flexible AD Carries since she can play both as a global support and a carry once she gets fed. Unlike most ADCs in League of Legends, this champion can remain relevant even when she’s behind because of the utility that she offers.

Get ready for the best Ashe tips and tricks!

Because of her flexibility in using utility abilities, she can actually be a pretty complicated champion to play. Most beginners end up playing her wrong since they’re not able to maximize the strength of her abilities to the max. These Ashe tips and tricks aim to give players a better understanding of how to use her abilities, so that they can showcase a better mastery and secure more advantages across the map. Perfect if you plan to introduce a new player to LoL!

1. Scouting the Enemy Jungler

One of the reasons why Ashe is a popular choice in professional League of Legends is that she has the ability to monitor the activities of the enemy jungler. While new players may not be able to imitate exactly HOW pro-players do this, it’s still a good idea to gain necessary information about the enemy whenever you can. You can do this by firing a Hawkshot through the enemy jungle ever 60 seconds or 30 seconds after the jungler has showed up.

Ashe using Hawkshot to scout the enemy jungle - ashe tips and tricks
Keep tabs on the enemy.

A common mistake that beginners make is using this ability only to scout the river brush to see if there’s an incoming gank. That’s a complete waste of the ability since it doesn’t give your entire team the information they need. Fire the Hawkshot through the enemy jungle until it hits the Red or Blue Buff at the top side of the map. This way, you can determine if you and your teammates can determine if you can play aggressively or conservatively.

2. Watching the Map

Watching the map is one of the Ashe tips and tricks that players need to keep in mind. We’ve already talked about how you can use your Hawkshot to monitor the enemy jungler’s activity, but you should also monitor the minimap for fights that may happen. This is because your ultimate ability – Enchanted Crystal Arrow – is an extremely powerful global ability that can quickly change the flow of a fight for you or your team.

Ashe using her ultimate ability - Ashe tips and tricks
You’re attention matters!

When using Enchanted Crystal Arrow to hit enemies across the map, try to predict the direction in which they will move so that you can adjust your aim to hit them even if there’s a 3-second delay in terms of travel time. Always look for the opportunity to use your ultimate ability even if you think it won’t help them at all because you might be surprised at how impactful this ability can be at turning the tide of a losing fight.

3. Don’t Spam Abilities Too Much

Another thing that new players are extremely fond of is spamming Ashe’s abilities. While it’s true that her Volley ability deals a lot of poke damage and is useful in farming the wave, players shouldn’t spam it for the sole purpose of trying to deal as much damage as possible in a short time. Spamming abilities drains Ashe’s mana quickly, making her vulnerable when she’s out of resources that she needs to survive enemy attacks.

Ashe using her volley - Ashe tips and tricks
Don’t waste your mana!

Remember that Ashe is an AD carry, so the bulk of her damage should always come from her auto-attacks with the abilities only helping in last hitting or control. The best time to spam your abilities is when you plan to full commit to an enemy. After that, you’ll almost always be forced to recall because you won’t have enough mana to stay in lane. Try to pace the way you use abilities so that you’ll only run out of mana when you plan to recall anyway, which should be at least every 3-5 minutes.

4. Learn How to Kite

Kiting is a pretty standard tactic for a lot of champions, especially for AD Carries. Ashe is a very strong kiting champion because she utilizes a lot of movement impairing abilities that make it almost impossible to get close to her or escape her grasp without using a Summoner Spell. Even new players who are totally clueless about the game are urged to study how to kite starting now since it’s a useful skill that will help them climb the rankings faster.

Ashe walking around - Ashe tips and tricks
Keep the enemy at arm’s length.

For those who don’t understand how kiting works, it’s attacking the enemy while maintaining a safe distance by moving away from the target at the same time. The multi-tasking can be very hard since your focus is divided into dodging and attacking, but it’s actually a pretty easy skill to get used to. You can use your Volley ability and Ashe’s passive to slow down enemies and make it hard for them to actually walk towards you.

5. Distance Matters!

One of the Ashe tips that veteran players teach newbies early on is that “distance matters”. Among all of the AD carries in the game, Ashe is one of the champions that hates getting close to enemies or charging at them since she’s pretty vulnerable when she gets closed out. That’s why we always try to emphasize kiting as a primary tactic that Ashe players should learn as soon as possible.

Ashe charging up her ultimate ability - Ashe tips and tricks
Better go the distance!

However, kiting isn’t the primary focus of this tip. As you might know, Ashe’s ultimate ability scales depending on the distance it travels. Players need to understand that you need to hit this ability as far away as possible since it becomes more powerful. All your abilities should actually be cast at max range because she has the ability to maximize them by doing so.

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