The Best Blitzcrank Tips & Tricks For Beginners

Blitzcrank continues to be one of the community’s favorite support picks due to his straightforward gameplay and impactfulness in the team. His entire kit revolves around him catching enemies out of position and translating their carelessness into an advantage for your team. Despite how easy it is to take advantage of this champion, there are still a lot of Blitzcrank tips and tricks that will help you increase your win rate when using this champion.

The Best Blitzcrank Tips & Tricks

Support champions are generally created to be easy to play to allow the role to be accessible for players of all skill levels. While the support role has the easiest entry barrier to break, its skill ceiling can also be extremely high. These Blitzcrank tips and tricks will give some advanced strategies that players in the lower ELOs may not be taking advantage of because they are focused entirely on the hook mechanic of this champion.

Blitzcrank as a futuristic android model - Blitzcrank tips and tricks
Get ready for the best Blitzcrank tips and tricks!

The best Blitzcrank tips and tricks elevate the gameplay of this champion without introducing overly-complicated combos and mechanics that take weeks to learn. We’re not saying that you can master all of these tips after only a few games but we’re also not giving strategies that would require you to be a Blitzcrank OTP. Instead, let’s take a look at some of the best Blitzcrank tips that you can learn today.

Don’t Be Afraid to Stand in the Middle!

The biggest problem when beginners play hook champions is that they spend their time sitting in the backline. Champions like Nautilus, Thresh, Pyke, and Blitzcrank actually benefit the team more by being in the frontline of a teamfight rather than just waiting for their hook’s cooldown every 15 seconds or so. In fact, your hook’s success rate increases significantly the closer you are to the target because they have less time to dodge these abilities.

Blitzcrank surrounded by enemies - Blitzcrank tips and tricks
You’re a tank. Remember?

In Blitzcrank’s case, this champion thrives by standing in the middle of a fight because his abilities can disrupt the enemy team by simply being there. He is a tanky champion with a defensive passive ability that makes it difficult to take him down instantaneously. The proper way to use this champion is to hook a champion in the fight and uses Blitzcrank’s Power Fist to knock them up before dashing into the middle of the enemy team to use his ultimate ability for a multi-man silence.

Learning the Hexflash + Hook Combo

In the middle ELOs, hooks become less efficient because players have become better at reacting and predicting the usage of these abilities. The long cooldown of these abilities is a huge liability and is usually the only way these champions can start a fight. Luckily, there are many ways to prevent enemies from being able to predict your ability to hook them successfully such as the usage of your Flash and Hexflash summoner spells.

Blitzcrank hexflashing over a wall - Blitzcrank tips and tricks
Catch them by surprise!

Hexflash is an extremely powerful summoner spell for hook champions. It’s extremely hard to dodge a hook when you don’t know when and where it will come from. Using Hexflash to jump out of brushes or through walls before immediately using your hook ability will result in an increased chance of catching the enemy by surprise. Try practicing all the different places you can use your Hexflash ability to surprise your enemy using the Practice Tool. Just do this for different areas in the bot lane.

Don’t Overuse Your W Ability

The biggest mistake that a lot of Blitzcrank players make is constantly spamming their W ability and then immediately following up with a very predictable hook attempt. Unfortunately, this is the reason why a lot of Blitzcrank players fail since they burn their entire mana pool, allowing the enemies to launch an easy counter-attack where the Blitzcrank is useless without its crowd-control effects.

Blitzcrank speeding up - Blitzcrank tips and tricks

The best usage of your W ability is to close the distance between you and your enemy so that you can use your Power Fist ability to knock them up instantly. Since the ability causes Blitzcrank to apply Slow on himself, it’s not a very good ability for chasing your enemies through a long distance. Think of it as a mini dash that you only use in situations where you are in range for the perfect engage on the enemy team.

Auto-Attack Resetting

Auto-attack resetting is an important skill to learn for any champion to maximize damage output. While it is a general opinion that support champions don’t need to deal damage in a fight, a clash can be decided by the smallest of margins in terms of damage outputs. As a support, you need to deal as much damage as possible while fulfilling your role in assisting your allies but you should try not to take the final kill for your own.

Blitzcrank punching the Scuttle Crab in the air - Blitzcrank tips and tricks
Deal damage!

Blitzcrank’s Power Fist ability is an attack that serves as a great crowd control effect but it also deals a ton of damage. Combining that with his W – Overdrive ability that increases his attack speed, Blitzcrank can dish out a ridiculous amount of damage despite building purely tank items. Make sure to use your auto-attacks in between both these ability uses to maximize your damage output and help your team secure the victory.

The Multiple Uses of Your Ultimate

Blitzcrank’s ultimate is one of the most powerful abilities in the game. It silences a large area for a relevant amount of time and removes any shields that enemies have. This means that champions like Shen, Sett, Lulu, and Karma absolutely hate playing against this champion because it neutralizes their entire existence instantly by pressing one ability. A lot of mages also get countered by the AoE silence that this ability applies to them, making it difficult to escape since they can’t use flash or disengage skills.

Blitzcrank shocking enemies around him - Blitzcrank tips and tricks
The ultimate teamfight crowd control!

As a Blitzcrank player, you shouldn’t try to press your ultimate ability the moment you catch an enemy with your hook ability. Most of the time, hooking an enemy champion and knocking them up with your E ability is enough to secure the kill. Save your ability for a huge teamfight to give your team a huge advantage once the teamfight begins. These Blitzcrank tips are designed to give you the best teamfighting strategies.

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