The Best Diana Tips & Tricks For Beginners

Diana is a jungler that specializes in AP burst damage, creating explosive plays that open up the game for her teammates instantly. She heavily focuses on using her combo to deal a ridiculous amount of damage in a short amount of time. We’ll take a look more on how we can maximize this champion in our Diana tips and tricks that’s designed to give beginners an easier time mastering her once they start playing her in their ranked games.

The Best Diana Tips & Tricks

Diana is a heavy burst mage that specializes in playing on the jungle. She builds AP damage and joins only a few other champions in that category. She is able to assassinate enemies in the early game and has some level of bulkiness that makes it difficult for enemies to take her down. However, the biggest highlight of Diana is her exceptional teamfighting capability which we’ll highlight more in this Diana tips and tricks guide.

Diana as a glorious moon goddess - Diana tips and tricks
Are you ready for the best Diana tips and tricks?

In this Diana tips and tricks guide, we’ll be learning the most basic combos that you need to learn if you want to play this champion in your ranked games. She isn’t one of the most difficult champions to use in the game but if you mess up her combos, it can lead to some devastating consequences. That’s why it’s always a good thing to understand how to play a champion first before you play them blind in a ranked game.

Basic Attacks are Powerful!

The most important thing to learn when playing Diana is understanding how her passive works. Whenever she lands a basic attack on an enemy, it generates a stack of Moonsilver Blade. At the third consecutive basic attack, it consumes the mark and becomes a cleave attack that deals bonus magic damage to enemies hit. The AP conversion is fairly decent so the damage you can deal is fairly relevant to the fight.

Diana cleaving the enemies with moon energy - Diana tips and tricks
Hit ’em fast and hard!

Whenever Diana uses an ability, her passive also increases her attack speed in addition to the bonus she gains passively. This will make it easier for Diana to create and consume marks and deal bonus magic damage to the enemies. Make sure that you are not too reliant on using Diana’s abilities to deal damage that you completely ignore trying to land basic attacks on the nearest enemy champion because that’ll make you lose a large chunk of damage.

Crescent Strike + Lunar Rush Combo

Cresecent Strike is your basic damaging spell that you can use to poke your enemies at long range. But the effect that a lot of people ignore from this ability is its application of Moonlight to all targets hit by the target. Moonlight marks all enemies hit which will empower your Lunar Strike ability. When using Crescent Strike, it’s a good way to familiarize yourself with its attack animation so you’ll be able to hit as many enemies as possible in one strike.

Diana casting her crescent moon ability - Diana tips and tricks
Maximize your cooldown resets!

Lunar Rush is your gap-closing ability. It allows Diana to dash to an enemy target instantly and deals magic damage to the target upon arrival. However, if the enemy was afflicted by Moonlight, this ability will consume the charge and reset the cooldown to 0.5 seconds, which means you can essentially use it again almost immediately. You can then use it again to dash to another champion or the same champion to deal maximum damage.

Max Shield Energy

Diana’s main survivability relies on whether or not she can maximize her shielding ability. Diana generates a shield when she uses Pale Cascade which summons three spheres that rotate around her. Whenever a sphere collides with an enemy, it explodes and deals magic damage to nearby enemies. When all 3 spheres are consumed, Diana shields herself again which can stack with the original shield she applied.

Diana having three tiny moons orbiting her - Diana tips and tricks
Ensure maximum survivability.

Players always want to cast Pale Cascade whenever she dashes to an enemy using Lunar Rush. This is because you dash on top of the enemy unit, making it extremely easy to pop all 3 spheres of the Pale Cascade to reapply the shield on her. Don’t pre-cast your Pale Cascade before a fight since you might waste your initial shield if it expires before you engage. Try to keep your opponents extremely close and don’t give them space to move out.

Lunar Rush Hyper Reset

One advanced combo that Diana players can use is hyper resetting their Lunar Rush to dash more than twice. The most basic way to use this ability is to combo it with Crescent Strike to reset the cooldown by consuming all Moonlight marks. However, if marked enemies are far enough away from each other, using Lunar Rush might not consume the mark on other enemies. This means that you can essentially act like Irelia and dash towards multiple targets. It is easier said than done.

Diana dashing towards an enemy - Diana tips and tricks
Can you do it?

The most important thing to keep in mind when executing this combo is that you need to use your Crescent Strike in a way that maximizes the distance between the first champion hit and the farthest enemy champion. If you see that you marked more than 1 champion, you might want to dash to the nearest enemy champion first and then use the Lunar Rush reset to dash to the enemy that’s farthest from you to assassinate them instantly.

The Ultimate Teamfight Combo

The ultimate teamfight combo for Diana is to utilize all her abilities at once. The most important ability to land is her ultimate – Moonfall – which pulls all enemies towards her and deals magic damage to all enemies affected which explodes to nearby enemies as well. This means that if you manage to pull more than 2 enemies at the same time using your ultimate, you’ll be able to deal a devastating amount of damage to the entire enemy team by yourself.

Diana pulling all enemies towards her - Diana tips and tricks
Get all of them at once!

The ultimate teamfight combo is to initiate the fight using your Crescent Strike to mark as many champions as possible. Continue by using Lunar Strike to gain access to the middle of the team. Use Pale Cascade to get a shield and deal a bit of damage and finish off by using Moonfall. Keep in mind that you can skip the first step and use Lunar Dash immediately if you want to catch the enemies by surprise. That is the best advice you can get from this Diana tips and tricks guide.

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