The Best Ivern Tips and Tricks For Beginners

The Friend of the Forest has finally been seeing a lot of play after the latest jungle changes forced the developers to give him some massive buffs. Now that people have seen what he’s capable of doing, there has been a lot of interest in using this champion unironically. Let’s look at some of the best Ivern tips and tricks that will give beginners a better idea of maximizing this champion’s kit to be an efficient support jungler.

The Best Ivern Tips and Tricks

Ivern is a champion with a unique role in the game because his primary lane is in the jungle but his primary role is an enchanter. Since enchanters don’t usually deal a lot of damage, his kit is catered towards him skipping the tedious task of clearing jungle camps in the traditional manner. This Ivern tips and tricks guide will introduce the ways Ivern can maximize the usage of his abilities and his exceptional clearing ability to give his teammates more assistance in the laning phase.

Ivern wearing an astronaut suit - Ivern tips and tricks
Get ready for the best Ivern tips and tricks!

Since Ivern’s identity is pretty much a support champion, he doesn’t really take fights on his own. He is extremely reliant on his allies making the plays while he assists them from a safe distance. His playstyle is extremely complicated and is one of the hardest champions to play for beginners. That’s why we’ll be explaining how to fully utilize his kit in this Ivern tips and tricks guide so that players can have an easier time playing him.

Maximize Your Jungle Pathing

The hardest part about playing Ivern is properly pathing around your jungle. There is only one correct path for Ivern most of the time and there are few opportunities to make any variations without being punished by the enemy jungler. It’s never correct to simply apply his passive on every camp and come back for them later because of you take too long, the enemy jungler can simply take away all your enchanted camps before you claim them. Here’s the proper path as Ivern:

Wolves (Enchant) > Blue Buff (Enchant) > Smite Blue Buff > Gromp (Enchant) > Raptors (Enchant) > Red Buff (Enchant) > Wolves (Claim) > Gromp (Claim) > Potential Gank Window > Raptors (Claim) > Red Buff (Claim) > Scuttle Crab (enchant) > Smite Scuttle Crab > Krugs (Enchant) > Recall.

Ivern pathing through the jungle - Ivern tips and tricks
Maximize efficiency.

The initial clear is extremely important because if the enemy manages to steal even one of your camps, they’ll be incentivized to bully you for the rest of the game. It’s important to prioritize clearing your own jungle first and doing risky actions like counter-jungling and early ganking as a secondary priority if you’re still inexperienced at using this champ.

Save Your Smites

After your initial clear, your smites are going to become an extremely crucial tool at securing a safe laning phase. Most Ivern players will save their smites for highly contested objectives like Scuttle Crabs, which they can’t afford to leave enchanted for a ridiculous amount of time. Veteran Ivern players use their smite to counter-jungle enemies since it’s extremely easy to enchant + smite a camp away from an opponent if you understand their spawn timers.

Ivern smiting the scuttle crab - Ivern tips and tricks
Save it for those crucial moments!

It’s also important to save your smite whenever the buffs are about the spawn because those will be highly contested. It’s also worth using your smites on the Gromp but any other camp is not worth smiting unless the enemy jungler is counter-jungling your excessively. In that case, you’ll need to ask your team to help keep the enemy jungler away since Ivern isn’t a champion that’s built for dueling other enemies.

Make Your Skillshots Count!

Ivern does so much as a champion and is only hindered by his inability to deal a significant amount of damage or survive an enemy attack. That’s why, contrary to popular opinion, the damage he deals with his abilities is so important to him being relevant to the team because having two supports will definitely affect your overall damage output. Try to contribute to the damage output since you don’t want your teammates to be doing everything for you.

Ivern throwing a skillshot over the wall - Ivern tips and tricks
Make it count!

Ivern’s Q ability – Rootcaller – is an extremely impactful ability. The ability to root an enemy champion can be extremely gamebreaking since it allows him and other allied champions to instantly assassinate the affected champion. As Ivern, you don’t always want to dash in front of the enemy champion unless they are extremely low on HP or you have allies nearby that can back you up.

Always Place a Brush On Your Backline

The biggest misconception that players have about Ivern is that the brush he places is only useful for hiding from enemies or giving Rengar a massive buff. However, Ivern’s brushes gives allies bonus magic damage on-hit while they are inside the brush, which is extremely powerful especially if you manage to target multiple allies. Keep in mind that this only works if the Ivern or his allies are inside the brush so it’s a good idea for you to place it where your allies can safely position.

Ivern facing the Air Drake inside a brush - Ivern tips and tricks
It’s a broken brush!

Another useful application for using the brush is by getting vision. One of the most common mistakes that beginners make in the game is face-checking areas blindly. If you place a brush on another brush or an area that’s dark, you’ll get to see if there are enemies lurking in the darkness. This might sound like a silly application but all high-ELO players use this strategy since Ivern is so prone to getting one-shot by the enemy.

Let Daisy Do the Work, But Don’t Let It Die!

Daisy is undoubtedly the most powerful pet in League of Legends. On its own, this pet is as powerful as a champion in addition to Ivern giving it a lot of ridiculous buffs. Ivern is weak on his own and has difficulty taking most objectives without help. That’s why he gains a significant power spike when he reaches Level 6 since Daisy can do everything on its own. It’s a good idea to use Daisy whenever you’re taking an objective or ganking a lane and there’s no reason to “save it for later” since the cooldown is extremely short.

Ivern and Daisy beating up the Rift Herald - Ivern tips and tricks
Make full use of Daisy!

As an Ivern player, you need to keep Daisy alive as long as possible. Unlike other pets in the game, you never want to sacrifice Daisy for no reason at all. Don’t underestimate the amount of damage Daisy does in a teamfight, especially since it also knocks up enemies on contact. One of the best Ivern tips and tricks you can get is remembering to maximize your usage of Daisy to inflict chaos on the enemy team.

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