The Best Jhin Tips and Tricks For Beginners

Jhin is a champion with a unique skillset that makes his playstyle a little bit different compared to other AD Carries in League of Legends. Players who have not tried him out may feel like he’s a little bit clunky as compared to other ADCs, not realizing the power that this champion has overall. We’re offering some of the best Jhin tips and tricks that will help new players get a better idea on how to play this champion in their games.

The Best Jhin Tips and Tricks

Jhin is one of the best designed champions in League of Legends and remains relevant despite the massive changes through each patch cycle. He’s a great marksman that players can choose to play as a one-trick for AD Carries since it’s extremely rewarding to master his unique gameplay. Today’s Jhin tips and tricks will be explaining some of the common gameplay strategies that beginners need to note when playing this champion.

Jhin staring at the blood moon - Jhin tips and tricks
Need some Jhin tips and tricks?

Many players may think that it’s easy to play Jhin because of his kit, but his passive makes it so that they’ll have to strategize when to auto an opponent and manage their resources properly. The 4th shot is an important mechanic that we’ll be talking a lot about in our Jhin tips and tricks guide. Mastering how to maximize this champion’s damage output despite the limitation of reloading will be our priority for being able to play Jhin at an advanced level. We also prepared a Jhin guide to talk more about him in-depth.

5. 4th Shot Poking!

Jhin’s 4th shot is the most powerful effect out of all his abilities and since every skill he owns has a bonus effect when triggering the 4th time or more, it becomes a common theme for players to keep count of their abilities. Because of Jhin’s passive, he’s only able to auto-attack enemies up to four times before he’s forced to reload. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing because he gains a powerful compensation in the 4th shot that deals additional damage and has a 100% chance to critically strike.

Jhin on his fourth shot - Jhin tips and tricks
Hit them where it hurts!

During the laning phase, it’s important to prioritize using your 4th shot auto-attack to hit enemy champions. You’ll know it’s the 4th shot when the indicator below your champion’s health bar goes down to the purple bar. Your first three auto-attacks are usually used to last hit minions, but the 4th shot is so impactful that you always want it to damage the enemy laners. Of course, you should never trade getting a good Creep Score for dealing non-lethal damage to the enemy champions.

4. Dance Those Grenades on Minions

The Dancing Grenade ability acts like an extender for Jhin to deal damage on the enemy while he’s reloading. It’s a good ability that can really put the enemy in a dangerous situation if they take it at the wrong time and force them to reposition if they are familiar with how devastating this ability can be. The most important thing to note about this ability is that it deals 35% more damage if the last unit it bounced off of dies.

Jhin throwing out a dancing grenade - Jhin tips and tricks
Maximize your damage output!

The dancing grenade bounces to up to four targets and because of its bonus effect when a target dies off its previous bounce, Jhin players usually use it to kill the caster minions in the back line. Asking your support to put the caster minions on low health and using your dancing grenade ability to finish them off and eventually bouncing to the enemy champion with a 35% damage bonus is the best way to chip away at the enemy laners and is what makes Jhin so annoying to lane against. If executed properly, you should always win the lane.

3. Application of Lotus Traps

Jhin’s Captive Audience ability may not seem like it’s entirely useful if you’re a beginner because it’s really easy for enemies to see where you place them when you’re in lane and they can play around it by simply not stepping on the Lotus Traps. On the other hand, if you place them far away, enemies that do step on them can easily get away and don’t usually take any damage because they simply just walk away before it pops.

Jhin placing lotus traps - Jhin tips and tricks
Make it impossible for them to move!

The importance of the Lotus Traps is that they are extremely good at catching enemies and ruining their plans or force zoning your enemy laners off a specific area of the lane. Enemies that get caught inside a lotus trap can easily die if the Jhin player executes a proper combo so they usually avoid it at all costs. Use this knowledge to take advantage of your other abilities so that they’ll have an easier time hitting your opponents. The lotus traps are also very useful at clearing the wave if you place them in the path of the enemy minions.

2. Avoid Greedy Flourishes! (Jhin W)

The Deadly Flourish ability is easily one of Jhin’s skills that beginners often overuse. While it’s a nice ability to deal damage at long range and clear minions with, it uses up a lot of mana and has a lot more clutch usages than spamming it in unnecessary situations. If you can, use this ability only when your support engages, the enemy steps on a Lotus Trap, or they are not in range for your auto-attacks.

Jhin using his deadly flourish - Jhin tips and tricks
Wait for the right moment.

The biggest mistake that beginners make is using the Deadly Flourish in-between auto-attacks at close range. This is extremely greedy and leaves you vulnerable to get burst by the enemy champion. The best ability to weave in your autos are the Dancing Grenade and Captive Audience abilities because don’t force your champion to stop for a few milliseconds, which can be the difference between life and death.

1. Properly Executing Enemies with Curtain Call

Jhin’s Curtain Call may seem like a braindead ability but it’s actually very hard to execute if you’re playing in the mid to high ELOs. Enemies will most often be able to dodge at least two of the four shots and, in a lot of cases, just walk out of the ability’s range. Unfortunately for Jhin, this is one of his most powerful skills (after all, it’s his ultimate ability) and will often be his main source of damage in teamfights and skirmishes.

Jhin sniping from a safe distance - Jhin tips and tricks
Just enough distance to snipe them!

One of the most useful Jhin tips that we can give regarding his ultimate ability is to position yourself where you are safe enough that the enemy can’t just walk up to attack you while maintaining a good distance that makes it hard for enemies to walk away. When shooting your curtain call, try to predict the enemy’s movement by about 0.5 seconds ahead instead of shooting where they are currently standing on to increase the chances that your abilities will land.

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