The Best Jinx Tips & Tricks For Beginners

Jinx is a favorite among players because of her status as one of the most popular characters in the game. With the release of the Arcane series, her pick rate increased significantly. As one of the most reliable AD Carries in the game, it’s a good idea to learn how to play this champion at an advanced level. That’s why we have listed some of the best Jinx tips and tricks that’ll help beginners understand how to use this champion.

The Best Jinx Tips & Tricks

Jinx has everything players want from an AD Carry in terms of her combat abilities. Her only weakness is her lack of mobility but a skilled Jinx player is capable of preventing enemies from exploiting that flaw so that she can safely deal damage in the backline as she takes down her enemies one by one. We’ll be talking more about which Jinx tips and tricks players will need to take advantage of as we go.

Jinx from the Arcane TV series - Jinx tips and tricks
Get ready for the best Jinx tips and tricks

The best Jinx tips and tricks are those that talk about utilizing her kit to its maximum potential. She has a lot of tools that make her efficient at long-range combat but people often don’t use these to their fullest potential because they are too scared to take damage. Remember that even long-range AD Carries need to kite out opponents and continuously reposition themselves to prevent enemies from exploiting their weaknesses.

When to Use Pow-Pow and Fishbones

Pow-pow is Jinx’s primary gun and is primarily favored because it doesn’t consume mana and the increased attack speed provides better short-range DPS. Use this weapon during the laning phase if you have access to the minion wave and are not in threat of dying. Use this in teamfights only if you have no mana left or the enemy is in your face and you don’t have the ability to secure distance against them since the bonus attack speed will provide a more efficient damage source.

Jinx using her rocket launchers on an enemy - Jinx tips and tricks
Attack speed or range?

Fishbones is the weapon that Jinx uses when the action starts. She switches into a rocket launcher that does significantly more damage and gains increased range at the cost of losing a bit of attack speed. Keep in mind that this uses up your mana so don’t use this gun when you’re farming unless you have the Blue Buff. It’s always good to use this weapon when trying to fight enemies since the increased range and damage makes it impossible for them to respond without wasting resources of their own.

Poking Enemies as Jinx

Jinx is a powerhouse at long-range. She can be incredibly annoying to fight against because she can poke you down before the fighting even begins by utilizing her exceptional range and powerful damaging abilities. As a Jinx player, it’s all about managing resources properly because throwing out your abilities non-stop can also prove to be a disadvantage since Jinx is fairly reliant on using her mana to fight against enemies efficiently.

Jinx zapping an enemy inside the bush - Jinx tips and tricks
Make it hard for them to play!

The best way to poke as Jinx is to use Fishbones to deal damage at long range when the enemy wave hasn’t built up too much. Using Jinx’s ultimate as a poking tool can also be worth it if you are trying to prevent enemies from recalling, forcing them to get back to the lane a bit later or forcing them to stay for another wave while you recall. Jinx’s W ability – Zap! – shouldn’t be used to poke enemies for non-lethal situations since it’s an important cooldown that can be used to secure minions and prevent ganks.

Securing a Safe Position

Securing a safe position is something that all AD Carries and long-range champions need to learn. One of the best Jinx tips that we can give new players is knowing how to min-max your range. Just because you’re a long-range champion doesn’t always mean that you need to stay at max range all the time because that might cause you to lose DPS since it can be annoying if enemies reposition themselves during a fight.

Jinx shooting an enemy in a safe position - Jinx tips and tricks
Don’t be accessible for the enemies to gank.

The most important thing to keep in mind is securing a safe position. That means staying away from walls, narrow alleyways, and areas with flank potentials. It’s a good idea to stick to your support and away from your mid laner since that will make it easy for the opponent to take down two important carries at the same time. It’s also a good idea for Jinx’s E ability – Flame Chompers – to create a line between you and the enemy team.

Throwing Out Your Ultimate

We’ve already talked a bit about Jinx’s ultimate in some of our Jinx tips. The most popular use of the Jinx ultimate is to secure kills from long range. As an AD Carry, you should try to take as many kills as possible even if it means stealing it from someone who did most of the work. Keep in mind that the AD Carry is the most important member of the team and is usually the biggest damage source so trying to get gold by getting kills is justified no matter the context.

Jinx shooting a giant rocket into the enemy - Jinx tips and tricks
There are many ways to use her rocket.

Your ultimate can also be used to steal objectives and prevent recalls. Preventing opponent’s recalls during the laning phase is extremely important because you always want to ensure that they miss as many CS as possible and have the item advantage to get early kills. When stealing objectives using Jinx’s rocket, keep in mind that this ability won’t hit neutral objectives directly so you’ll have to rely on the splash damage from it detonating when hitting an enemy champion.

Maximizing the Get Excited Status

Jinx’s passive is one of the best passives in the game. Despite the condition being dependent on succeeding early, being able to get additional attack speed and movement speed can make an ADC champion unstoppable. Use the increased attack speed to maximize your Fishbones damage and use the increased movement speed to kite around enemies and pursue them when they try to run.

Jinx moving really quickly using her passive - Jinx tips and tricks
Maximize the buffs!

Once Jinx gets excited, it’s always crucial that you turn to fight immediately while using Fishbones because it can be extremely easy to stack takedowns while under the buffs of this passive ability. Don’t waste your time using your other abilities and simply try to take down as many champions and turrets as possible while Get Excited is still active.

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