The Best Kayle Tips and Tricks For Beginners

Kayle is one of the strongest late game champions in League of Legends, with a powerful passive that changes how she plays after reaching Levels 6, 11, and 16 respectively with her late game potential being unmatched. However, her potential can only be unlocked if she’s played properly in the early to mid game. Here are some of the best Kayle tips and tricks that will help you master how this champion is played.

The Best Kayle Tips and Tricks

Kayle is an extremely weak champion in the early game with a lot of weaknesses that can easily be exploited by opponents. Luckily, not many players know how to punish her and most solo queue teams simply don’t focus her out early, which gives her a lot of room to reach her win condition. That being said, it’s also easy for players to make mistakes during the laning phase that will shut her down for the rest of the game.

We’ve compiled some of the best Kayle tips and tricks that should give any player the edge when it comes to playing her. Even beginners who aren’t familiar with some advanced strategies can definitely learn a thing or two on how to play this champion. Let’s take a look at the 5 best Kayle tips and tricks that we’ve gathered from some of high ELO Kayle mains that will definitely help you play this champion better.

5. Try to Get to Level 16 Fast!

This is a fairly obvious point, but those that are not familiar with Kayle need to understand how this works. Kayle’s main win condition is to reach Level 16, where she instantly becomes the most powerful champion in the game due to her powerful passive abilities that boost her attacking capabilities and range. Your main objective is to gather as much experience as possible and try to reach Level 16 at 32 minutes or later.

Kayle's level 16 form - Kayle tips and tricks
Try to reach that level point as fast as possible!

The best way to achieve this is by farming and last hitting minions. Before using this champion, it’s paramount that you’re familiar with the fundamentals of CS’ing better so that you can get all the EXP that you can. Try to avoid laning with other allies to avoid sharing EXP. Your goal is to avoid dying, teamfighting, and getting bullied out of lane as much as possible so that you can reach Level 16 on-time and instantly become a powerful force in the game.

4. Play Weakside

Kayle is a weakside top laner. She usually hates getting ganked and getting ganks because her primary objective is to gather as much experience as possible by farming out the minion waves. However, a decent jungler will understand that bullying Kayle off the lane by ganking her is extremely important to disrupting her main win condition. This is why you need to understand how to play the weakside, that means being able to maintain the lane state while absorbing ganks and avoiding conflict.

Kayle alone in the lane - Kayle tips and tricks
Expect a lot of ganks!

The weakside doesn’t mean you’re the weakest player on the team, it simply means that your jungle will most likely focus on the mid and bot sides of the map more than you. This can benefit you as well since having a strong bot side snowball early means that your chances of winning the game is still solid even if your main win condition fails. Remember to learn how to avoid ganks by not overextending the lane, warding intelligently, and tracking the enemy jungler’s pathing.

3. Get the Gromp/Krugs!

Kayle needs to get as much experience as possible, the best way to do this is to secure all the minion waves. However, if you want to get to level 16 faster, you might need to get some jungle camps like the Gromp (if you’re playing on blue side) or the Krugs (if you’re playing on red side). These two jungle camps give out a lot of experience and gold, which is perfect if you’re trying to farm the resources you need to get to Level 16 faster.

Kayle fighting against the gromp - Kayle Tips and Tricks
Get those extra sources of EXP!

These two camps are generally the best camps that you can get because most junglers don’t mind them being taken since they’re out of the way. Remember not to be greedy by taking more camps than you need or you might end up making your jungler useless by having them gapped in terms of experience and gold. You can also take the scuttle crab if it spawns on the top side of the map and your jungler is on the bottom side of the map. However, don’t sacrifice clearing minion waves for the sake of taking jungle camps.

2. Maximize Your Sustain

Sustain is one of Kayle’s strongest allies when trying to reach level 16. She has a way to keep healing herself during the laning phase and players should take advantage of this by using it whenever they need to. Ideally, you won’t let the enemy harass you by position smartly when trying to hit minions, but you can’t realistically dodge out all the damage dealing abilities that your enemy deals when you’re trying to lane.

Kayle healing herself - Kayle tips and tricks
Try to stay in lane as long as possible.

Maximizing your sustain doesn’t mean healing at every chance you get. Remember that mana is also a resource that you need to maintain because when the enemy sees that you’re out of mana, you can be sure that they’ll try to go at you and try to take you down. It’s fine to take a beating, but never allow yourself to be in a terrible spot by managing how much health that you have so that you have just enough to stay in the lane.

1. Learn How to Use [Alt + Skill Key] Interactions!

Using the Alt key in combination with your Ability Keys will perform a self-cast on your champion. One of the best Kayle tips that you can ever get is knowing how to use this key shortcut to apply your abilities on yourself with as little downtime as possible. Kayle has two abilities that she can cast on herself, which are the W and R abilities. Both abilities are crucial to cast when you’re in danger so being able to apply them instantly will instantly make you a better Kayle player.

Kayle casting her ultimate on herself - Kayle tips and tricks
One of the best Kayle tips you’ll ever learn!

Practicing this interaction on Kayle will make you a better League of Legends player overall because there are a lot of champions that have abilities that can self-cast as well. It’s a good idea to practice how to do it in your games as soon as possible and be able to master how it’s done casually so that you’ll be able to react faster when a high-pressure situation arrives.

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