The Best League of Legends Careers To Make a Living On

In the modern world, there are diverse career paths that people can get into if they are looking for something they want to make a living on while pursuing their passions and interests. Gaming and esports have become a huge market in the world today. Specifically, League of Legends careers are highly sought after by a lot of people but they don’t know what jobs to pursue or how they can get into the industry.

The Best League of Legends Careers

There are many types of League of Legends career paths available for all kinds of people and the one skill set that matters to all of these jobs is to have an in-depth knowledge about the game. It isn’t always necessary to have a high rank in your account or have a relevant history in the industry as long as you can contribute to the company you are working for with meaningful and well-put content and products.

In terms of League of Legends careers, we’ll give out the ones that have the easiest entry points with the best pay possible. However, there is no such thing as an easy job so make sure that you have an advanced set of skills to offer to the company and an in-depth knowledge about the game, its mechanics, and the relevant people and characters that surround League of Legends. This will help you get an easier path working with a company that works on the game.

Content Writing and Esports Journalism

Content writing and journalism are probably the most common career paths for a lot of League of Legends enthusiasts. This League of Legends career path requires a deep level of knowledge about League of Legends game mechanics, updates, the esports industry, relevant people in the community, and game lore. Being able to know anything and everything about the game will prove to be your greatest asset when you’re trying to impress different companies.

Draven shoutcasting a game - League of Legends careers
Create high-quality content!

Content writing and journalism don’t exactly have the best and most stable pay among all career paths especially if you jump from one company to another but if you do find a good company, you are deeply rewarded for your work when you provide high-quality content. Keep in mind that you need to be able to constantly be able to provide original content while keeping up with deadlines if you plan to enter this line of work.

Art Commissions

Art commissions probably have the best pay among all League of Legends careers but it has the most grueling work that can make or break an artist. The issue with commissioning artwork is that clients can sometimes be difficult to deal with, there’s also the issue of people stealing your artwork and profiting from it without your consent. There are many people who take advantage of artists which can lead to lower profits and more work.

Milio artistically drawing colors - League of Legends careers
Art is for everyone!

Art is a learned skill that takes a lot of practice. In addition, you need to learn everything about a character if you plan to be a high-quality League of Legends artist that people want to buy art from. Being able to include tiny details that are relevant to the character will boost your standing in the League of Legends art community. Make sure to price your art according to the amount of effort you place into making it and don’t let your customers downplay your value.

Video Editing For Upcoming Streamers/Content Creators

Another well-paying career in League of Legends is being a video editor for upcoming streamers and content creators. The difficult part about this job path is finding people to work for who are willing to pay you fairly for your work. There are a lot of streamers and content creators out there who try to use their fame and connections to entice people to work for them for a lower price but you should always put your foot down as a person who invests their time to make other people succeed.

Viktor working on a few projects - League of Legends careers
Help create the best content possible.

As a video editor, you need to understand the good AND bad parts of playing League of Legends so that you can cut out relevant clips that people will enjoy watching. Being able to connect with the community by understanding trends will prove to be a huge advantage. Make sure to have samples of your work so that you can impress the person you are trying to work for but emphasize that you are willing to change the style according to how they want to portray their channel.

Custom Merchandise Selling

This career path requires a lot of investment and perseverance with only a relatively good chance for success. Selling League of Legends merchandise such as toys, clothing, stickers, mugs, blankets, etc. will always be something that appeals to people. The most important and difficult part about this career path is advertising yourself to the community and establishing a stable network of income from long-term customers.

Braum in his holiday suit, feeding poros - League of Legends careers
Give the people a product they’ll love!

As a person who is selling custom merchandise, make sure that the designs and artwork you use for your products are not stolen from other people in the community or at least be royalty-free. The worst thing that could happen to your business is having it get blasted on social media or review bombed by a large group of people. Think hard about what type of product you want to sell and make sure to do market research by observing trends on other e-commerce websites.

Account Boosting

Account boosting is probably the worst career path to take as a League of Legends player because it doesn’t have a positive reputation in the community and there are so many things that can go wrong when you boost another person’s account. However, there is a market for this line of work and the money that you get from doing so is relatively good.

Ziggs and Heimerdinger in bee costumes - League of Legends careers
Boost accounts ’til you drop!

As an account booster, you don’t necessarily have to be a Challenger-level player as there are different types of markets for this service. Most people only want to get their account boosted until Gold or Platinum since they are only in it for seasonal rewards. Regardless, you need to be really good at playing the game to the point that it’ll only take you less than a week to boost an account to the desired rank.

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