The Best League of Legends Rumble Tips & Tricks For Beginners

Rumble is one of the most unique champions in League of Legends because his playstyle stands out more than most of the other champions. He is a powerful solo lane mage that is commonly played in the top lane but can also appear in the mid lane as well. He is considered one of the most difficult champions to use in the game that’s why we’ll be giving some Rumble tips and tricks to help you understand his kit more.

The Best Rumble Tips and Tricks

Rumble’s overall kit is extremely hard to use because resource management plays a key role in his identity as a champion. The main reason why most people fail at playing this champion is because they don’t properly manage their Heat bar which causes them to overheat in the worst situations. However, proper management of his abilities to maximize his damage output will be the main topic of discussion in our Rumble tips and tricks guide.

Rumble as a badlands gangster - Rumble tips and tricks
Are you ready for some Rumble tips and tricks?

The best Rumble tips and tricks are those that explain how his abilities work together to prevent this champion from overheating at the wrong time. Remember that overheating isn’t necessarily a bad thing because it can also give you the necessary damage output you’ll need at the right moments. Unfortunately, overheating is more often bad at the hands of beginners than good so we’ll be focusing on that part of his identity more on this guide.

Managing Your Heat Bar

Heat is Rumble’s unique resource bar that players need to manage. All of his non-ultimate abilities generate heat. At 50 heat, all of his basic abilities enter the danger zone, which empowers them. However, at 100 heat, Rumble becomes overheated and will be unable to use any of his abilities for 4 seconds. Rumble always wants to stay at the 50 heat marker since this is the sweet spot that maximizes his overall damage output.

Rumble's passive resource bar - Rumble tips and tricks
Watch your heat bar!

Advanced Rumble players always try to juggle between 40 heat and 90 heat. Before engaging an enemy, you always want to be at 40 heat since your next ability should be the Scrap Shield which automatically places you at 50 heat. By then, you want to juggle between Flamespitter and Electro Harpoon while being careful not to go beyond the 90 heat marker unless you’re fully committing to get a kill. It’s a good idea to cool down back to 40 heat once this settle back down.

Proper Use of the Overheat Status

It’s a good move to overheat as well when necessary. If Rumble becomes overheated, he gains bonus attack speed and magic damage on-hits. This means that his auto-attacks will hit like a truck. Keep in mind that you only want to overheat when there is no threat of a kill from the enemy side or if you’re planning to fully commit to the fight. If you’re planning to overheat Rumble, make sure to do that while closing the distance between you and the enemy so that you can smack them with your auto-attacks.

Rumble's robot overheating - Rumble tips and tricks
Time to handle the heat!

If Rumble overheats while being a distance away from the enemy, it’s better to back off since you are in an extremely vulnerable state that the enemy can take advantage of for 4 seconds. The best way to overheat is after you’ve used Electro Harpoon while under the effect of Scrap Shield. This means that the enemy can’t run away from you since they’ll be slowed, giving you more time to land more auto-attacks while overheated.

Burning Down Your Opponents

Rumble’s Flamespitter is an extremely powerful ability that players either overprioritize in fights. While it’s true that pointing your flamethrowing at the opponent will guarantee that you deal massive damage, it’s also important to keep in mind factors like safe-positioning and over-committing. It’s okay to turn away from your opponent while your flamethrower is active if you need to reposition yourself so that you don’t end up getting killed.

Rumble activating his flamethrower - Rumble tips and tricks
Don’t get blinded by the flames.

It’s also a good idea not to overuse this ability since it can build up your heat bar quickly. Remember that your most reliable source of damage is from your Electro Harpoon since it provides the least risk among all your basic abilities. The best time to use this ability is when the enemy champion tries to walk up to you so that they’ll be forced to back off or eat a lot of damage if they plan to overcommit for a fight.

Electro Harpoon Trick

The Electro Harpoon is the ability that Rumble will be using the most. It might not be as flash as his flamethrower but this ability provides so much utility in a fight with very low risk that players need to learn how to use it properly if they plan to play this champion. Keep in mind that the Electro Harpoon ability generates 20 heat per charge so it’s also not a good idea to continuously spam it while laning.

Rumble aiming at an enemy unit with his harpoon - Rumble tips and tricks
Hit the target!

The best time to use this ability is to poke enemies while laning and just before or during Flamespitter. Keep in mind that this ability reduces the enemy’s magic resistance when it hits the opponent so it’s always a good idea to start off with this ability. Another good tip to keep in mind is to use this ability to activate overheat and make sure that you save another charge since you can cast it again while overheated if you use Electro Harpoon to become overheated.

The Equalizer

We can’t talk about the best Rumble tips without talking about proper usage of The Equalizer. This is considered one of the most powerful ultimate abilities in the game and is also the hardest ability to use. The best way to use this ability is to cut off any entry or exit points the enemy may have during a fight. It’s also ideal if the ability essentially pushes them towards a wall so that your Electro Harpoons will have an easier time landing.

Rumble raining down flaming rockets - Rumble tips and tricks
Use it wisely!

This ability is devastating in tight spaces so throw it immediately if you find the enemy in the jungle areas. In open spaces, it’s not necessary that you land The Equalizer on top of the enemy. Being able to displace and disperse the enemy in a teamfight will always be the main advantage of having this ability. Since this ability is extremely difficult to use, it’s ideal that you practice how to use it in the Practice Tool first.

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