The Best Lux Tips and Tricks For Beginners

Lux is one of the most popular champions in the game due to her great aesthetic and simplistic playstyle. She is an extremely powerful mage with a straightforward gameplay that allows even the most inexperienced beginners to do well. Let’s take a look at some of the best Lux tips and tricks that will give you the best ideas on how to play and introduce some advanced tactics that veterans use when using this champion.

The Best Lux Tips and Tricks

Lux is a simple champion to use but she has a very high skill cap when it comes to maximizing her kit. People who have played Lux know that there are many ways to use her abilities to pressure the enemy during the laning phase. Most of our Lux tips and trucks will focus on being able to use her abilities in a way that will help you or your ally secure an advantage regardless of whether or not your primary intent is to deal damage.

Lux as a student in the battle academia - Lux tips and tricks
Ready for the best Lux tips and tricks?

Since Lux can be played as a powerful solo lane mage or an artillery support mage, there are many different ways to play her. Regardless of which role you play her, she benefits greatly from getting kills, so your objective is always to try and get takedowns as much as possible. These Lux tips and tricks are catered towards being as aggressive as possible to ensure that this champion’s ridiculous damage output is given more utility than just simply securing kills.

Marking Enemies

Lux’s passive is probably one of the more underrated parts of her kit by beginners. Her passive marks an enemy champion whenever one of her abilities hits an enemy. While an enemy is marked, both her basic attacks and ultimate ability will deal bonus magic damage on hit. This is why you shouldn’t simply spam your abilities without trying to land an auto-attack on your enemies in between your abilities.

Lux hitting a target dummy - Lux tips and tricks
Passive is important!

Luckily, Lux has a fairly long auto-attack range so it’s easy for her to land an auto. A good trick to follow is to walk forward while casting abilities to position your champion in a way that allows them to auto-attack. Once you’ve landed an attack or if the ability failed to hit the enemy champion, you’ll have a lot of time to move back. The best ability to proc your passive is the E ability – Lucent Singularity – which has a large AoE.

Zoning Abilities

Lux can use her ability purely for utility. Lux would prefer her abilities to hit, but you don’t have to wait for an opportunity or opening to land your abilities. You can throw out her E and ultimate abilities on cooldown to push enemies away from the wave or objectives. The only ability you should try to save for a perfect opportunity is the Q ability – Light Binding – which you need to use carefully for the perfect opportunity.

Lux preventing the enemy from walking up - Lux tips and tricks
Don’t let them come near!

A great usage of your abilities during the laning phase is to place the E ability just behind the enemy caster minions to force enemies to stay away from that zone, making it impossible for shorter range champions to farm CS. In teamfights, make sure to throw out your ultimate on the entire enemy team to chunk out a large portion of their HP before the fight begins. This will make it harder for them to commit to a fight.

Bind Linking

The unique part about Lux’s Q ability is that it can catch two or more enemies at once. However, players shouldn’t make it their priority to find an opportunity to catch two or more enemies at the same time. As long as you manage to catch a priority target like the enemy AD Carry or jungler, the usage of this ability will be well worth it since you can instant chain your abilities in a way that can instantly take them down.

Lux rooting two targets - Lux tips and tricks
Hit ’em hard!

When you are planning to catch two enemies at the same time, one of the best Lux tips and tricks that you can follow is to make the enemies come to you. When enemies try to charge at you, they generally converge at a certain point. You can time your Q properly to catch both of them at once and put them in a horrible position where you can either take them down or take a huge chunk of their HP to prevent them from moving forward.

Objective Stealing

Lux is a menace in the jungle. Every jungler hates playing against a Lux on the enemy team because there will always be a rogue laser beam coming out of nowhere stealing objectives and jungle camps. As a Lux main, you should know that your ultimate ability has a relatively short cooldown. Also, the most common misconception that beginners make about Lux’s ultimate ability is that they should save it until the very last moment to secure the kill.

Lux stealing the Chemtech Drake - Lux tips and tricks
Didn’t see that coming!

Lux’s ultimate ability should be thrown out as much as possible to disrupt the enemy. This ability does so much damage that simply using it to clear the wave can result in an enemy losing about half their HP and being forced to recall, putting your team in a massive advantage to take an objective. Also, place wards as much as possible so that you can see whether or not the jungler is trying to take a Blue Buff, Dragon, or Herald that you can steal away.

Proper Skill Combo

There is a proper combo for Lux. It all depends on how you want to fight and whether or not your primary goal is to disrupt the enemy. Here are some combos you need to learn.

Lux throwing out all her abilities - Lux tips and tricks
  • Teamfighting Combo: W (charged) > Q > R
  • Dueling Combo: W (instant pop) > Auto > Q > Auto > R
  • Disruption Combo: R > W (charged) > Q defensively

Also, it’s a good idea to practice proper positioning while throwing out abilities and avoid the practice of standing still while fighting. This will allow you to dodge enemy attacks and be able to find better opportunities to land more efficient attacks against your enemies. Make sure to maximize her kit so that you can unlock the potential of the strongest human champion in the game.

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