The Best Miss Fortune Tips and Tricks For Beginners

Miss Fortune is an AD Carry that packs quite the punch with her abilities and auto-attacks. She struts into the battle and strikes fear in the hearts of her enemies because they know she can quickly sow chaos in the battlefield for those who aren’t prepared to face her wrath. Today, we’ll be taking a look at the different ways we can learn how to play this champion with some of the best Miss Fortune tips and tricks that we’ve collected from veteran players.

The Best Miss Fortune Tips and Tricks

Miss Fortune is an AD Carry whose main damage threat is with her abilities. However, this is not to say that her auto-attacks don’t just nuke enemies where they stand since she is also able to maximize her basic attacks in tight situations. In this Miss Fortune tips and tricks guide, we’ll be taking a look at the different ways beginners can learn basic combos and things to keep in mind when playing this champion in the bot lane.

Miss Fortune's pirate empress outfit - Miss Fortune tips and tricks
Ready for the best Miss Fortune tips and tricks?

These Miss Fortune tips and tricks are designed to help beginners find the most optimal way of playing this champion and improving further as they play more games with her. To maximize this champion’s potential as an AD Carry, players need to know that your goal isn’t just to click your abilities. You need to find the right balance between using abilities and basic attacks to deal the maximum damage you can dish out during a teamfight.

Marking the Enemy

Miss Fortune’s passive ability is a fun mechanics that players need to understand deeply. The first time Miss Fortune lands an auto-attack on an enemy, they get marked and is dealt bonus physical damage. If Miss Fortune selects a new target, the mark on the old target is reset. This essentially encourages Miss Fortune to select multiple targets but don’t get baited into doing this since AD Carries are more efficient when they are gunning down a specific target non-stop.

Miss Fortune's passive ability text - Miss Fortune tips and tricks
Know your priorities!

This passive ability is relevant in the laning phase or when the teamfight is going relatively slow with Miss Fortune having enough safe space to walk up to the enemy. When you don’t have a definite kill threat, it’s a good idea to shuffle between 2-3 targets to reset your mark. Make sure that you have Strut active to maximize your attack speed. Shuffle between targets to maximize poke damage. Otherwise, you’ll most likely want to focus down one target.

Proper Double Up Angle

Double Up is Miss Fortune’s most powerful tool since it deals a lot of burst damage to two enemies. However, it is a bit difficult to execute this properly since it requires a lot of proper positioning. However, Miss Fortune has a lot of movement speed so she can easily position herself to use this ability to its maximum potential. Ideally, you want to use Double Up on a high priority target while another enemy champion is nearby or directly behind them.

Miss Fortune firing her flintlock - Miss Fortune tips and tricks
Hit the right targets!

Another good way to use Double Up is to target minions while farming. If the target that Double Up initially hits dies, the next hit will critically strike the enemy behind it. This means that the damage is increased significantly and makes for a good way to harass the enemy champion during laning phase. Remember that if another enemy is behind the initial target, it will bounce to the nearest enemy unit instead.

How to Properly Use Strut

Strut is Miss Fortune’s main utility tool. Miss Fortune gains bonus movement speed passively, doubled after 5 seconds until she is dealt damage. This means that her mobility is monstrous, allowing her to reposition easily and kite enemies that try to reach her. Make sure that you’re constantly moving as Miss Fortune unless you’re already in a safe position so that the enemy will have a hard time taking you down.

Miss Fortune running in the river - Miss Fortune tips and tricks
Make use of that speed!

When Strut is activated, Miss Fortune gains a burst of Attack Speed, giving her even more damage output while auto-attacking. Unless you plan on using your ultimate ability immediately after, you should use this ability as soon as you engage the enemy. Remember that Strut’s cooldown is reset whenever you mark a new enemy so you are allowed to spam this ability as much as you want during a crucial teamfight.

Zoning the Enemies

Miss Fortune is an AD Carry that is a master at zoning enemies away. Aside from her E ability – Make it Rain – she also has her ultimate ability and Double Up to threaten enemies from moving towards their position. Her ultimate is so powerful that even tanks wouldn’t dare stand in the AoE zone when they are full health. You always want to use your abilities in a way that both damages the enemy team and prevents them from advancing.

Miss Fortune raining bullets at the brush entrance - Miss Fortune tips and tricks
Don’t let them close!

The best zoning tool that Miss Fortune has is the Make it Rain ability that deals a small amount of damage. However, this ability also slows the enemies that are hit and makes them easier to take down. If enemies are foolish enough to cross this ability, try to punish them with your ultimate since it’ll be difficult for them to move out of the circle. A lot of these Miss Fortune tips and tricks combo well with punishing the enemies by using your ultimate ability.

Proper Usage of Bullet Time

Bullet Time is probably one of the most devastating ultimate abilities in the game. The damage over time this ability deals is no joke and has won games off of one successful execution. This ability is used to disrupt the enemy team, steal objectives, or simply to annihilate enemies that are completely out of position. Of course, you need to be in a position that’s difficult to reach before using this ability since enemies can simply interrupt your channel with a CC ability.

Miss Fortune firing an array of bullets at the dragon pit - Miss Fortune tips and tricks
Give ’em hell!

The best way to use Bullet Time is when your teammate uses a AoE CC ability on the enemy team, making it impossible for them not to soak a huge chunk of damage unless they use their Flash. The most common usage of this ability is when enemies are stuck inside a small space. This includes the Dragon & Baron pits or in tight corridors around the map that barely have enough space to walk sideways.

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