The Best Morgana Tips and Tricks For Beginners

Morgana is one of the most powerful supports to exist in League of Legends. Her ability to lock down opponents and protect allies from harm makes it difficult to deal with this champion. She is originally intended to be played as a support champion but the power of her kit allows her to be played in solo lanes and even the jungle. Today, we’ll be learning how to master utilizing her kit in this Morgana tips and tricks guide.

The Best Morgana Tips and Tricks Guide

Morgana is a champion that provides a great balance of offense and defense. She’s able to lock down opponents, securing the kill for teammates. On the other hand, she can protect allies with her black shield, making them immune to any crowd control effects that try to catch them out of position. We’ll highlight these strengths throughout this Morgana tips and tricks guide to give beginners a better idea of how to master this champion.

Morgana as a frost witch - Morgana tips and tricks
Are you ready for the best Morgana tips and tricks?

The best way to play Morgana is to learn how to land skill shots and timing each effect properly. Even after learning some of the best Morgana tips and tricks, there is a long way to go to get this champion to work properly. Once you read the contents of this guide, we recommend that you hit the League of Legends Practice Tool and spend a few minutes or hours learning how this champion’s combos work against target dummies.

Don’t Be Afraid to Step Forward

Despite being an enchanter, Morgana is a rare case that thrives when in the middle of battle. Despite her low HP and defensive stats, she has excellent survivability thanks to her Passive and shield. Once she buys a stopwatch or Zhonya’s Hourglass, she becomes an unstoppable force that you’ll almost always see in the middle of a teamfight wreaking havoc on the enemy team. Remember that she is most effective when the enemy team is within a specific proximity.

Morgana healing off the damage she deals - Morgana tips and tricks
Prioritize closing distance!

We’re not telling you to be in the middle of the battle all the time. It’s still good to keep your distance so that you can throw out Qs safely without any repercussions. Walk up to scare off the enemy team and deal poke damage before the teamfight begins but don’t overstep and give your enemy a chance to get a free kill. Use your passive ability wisely to regenerate your HP before stepping up to harass the enemy once again.

The Ultimate Crowd Control Combo

Morgana is a champion with the most powerful crowd-control combo in League of Legends. Her Q – Dark Binding – can root the target for up to 3 seconds. In addition, her ultimate can stun the enemy for up to 2 seconds. In total, you can lock a target down for a total of 5 seconds which is almost certainly enough time in League of Legends to secure a kill on an enemy champion, regardless of whether they’re a tank or not.

Morgana casting a long range Q ability - Morgana tips and tricks
Don’t let them play the game!

The problem with Morgana’s Q + Ultimate combo is that it requires a lot of practice since you need to time the sequence properly. Remember that your main priority is to land Qs to initiate a teamfight from your team. It’ll be good to use software like Skill Shot Dodge to train your ability to land and doge skills shots before you begin using this champion. If you suck at landing skill shots, this champion might not be for you.

Time Your Shield Properly

There are two ways to use your black shield. For aggressive champions that like to go into a fight and engage with the enemy team, a pre-emptive shield is the most efficient way to defend them. For example, having your Zed have a black shield before they go assassinate the enemy AD Carry will give them a higher success rate because the enemy team will have a difficult time locking them down and dealing enough damage to get rid of him right away.

Morgana casting a spell shield on her ally - Morgana tips and tricks
Don’t let them know your next move!

The second way to use the Black Shield is to use it reactively. For champions that don’t like to engage and usually like to keep safe in the back line, it’s better to wait until an enemy engages onto them before giving them the shield. If you use the shield pre-emptively, the enemy will just wait until the shield expires. We mentioned multiple times in this Morgana tips and tricks that you should be able to click on your abilities quickly to maximize this champion’s utility.

Contribute to the Damage Output

Morgana can also be considered an artillery mage. Her damage output is ridiculous that’s why people don’t usually build the standard enchanter route on this champion. Building items like Liandry’s and Zhonya’s is completely normal with this champion because her ability to burn the HP of enemies can provide a lot of value in the teamfight. Make sure to combo the Q ability with the W ability to maximize damage output and harass the enemy off the lane.

Morgana maximizing her damage output - Morgana tips and tricks
Deal damage like a normal mage!

The best way to contribute damage as Morgana is ironically to land Qs. The AP ratio on this ability is insanely high and you can chain the CC on this ability to drop a Tormented Shadow pool underneath the enemy you hit. However, it takes a lot of skill to land your Qs since it’s an extremely slow skillshot to land. You can try to throw out Ws but the damage you deal per mana cost and the fact that it’s extremely easy to run away from is not really worth it.

Create Chaos on the Battlefield

The central idea of all these Morgana tips is that you should be able to use your abilities to create chaos on the battlefield. Forcing the enemies to disperse while in a teamfight or making them dodge your skillshots will increase your team’s chances of coming out on top of the fight. Once you catch an enemy with your Q, make sure that your teammates are ready to jump on that chance to fight.

Morgana chaining multiple enemies at once with her ultimate - Morgana tips and tricks
Force them to disperse!

The best way to create chaos on the battlefield is to use your ultimate ability in the middle of the enemy team. This will force the enemies to run away from you since getting caught is a guaranteed way to die. However, jumping in the middle of a teamfight as an enchanter can be dangerous. Make sure to use the black shield on yourself and have a stopwatch ready to negate a lot of damage.

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