The Best Renekton Tips And Tricks For Beginners

Renekton is known for his aggressive playstyle and thirst for blood. This is a champion made specifically for players who want to fight all the time and secure an advantage in the laning phase by taking early takedowns. Today, we’ll be giving out some Renekton tips and tricks that should offer players some perspective into playing this champion at a higher level by taking full advantage of his abilities as a champion.

The Best Renekton Tips and Tricks

It might not seem like there are going to be a lot of useful Renekton tips out there but this champion is actually more complex than you would think. Renekton has controlled aggression and involves a lot of setting up before he fully commits to a fight. Top level Renekton players always play a calculated game and we’re looking to share the things that they do whenever they play this champion at higher tiers.

Renekton as a space bandit - Renekton tips and tricks
Learn the best Renekton tips and tricks today!

There are many high level Renekton players that stream their games so it’s easy to appreciate the work they do at making this champion feel like its absolutely broken effortlessly. Unfortunately, new players often get discouraged playing this champion because they feel like it’s weak after playing only a few matches, especially if they play against lane counters. We hope that these Renekton tips and tricks will shed some light on how to properly play this champion regardless of the player’s skill level.

Always Build Towards 50 Fury

Fury is the resource that Renekton primarily uses and it is something that the player needs to juggle constantly. Renekton is weakest when he is below 50 Fury and is strongest when he is at 100 Fury. However, Renekton shouldn’t sit at 100 Fury since he is wasting damage potential so the ideal amount of Fury that he can sit it is anywhere between 40 and 90 Fury to maximize his potential to deal huge bursts of damage.

Renekton gaining fury - Renekton tips and tricks
Empower your most important abilities!

Remember that Renekton’s abilities become empowered if he consumes 50 Fury so your goal is to always have that amount available whenever you’re looking to go for an all-out fight. It’s also a good idea to consume your 50 Fury whenever you have it available by using it on a powerful attack to poke some damage. Keep in mind that your Fury is consumed when you use an ability so plan out which ability you want to empower using the fury that you have available.

Stay in the Middle of the Wave

Renekton is a champion that thrives in the middle of the fight. During the laning phase, this champion is extremely dominant because he can threaten to kill the enemy champion simply by standing in the middle of the minion wave and threatening to deal a huge burst of damage whenever available. Use this to secure a position of power over your opponent and make them afraid to walk into the wave without taking a bit of damage from you.

Renekton swinging his blade around him - Renekton tips and tricks
Learn how to win the fight!

The reason you want to stand in the middle of the wave is because of Renekton’s Q Ability – Cull the Meek – which deals damage over an area and heals him for a percentage of damage dealt. This ability is more effective it deals damage to as many enemies as possible, especially champions. When you have 50 Fury, this ability deals even more damage to your enemies which reinforces your ability to secure a position of power in the laning phase.

Perfect Time to Use Your W Ability

Renekton’s W ability – Ruthless Predator – is probably the most important skill in his entire kit. This ability doesn’t only deal a huge chuck of damage to enemies, it also stuns the target for a relevant amount of time. Most of the time, this is the ability that allows him to win fights and eliminate targets that he wants to take down without them having any time to react to the burst of damage that they’re about to receive.

Renekton striking his enemy multiple times - Renekton tips and tricks
Choose the right moment!

The perfect time to use Renekton’s W is whenever he has at least 50 Fury. Practicing trying to land an auto-attack first before immediately using your W to reset your auto-attack timer. Another good application for this ability is against champions that have heavy shields. Since this ability instantly removes any shields on the enemy champion, use this ability before your other skills when the enemy puts up their shields against you.

Slice THEN Dice!

The Slice and Dice abilities are often seen as a gap closing and escape tool that Renekton uses to execute his enemies. While the damage is small on these abilities, they can shred the enemy’s armor and boost his damage significantly on the target. Remember you want to use your Slice to hit an enemy to close the gap then Dice your way into a position that can instantly be followed up by using your entire kit to burst the enemy champion down.

Renekton slicing through an enemy - Renekton tips and tricks
It’s not just a mobility skill!

One of the best Renekton tips that veterans can give you is saving your Dice to create distance between you and the enemy after dealing a huge chunk of damage to the enemy. This is usually reserved if you’re only going for short trades intended to soften up the enemy. Otherwise, you always want to use this ability to lower the enemy’s armor which will boost your overall DPS since the target will be more prone to your attacks.

Don’t Waste Your Ultimate!

Inexperienced Renekton players always make the mistake of using their ultimates early by activating it immediately when a fight breaks out. When this happens, the enemy can simply walk away and wait for the duration of your ultimate to time out before they come challenging you again. It’s also a bad idea to use your ultimate a lot later into the fight because it’ll mean that you’re wasting the offensive bonuses that this ability provides.

Renekton unleashes his true form - Renekton tips and tricks
Don’t waste it!

The best time to use your ultimate is when Renekton falls under 70% HP. Remember to not use your W ability before you use your ultimate (if you pre-planned on using it before the fight) to entrap your enemies into staying for the fight. You can also pre-cast your ultimate if you’re going into a teamfight and you’re about to assassinate the backline since this ability will give him more survivability and attack range to hit the target.

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