The Best Singed Tips & Tricks for Beginners

Singed is a champion with a very unique playstyle that isn’t always effective in the laning phase when following standard laning procedure. As such, players have found ways to play him and secure an advantage that’s unique only to this champion. We’ve compiled some of the best Singed tips that most veteran players have been practicing in their ranked games whenever they play this champion as a serious counter-pick.

Singed Tips & Tricks

Singed likes to avoid conflict early, trying not to draw the enemy’s attention and leaving the lane unattended so that he can do his own things. Many champions can survive brawling in lane but Singed ends up getting bullied unless he’s also facing a passive laner. The real strength of this champion comes in the mid to late game when he finally builds enough mana and ability power items to help him become a relevant threat.

Pick up some of the best Singed tips and tricks from other players!

Veterans have developed a unique way to play this champion that is both effective and annoying but is extremely risky to utilize so it requires proper knowledge to execute. That’s why Singed players need to have various contingencies that allow them to be relevant in the game. Luckily, Singed is a champion that gets strong even if he’s way behind in gold and experience. Here are some Singed tips that will give the player an idea on how to play him.

1. Proxy Farming

One of the most common Singed tips that players should understand when playing this champion is learning how to proxy farm. Basically, proxy farming means that you’re expected to meet the minion wave before it hits crashes and this is often done by meeting the minion wave behind the enemy turret. This is an extremely dangerous tactic that requires knowledge of the enemy champion, jungle pathing, and when to retreat.

Singed as a beekeeper - singed tips
Farm away from the enemy champion

Singed is a champion that will get easily bullied in the laning phase so he’d have an extremely tough time staying in lane. Proxy farming allows him to get all of the minions that he needs without losing that much health that forces him to recall all the time. Whenever you think an enemy is closing in on you when proxy farming, a desperate but effective move is getting executed under the enemy turret so that nobody gets the gold from your death.

2. Baiting Enemies

There is a rule in League of Legends: “Never chase Singed”. This was a meme from long ago because of this champion’s kit, specifically Poison Trail, which damages enemies that soak the gas. Unfortunately for Singed enemies, he was designed to be as obnoxious as possible and with very low defenses, it’s easy to think that he’s an easy kill so most players try to force themselves into chasing him. Use that to your advantage to deal damage.

Singed tips a drink on the beach
Call an ambulance, but not for me!

Whenever Singed is getting chased by the enemy, don’t make it obvious that you’re leading them on. Activate poison trail and try to fling them when they get too close then run towards the opposite direction to make the enemy lose their minds. It affects their mental state during the game and is effective at securing a kill for yourself. Whenever an opponent tries to chase Singed, he has already filled his role.

3. Counter-picked as Singed

An unfortunate reality in League of Legends is that Singed is easily counter-picked. Champions that have really strong kill pressure, mobility, and range all make Singed life during the laning phase a living hell. This is why there’s an alternate strategy for Singed and that is to go for the Predator build. This strategy requires the player to buy Boots of Speed as their starting item and give your allied mid laner support by constantly using Predator to gank them.

Singed as a member of a cyber resistiance - Singed tips
Have a contingency ready at all times.

In this strategy, Singed rarely stays in his lane and will have a huge CS and level deficit but that’s fine because either your mid laner will carry you or you can still be useful while extremely behind. Only go back to lane whenever the minion wave is crashing into the tower to prevent the enemy laner from getting free turret plating. Since all the enemy laner will be doing is CSing for free, he won’t secure that much of an advantage from getting gold that he would otherwise get from farming you.

4. Making Use of Mobility

Singed biggest weapon is his ridiculous mobility. He has the ability to stride from lane to lane and still catch the minion wave on-time after applying pressure or securing a kill in other lanes. Use this mobility to your advantage by either proxy farming, harassing other laners (except the enemy jungler), and making your enemy laner paranoid by constantly having them ping that you’re missing in the lane so that the other lanes are also moving erratically.

Singed as an enhanced human - singed tips
Speed is the key to victory.

Of all the Singed tips and tricks, understanding how to abuse your mobility should be the highest priority. Singed is like a secondary ganker and can really apply annoying pressure in other lanes so make sure to abuse that advantage. Buying a lot of mobility items is recommended but not required, it still depends on whether you want to deal more damage or having a tankier role for the team as a frontliner in different situations.

5. Beginning the Hunt

Once Singed has reached level 8, the hunt officially begins. At this point, Singed will spend the rest of the game farming minions in lanes where there are no enemies or trying to run towards an enemy to try to get a kill from them with an allied champion. Never try to hunt alone unless you’re extremely fed because Singed doesn’t have a lot of survivability to allow him to fight a prolonged battle against a lot of burst champions or brawlers.

Singed concocting a potion - singed tips
Time to farm some kills on the map!

The hunt’s purpose isn’t primarily just to kill but to apply pressure around the map. By forcing off one or two enemies away from their lane, you ensure that you ally has freedom to do what they want or open up the opportunity to secure an objective. Some good Singed tips for players trying to start the hunt is to either have Predator or your Ultimate ability activated so that you can catch enemies surprised so that they’re forced to use summoner spells.

Building For Singed

One of the unique things about playing Singed is that he has a strange build path that places building his Mythic Item at the bottom of his priority list. Instead, he likes to build mana items and those that boost his mobility and survivability first like Rylai’s Crystal Scepter and Fimbulwinter so that he can perform more efficiently in all situations. Mythic items are usually build as a 2nd or 3rd item so that he can gain the mythic passive bonus from these items.

In the early game, you might experience that you’re getting bullied a lot so you might be tempted to build pure defensive items. As long as you purchase a Refillable Potion and have a lot of mobility, you should be fine. Never engage in a fight so it’s always better to run away whenever you have the opportunity to do so. Build ability power items to clear the wave faster, allowing you to stay in the lane for a shorter duration and avoid dangerous situations.

Overview on Playing Singed

If you’re a total beginner, we don’t suggest that you play Singed at all because there are many things that you need to learn in terms of macro before you’re able to utilize him. For players with some experience playing League of Legends that want to play this champion despite not being in the higher ELOs, you can start practicing him because your opponents also have no idea how to take advantage of all your weaknesses.

This champion requires a steep learning curve so it’s recommended that you play normal games. You can’t really train on how to use this champion by playing in the practice tool because you won’t understand many of the Singed tips that we gave you without having real opponents in the game. If you’re scared to use Singed as a solo player, you might as well invite some friends to play a non-serious game for fun.

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