The Best Taric Tips and Tricks For Beginners!

Taric is a very powerful support champion that can unlock an AD Carry’s abilities very well but may be extremely hard to play because of his weakness in the early game. To maximize his strengths and lower the difficulty brought about by his weaknesses, we’ve prepared some of the best Taric tips and tricks that are aimed towards helping beginners get a better idea on how to play this champion at a higher level!

The Best Taric Tips and Tricks

Veteran players have shared some of the best Taric tips and tricks that help beginners master some of the fundamentals of this champion. He’s not hard to play, but a lot of factors in the game can make it difficult for him to move around and reach the point where he’s relevant. Unlike a lot of melee supports, Taric doesn’t have a lot of early game tankiness that gives him more allowance to make aggressive plays onto the enemy bot lane.

Taric wearing an emerald armor - Taric tips and tricks
Ready for some great Taric tips and tricks?

There are a lot of powerful bot lane combos but Taric is a standalone unit that can maximize the overall strength of his team. He’s not a powerful primary engage support and doesn’t exactly offer more useful buffs as most enchanters, but his ability to protect his allies and keep them alive is unrivaled in terms of all the support champions in the game. Let’s take a look at some of the best Taric tips and tricks to prove that.

5. Don’t Get Too Greedy With Your Autos!

If you’ve read Taric’s passive, you’ll notice that he gains bonus damage and attack speed on his next two autos for 5 seconds. This is extremely useful when clearing wards and refunding your skills’ cooldowns when you’re in a winning fight, but this can also put you in a very bad situation if you’re having a bit of tunnel vision in the fight. Like we mentioned before, one of Taric’s weaknesses is not being as tanky as the other melee supports in the game.

Taric's passive ability description - Taric tips and tricks
Just because you’re a support, doesn’t mean it’s okay to die all the time!

Taric plays like a combination of an enchanter and a frontline tank. This means that he is still required to soak some damage as a frontliner, but it’s better if he’s not standing in the middle of the fight by maintaining just a bit of distance so that he doesn’t get dove on while being in range so that he’s able to cast his E ability – Dazzle – to enemies. Your heals and shields are much more valuable than you going to the frontline to reset your cooldowns or deal more damage.

4. Your Skills Don’t Stack!

A unique part of Taric’s kit is that he’s able to share his abilities to an allied champion, allowing him to cast his abilities on both him and his tethered ally. For example, every time Taric uses his Dazzle ability, both him and his chosen ally will cast it towards the target direction he has chosen. This is one of the things that make him such a powerful champion since it basically gives his allies an additional three abilities to their kit.

Taric healing an ally - Taric tips and tricks
That doesn’t double its effects!

A common mistake that beginners make is thinking that Taric’s abilities stack. For example, his Q ability – Starlight’s Touch – heals alls nearby allies affected by the circle. However, if Taric and the ally use this ability while nearby each other or other champions, the healing effect of this ability doesn’t increase. This is important because some players try to walk towards a tethere

d ally just to heal them, which can compromise your position or make you waste your time by taking the time to walk towards them.

3. The Tether Also Has a Shield!

Taric’s W ability – Bastion – is his main ability that attaches a tether to a target ally that allows them to use his abilities whenever he casts them. One thing that players might not notice at first is that this ability actually applies a small shield on the ally in addition to the bonus armor that they gain while they are tethered. This means that you can spam this ability as well to help your allies survive more while in a fight.

Taric shielding an ally - Taric tips and tricks
Maximize those shields!

As bonus Taric tips, veteran players recommend that you always give your tether to the ally in the front line. Having a frontline ally tethered gives them maximum value from your shielding and bonus armor and also allows you to land your Dazzle ability a lot easier because that ally is already in front of the enemy team.

2. Coordinate Your Dazzles!

The most technical part about playing Taric is being able to use his Dazzle ability properly. It’s pretty much a skillshot since it requires you to cast it in a direction with a short delay that the enemy can dodge easily. However, thanks to Taric’s tether ability, he can basically increase his chances of hitting the enemy by having both him and his ally cast Dazzle in a direction towards the enemy to make it more difficult for the enemy to dodge.

Taric dazzling the scuttle crab - Taric tips and tricks
Align those dazzles!

The biggest problem with this is that not all allies can benefit from this ability at all times. For example, a long-range AD Carry that likes to stay in the back line like Caitlyn or Jhin won’t be able to maximize the effect of their Dazzle cast as the aggressor. This is why it’s always your job to make sure that YOUR Dazzle ability is the one to hit the enemy champion and while we’re not telling you to ignore your allies’ charge, it’s a good idea to focus more on yourself rather than them.

1. Get as Many Allies inside Your Ultimate as Possible!

Taric’s ultimate ability is one of the most powerful skills in the game since it’s able to make your entire team invulnerable for 2.5 seconds. During a heated teamfight where all champions are in each other’s face, this ability will ensure that your team comes out on top every time because it buys you a few seconds to deal a ton of damage without worrying about the enemy killing you or your allies.

Taric using ult on four allied dummies - Taric tips and tricks
Everyone gets an invulnerability bonus!

This ability is an area of effect and is affected by the tether, meaning you can share it to your ally to increase the radius of the effect. A good way to use this ability is to put the tether on a backline champion to allow them to make them invincible while you stay in the frontline to share this ability’s effect on all melee champions.

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