The Best Viego Tips and Tricks For Beginners

The Ruined King is one of the most difficult champions to play in League of Legends because playing him means that you need to be at least familiar with every champion in the game. Viego is an aggressive jungler that likes to gank enemies and carry his entire team in the late game by using his unique kit to challenge the entire enemy team. Here are some Viego tips and tricks that’ll give you a better idea on how to play this champion.

The Best Viego Tips and Tricks

Viego is a unique champion who inclusion in the game was largely influenced by the lore of Runeterra. The Ruination storyline is one of the most detailed lore retellings in the game and places Viego at the centerpiece of it all. He is one of the strongest champions ever released and we’ll be talking about how powerful he can be with this Viego tips and tricks guide that’ll give you a better idea on how you can maximize his potential.

Viego gently taking the hand of her queen - Viego tips and tricks
Are you ready for some Viego tips and tricks?

Obviously, we won’t teach you how to utilize every champion in this Viego tips and tricks guide to match his kit since that’ll take too much time to learn. As long as you’re familiar with at least 70% of the entire champion pool, you can use this champion without worrying too much about how to make use of all the abilities properly. There are ways you can bypass the need to use a champion you don’t know how to use.

Possession is the Key Strategy

The unique thing about Viego is that his passive allows him to possess the soul of any enemy champion he takes down. Doing so will allow him to become untargetable and heal himself for a small portion of the target’s health. This is extremely important because it makes it difficult for the enemy team to burst him down if he scores a takedown on an enemy and he can even make use of their non-ultimate abilities immediately.

Viego's passive highlighted - Viego tips and tricks
Possess your foes!

The problem about this is that you need to know how to use a champion’s ability properly. That doesn’t mean you have to memorize every combo in the game. If you don’t know how to use a champion, it’s better to use your ultimate ability (which resets after possessing an enemy champion) to get out of the current soul. It’s better to opt out of the soul immediately than trying to randomly press buttons in hopes that you might accidentally do something amazing.

Auto-attack Weaving

Viego’s auto-attacks are empowered by the passive effect of his Q ability – Blade of the Ruined King. However, what players often don’t read up on is that Viego’s auto-attacks become empowered whenever he lands a damaging ability on an enemy champion. This means that every time he lands an ability, the player should follow up with an auto-attack before trying to use another ability so that you can maximize the empowered auto-attack and increase your overall damage output.

Viego piercing his enemies - Viego tips and tricks
Pierce their defenses.

Auto-attack weaving may seem like a simple and easy concept to learn, but you’ll be surprised that so many players don’t have the discipline to not press every button they have immediately after going into a fight. Remember that you should always try to start the fight with your W ability – Spectral Maw – and then weaving an auto-attack first before pressing your Q. You might laugh at how obvious this sounds but you might be surprised that you have the same habit as well.

You Don’t Have to Full Charge

Viego’s W ability – Spectral Maw – is a great ability that allows him to catch out enemies that are out of position. The longer Viego charges this ability, the longer the stun duration and range will be. However, it isn’t always great to charge up your W ability since enemies will have more time to respond to this ability and you’ll also decrease your overall damage output because you can use the charge time to use other abilities as well.

Viego channeling his spectral maw ability - Viego tips and tricks
It’s not always necessary!

The only time you should fully charge your Spectral Maw is when you’re approaching the enemy from a distance while you’re hidden in the Black Mist. This will increase the chances of this ability landing on an enemy because they won’t know when and where the ability will be coming from. If you’re already in a fight with the enemy, it’s a good idea to quick cast your W for the sole purpose of empowering your next auto-attack.

Maintaining a Threatening Presence

In the stories, the arrival of the black mist is a terrifying omen that can break a person. In League of Legends, Viego’s E – Harrowing Path – can also apply the same effect on enemies because it means that they should get ready for a gank. While inside the black mist, Viego gains bonus movement speed, bonus attack speed, and remains camouflaged until he either declares an attack or fully casts an ability.

Viego travelling through the black mist - Viego tips and tricks
Strike fear through their hearts!

The most basic of Viego tips that we can give is to always fight inside the black mist where you have the absolute advantage over the enemy. That’s why it’s better to increase the scope of the mist by placing it near walls or terrain. It’s also a good idea to simply place the mist near a terrain where an enemy laner can see to scare them off the lane and force them to walk away in fear that you might gank them.

Get on that Reset City!

Viego’s ultimate – Heartbreaker – is the most broken part of his kit (which is how it works with most champions). This ability allows him to leap at a target area, dealing damage to the most damaged champion nearby. Upon executing an enemy champion with this ability, he will immediately possess the soul of the fallen enemy. It’s important to note that Viego is immune and unstoppable while casting this ability.

Viego leaping towards a target area - Viego tips and tricks
Strike them down!

This ability is absolutely insane because it allows him to buffer his abilities and dodge dangerous abilities from the enemy team. Whenever Viego possesses a soul, the cooldown for his ultimate ability will reset and allow him to return to his original form with all of his abilities ready to use again. A good tip is not to wait until an enemy is within execution threshold of your ability and simply use this when you see that an enemy is at least 40% below HP and you have your abilities off cooldown.

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