The Best Way To Introduce People To LoL Without Pushing It

League of Legends is a beloved MOBA game with hundreds of thousands of people joining each day. Many people discover it through a number of ways but those reasons don’t always become clear to players who have already fallen in love with the series. Today, we’ll be talking about the best way to introduce people to LoL without making them feel uncomfortable so that you can invite your friends or loved ones to understand your passion.

Best Ways To Introduce People To LoL

Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to introduce people to LoL without making it too much of a big deal that they just end up weirded out. The most difficult part about this process is making controlling our enthusiasm when talking about the stuff we enjoy, which isn’t really conveyed to our target audience in the way we want to, often creating an opposite effect to the listener rather than convincing them to try it out.

Season 2022 Opening Day Recap
Let’s introduce people to LoL this 2022!

When talking about League of Legends to a non-gamer person, we should expect that the chance of making them try it out or even just understand the reason why we enjoy the game so much is low but not impossible. There are many things to avoid when doing so, but that shouldn’t stop you from getting your message across. Here are some tips and tricks to efficiently introduce the game to other people.

Don’t Use Jargon But Don’t Oversimply

The biggest mistake people do is using League of Legends jargon (words only LoL players understand). Make sure to use relatable words when talking about the game. There are also times when you’ll need to translate the word in a way that it’ll be understandable to non-gamers. It’s really easier to avoid the specifics of the game by talking about general topics that will only take about two to three sentences.

LoL champions representing weird jargon- Introduce People To LoL Guide
Make it easier to understand.

Another mistake is oversimplifying the explanation on how the game is played. When you oversimplify, it doesn’t become interesting and is sometimes insulting to the target audience because you don’t think they’ll get what you mean. There’s a right balance in-between that allows you to pitch the game in a way that doesn’t have to be too complicated but at the same time, make them think that you really want them to try it out.

Start With The Story

A great way to introduce any game to a non-gamer is introducing the plot of the game. Regardless of a person’s gaming experience, they’ll always be intrigues with a good story because it’s human nature to be interested with the tales of great people. League of Legends’ lore is very engaging and has many different themes that you can choose from, depending on how you want the conversation to go. Choose between the different regions and tell the stories from there.

Shen facing off against Zed - Introduce People To LoL Guide
The world of Runeterra is rich with awesome stories.

If you don’t know or understand the Runeterra Universe, you can simply refer them to the Arcane Netflix Series and hope that they get interested about the characters. Once you get them hooked with the story, show them the characters and how they interact in the game. This usually does the trick since people are naturally drawn to a great piece of literature. It’s also good to tell one story at a time rather than trying to explain everything at once.

Introduce Them To The Community

Rather than making them play the game to understand how it will make THEM feel, it’s more advisable to show them the League of Legends community to demonstrate how the game makes other people feel. This is often the most effective way to introduce people to LoL because so many potential players often just feel guilty that they’re playing the game just for the sake of meeting your expectations. By doing this method, you make them feel like you’re giving them a new social circle to join.

Crowd watching the League of Legends World Finals - Introduce People To LoL Guide
Become part of our community!

There are two ways you can introduce them to the community. The first is by bringing them to an Internet Cafe where there are a regular bunch of LoL players or by inviting them when you and you’re friends are going to play but make sure they don’t feel ignored while you play. The second is by making them watch esports matches, giving them a preview of what it’s like for big events and how big the community actually is but this is less effective than the first method.

Let Them Play A Game

This part is pretty tricky. Letting them play a game either means they play alone or you play a game with them. The problem with letting them play a game with you is that they might feel intimidated or guilty since you are more experienced and they feel like they’re only constantly messing up. Sometimes, it’s better to let them play a game without you watching over them so that they’ll feel free from the pressure of someone judging them (even if you’re not).

Casters commentating a game - Introduce People To LoL Guide
Make them experience the game the way they want to!

Of course, sometimes it’s better to play a game with them but reserve this only if they have gaming experience and/or the main purpose of why they want to learn is to get to play with you. To make them feel like you’re enthusiastic about them playing the game, ask for an update once they finish the game and make sure to ask the specifics of their general impression of their first playthrough but NEVER ask them about their performance because you already know the answer to that so there’s no need to make them feel bad.

How To Introduce People to LoL if they haven’t heard of it?

If you plan to introduce people to LoL but they haven’t heard of it before or they have no background in gaming, it’s better to keep your conversation about the topic in small doses. Let them understand it using a few important key pieces of knowledge at a time and they’ll eventually grow curious and be the ones asking the questions.

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