The Best Wukong Tips & Tricks For Beginners

Wukong is one of the most flexible bruisers in League of Legends, specializing in powerful teamfighting tools and great dueling capabilities. This makes him a really strong pick for both the Top Lane and Jungle, giving him the option to scale for the late game or be proactive in the map by ganking lanes often. Let’s take a look at some of the best Wukong tips & tricks that will help beginners get a better idea on how to master this champion.

The Best Wukong Tips and Tricks

Wukong is a pure-blood fighter with a habit of diving staff-first into battle. The Vastayan warrior likes to prove his strength both in the lore and in League of Legends where he will always try to initiate fights whenever he can and inflict damage on the enemy. In this Wukong tips and tricks article, we’ll learn how to master the traditional hit-and-run style that high ELO players use to secure an advantage for this champion as well as learn how to take favorable trades.

Wukong smashing his staff on the ground - Wukong tips and tricks
Ready for some Wukong tips and tricks?

The best Wukong tips and tricks that players will need to know about this champion is that he likes to be the first to strike the enemy and leave before they can retaliate at full force. This champion likes dueling and teamfighting so it’s important to understand when you want to dive into a fight. The most difficult part of playing this champion is learning which fights are winnable and those that you don’t want to take.

Don’t Be Afraid to Initiate a Fight

Wukong is a champion that lives by initiating fights. If you’re the type of player who rarely sees opportunities to fight or are too afraid to be the first to strike the enemy, this champion will definitely not be a pick that you’ll excel at. All of Wukong’s abilities are designed so that he can get into the middle of a fight and survive enough to deal significant damage to the enemy team. In the laning phase, this champion will always try to initiate trades to bully the enemy off the lane.

Wukong's passive ability text - Wukong tips and tricks
He’s built to dive into a fight!

Wukong has many tools to help him pick a fight. His passive allows him to get additional defensive stats the more enemies are nearby, giving him the ability to tank a significant amount of damage despite building bruiser items. Don’t be afraid to dive into a fight if you have the health advantage over your opponent or, in the case of a teamfight, if your teammates are nearby and can follow-up to your play. Make sure to give your teammates a heads-up so that they’ll be prepared.

Learn Auto-Attack Resetting

Auto-attack resetting is an important mechanic that players need to learn not just specifically for Wukong but for a good number of champions in the game as well. The act of auto-attack resetting means that you maximize the number of times you attack per second, bypassing the attack speed value, by immediately casting an attack ability after an auto-attack to force your champion to get another auto-attack in a shorter amount of time.

Wukong smacking a target dummy - Wukong tips and tricks
Learn how to reset your autos!

Wukong’s Q Ability – Crushing Blow – is the perfect tool to enable auto-attack resetting. The sequence goes like this [Auto-attack > Crushing Blow > Auto-attack]. The most important thing to remember is to immediately press your Q after you see Wukong’s character model completing an auto-attack. Since Wukong’s Q ability’s cooldown resets whenever he lands an attack, you’ll be able to maximize your damage output.

Find a Way to Get Behind the Enemy

The greatest strength of Wukong is that he has so many tools to get behind an enemy or the enemy team. Whether it is through flanking or getting there from the front door, Wukong is able to dash through the gates and attack the highest priority target easily and pressure them into running away from a fight. In the laning phase, this is also important as it allows you to secure favorable trades because the enemy won’t have a lot of ways to escape without sacrificing a lot.

Wukong and his clone tag-teaming an enemy - Wukong tips and tricks
Flank them!

The best Wukong tips that players give new players is that you should maximize Wukong’s W and E abilities to close the distance between you and an enemy. The combo usually goes [E ability > Auto-attack > W ability (make sure to get behind the enemy) > auto-attack > Q ability]. In a teamfight, it’s important to always try to target the enemy AD Carry or the hyper carry mid laner. Even if you are not able to assassinate them immediately, you’ll succeed as long as you keep them off your teammates while they fight.

Efficient Trading

Efficient trading is something that you should learn during the laning phase. We already explained a lot of the concepts in our Wukong tips and tricks but if you’re not able to secure a lead in the laning phase, it’ll be hard to be a threat in teamfights later on. Wukong likes to utilize the hit-and-run style. This is done by using both his E and W abilities to deal heavy damage to the enemy champion and using his W ability to disengage when the enemy tries to trade.

Wukong standing in the top lane - Wukong tips and tricks
Secure an early advantage!

The purpose of trading is to force an enemy to recall or hug their turret so that they won’t get an economic advantage. It also sets you up to potentially take a kill later on in the laning phase because the enemy will have a low enough HP threshold that you’ll be able to take them down after one combo. The goal when trading is to make sure that you maximize your damage as quickly as possible and leaving the fight before they can react to your play.

Positioning is Key

Wukong is a menace in teamfights, being able to knock-up multiple members of the enemy team TWICE and disrupting their ability to fight. That means that you want to get yourself into a position where you can hit all the priority targets on the enemy team so that they will be forced to scatter from the fight. However, if you fail to hit any of the priority targets and apply threat, they’ll easily take you down by focusing all their abilities on Wukong to get a free kill.

Wukong hitting three enemies with his ultimate - Wukong tips and tricks
The perfect cyclone!

The general rule is to always try to reach the enemy AD Carry or the hyper-carry mid laner. It’s generally pointless to target the support or the tank champion since they are happy to be taken down in a fight as long as their carries survive. This means using your tools such as your E and W abilities, as well as your Flash summoner spell, to try to get into the back line so that you can use your Ultimate Ability to lock down the entire enemy team.

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