The Best Yuumi Tips & Tricks For Beginners

Yuumi is a champion that is considered one of the most annoying champions in League of Legends. People consider her the easiest champion to play but despite her uncomplicated mechanics, it still requires proper piloting to manage her resources properly. She’s actually relatively difficult to use and people are punished for not taking her seriously. We’ll be talking about that more in this Yuumi tips and tricks guide that we’ve prepared just for you!

The Best Yuumi Tips and Tricks

Yuumi is often considered one of the least skill-based champions in the game since it takes very little effort to succeed with her. Even though she is one of the easiest champions to use in the game, that doesn’t mean you’ll be able to utilize her full potential without understand how to use her entire kit properly. You’d be surprised at the different things we’ll introduce in our Yuumi tips and tricks guide that’ll give you better insight on mastering this champion.

Yuumi as a strict principal on a book - Yuumi tips and tricks
Are you ready for the best Yuumi tips and tricks?

The most complicated thing about Yuumi is managing her resources and playing with your duo by adjusting your playstyle according to their actions. If you play Yuumi, you’re not entitled to micromanage the person you are attached to since they need to be able to play however they want to to maximize their efficiency. Even if your actions are limited, you can still maximize the situation as Yuumi. That’s what we’ll be talking most about in our Yuumi tips and tricks guide.

Don’t Be Overly-Attached!

The most common mistake that players make when they play Yuumi is that they stay attached to their anchor too much that they lose half the potential of their champion. Remember that even though Yuumi gets more bonuses while attached to an anchor, they also have abilities that benefit her when she’s detached. This is especially true during the laning phase when Yuumi isn’t threatened too much by multiple enemies taking her down instantly.

Yuumi not attached to an ally - Yuumi tips and tricks
Get out there and fight!

One reason you want to be detached during the laning phase is because you’ll want to help your ADC manage the wave by dealing damage to it. You also want to block incoming skillshots for your ADC since you can always retreat into an ally when your HP bar is too low. Additionally, when Yuumi lands a basic attack on an enemy champion, she heals for a portion of the damage. This means Yuumi is excellent at applying pressure to the enemy while she’s detached.

Harass the Enemy

Yuumi’s strength during the laning phase is from her extremely powerful tools that she can use to harass the enemies from a safe distance. Her Q ability – Prowling Projectile – is notorious for being one of the most annoying abilities in the game. Make sure to always control it in a way that avoids any route that collides with a minion. You might think that enemies have an easy time dodging this ability but if you time it while they’re about to focus on the minion wave, they’ll have a hard time choosing to dodge.

Yuumi throwing out a magic bullet - Yuumi tips and tricks
Deal some damage!

You also want to use your basic attacks on the enemy. We already mentioned that you should spend some time detached from your partner to unlock the full potential of Yuumi during the laning phase. One of those potentials we are talking about is dealing damage and harassing the enemy so that they can’t freely build up an economy during the laning phase. Yuumi has incredible range so she can harass the enemy safely from a long distance.

Detaching and Attaching Properly

One of the hardest mechanics about Yuumi is using her W ability – You and Me! – properly to protect your allies. Remember that if you take damage while jumping from one teammate to another, the ability is interrupted and is put on cooldown. This means that you’ll be completely useless when this happens on a teamfight so make sure that you are detaching and attaching to an ally properly during crucial fights.

Yuumi's passive ability text - Yuumi tips and tricks
Don’t get caught!

The most important thing to keep in mind is to avoid detaching while your enemy is using an AoE ability. If the pathway from your current ally to your target teammate has any AoE + DoT puddles, this ability will fail. Also remember that your attempt to attach to an ally can be disrupted by explosion effects from enemy abilities. Try to find an opportunity where the enemy has used up most of their AoE abilities before moving towards your target ally.

Protect Your Friends!

Yuumi is an insanely good champion at protecting her allies. The healing and shielding she provides is extremely valuable during teamfights which is why she is one of the most used champions in competitive play. Remember that your E ability – Zoomies – provides a large shield and attack speed to your ally. You always want to apply the shield on cooldown to the ally you are attached to so that they can maximize their survivability and damage.

Yuumi shielding an ally - Yuumi tips and tricks
Your allies need you!

Throughout this Yuumi tips and tricks guide, we talked about her ability to deal a lot of damage during the laning phase. However, her priorities during teamfights change. All of your abilities and resources should be allocated towards helping your teammates win the fight. As much as possible, you want to jump from one ally to the next and giving them shields. You want to stick to your carries so that you can help them when the enemy attempts to assassinate them.

Final Chapter Frenzy

Yuumi’s Final Chapter ability is one of the most powerful ultimate abilities in League of Legends. Aside from the fact that it deals a large chunk of damage to a large area, it also applies a huge slow to all enemies hit. This ability can be used either defensively or offensively. It depends if your team is going for the engage or the enemy team engages on you. Either way, use this ability instantly to force them to move away.

Yuumi throwing out her ultimate ability - Yuumi tips and tricks
Get all of them!

Try to hit as many champions as possible. Remember that this ability is more effective if you are attached to your ally. Another important thing to remember is that this ability heals the ally you are currently attached to, so you can jump to a nearby teammate to heal them while using this ability to make sure that they’ll have the healing to survive.

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