The Best Ziggs Tips & Tricks For Beginners

Ziggs is an explosive pick that puts a heavy emphasis on macro play and heavy burst damage. The smartest Ziggs players are able to put pressure on the map simply by being alive and use that to disrupt the enemy’s positioning and force them to scatter at all times. If you want to master how to play this champion, this Ziggs tips and tricks guide will introduce some advanced strategies that you’ll need to learn as early as possible.

The Best Ziggs Tips and Tricks

Artillery mages are considered one of the hardest classes to play in League of Legends. Aside from the difficulty hitting skillshots, you also have to keep positioning in mind since champions like these are extremely easy to pop once an enemy closes the distance on them. The same is especially true for Ziggs. We’ll be talking about his weaknesses more in our Ziggs tips and tricks guide for beginners.

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Are you ready for the best Ziggs tips and tricks?

Out of all the mages in League of Legends, Ziggs is a champion that requires a lot of practice because of the different applications of his skills and abilities. Unlike most skillshots that shoots out in a linear direction, Ziggs’ abilities take a more fun approach. We’ll discover all the fun ways you can use this champion in our Ziggs tips and tricks guide which will help beginners master the basics of using this character.

Ziggs the Harasser

The best feature of Ziggs is that he’s an artillery mage with a lot of damaging abilities with low cooldowns and decent damage outputs. During the laning phase, the player should always prioritize harassing the enemy laner with your abilities while trying to maintain a good CS. This means trying to throw out your Qs in a direction where you predict the enemy might move towards but can still hit the enemy wave.

However, Ziggs isn’t just reliant on using his abilities to deal damage. His passive enables him to deal bonus magic damage on his basic attacks periodically, making him a pain to lane against. The best Ziggs players can build up a significant advantage during the laning phase because it is impossible to outsustain this champion with all of the damage he deals in the early game. Make sure to harass the enemy as much as possible.

Bouncing Bombs

Ziggs Q ability – Bouncing Bombs – is one of the most fun abilities in the game. It deals a decent amount of damage which scales incredibly into the late game which becomes something that enemies always try to be cautious around since one hit can cost them a fourth of their total HP. Ziggs players need to practice how to use this ability in a way that enemies can’t easily dodge it by understanding the ability’s behavior.

The difficult part about Ziggs’ Q ability – Bouncing Bomb – is that it’s extremely slow and predictable. People who pay close attention to it can easily dodge it as long as they put enough distance between themselves and Ziggs. The key to making sure that your abilities hit is to create enough chaos that it distracts them from trying to actively dodge your Q ability. The best way to do that is to use your abilities in quick succession or make use of your teammates to create chaotic situations.

Zoning Abilities

Ziggs is one of the best zoning mages in League of Legends since he has a lot of high-damage AoE abilities that force enemies to dodge them unless they are willing to take it. For example, Ziggs’ bouncing bombs basically force enemies to move to the side or back away since it will result in a devastating amount of damage that they simply can’t afford to take if they are planning on going for a fight.

The highlight of Ziggs’ zoning abilities are his E ability – Hexplosive Minefield – and ultimate ability – Mega Inferno Bomb – which both force enemies to move away from a large area. While you don’t usually use your ultimate ability to zone enemies away, it’s very useful if you’re trying to take an objective quickly or want to diffuse the tension of a fight about to happen. Always use your E ability defensively by putting it between you and the enemy to prevent them from getting free access to your position.

Displacement & Positioning

Ziggs is a tricky champion to use because he has extremely low mobility but has some escape options that can keep him safe in tricky situations. His W ability – Satchel Charge – has multiple uses with one of them being displacement. Ziggs can either use this to displace enemies closer towards Ziggs or away to keep himself safe. Additionally, it can also be used on Ziggs to propel himself towards an enemy or to a safer position.

When it comes to positioning, Ziggs always wants to maintain a large distance between himself and his enemies. Always maintain a safe position by moving away when the enemy tries to get close. Keep your W ability off cooldown in fights and don’t use it offensively so you have the option to jump away when a threat gets too close. Play the fights by throwing out your Qs and Es as your main source of damage and use your ultimate either to open the fight or to close it out.

Relentless Sieging

Unlike most mages in League of Legends, Ziggs is one of the most powerful split push champions in the game. His W ability – Satchel Charge – executes towers under a certain HP percentage which makes it extremely easy for him to take down objectives. We always highlight his capabilities as an offensive mage in teamfights in our Ziggs tips and tricks guide but due to his global ultimate, he can still contribute to the fight while split pushing.

His passive also enables him to deal a ridiculous amount of damage to structures simply by attacking it. We don’t advise prioritizing split pushing lanes than teamfighting but it’s always a good idea to apply pressure on your enemies’ structures as much as you can to give your teammates more allowance to take other objectives.

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