The Easiest LoL Champions To Use For Beginners

League of Legends is a great game that thousands of new players begin to enjoy on a daily basis. The most difficult part about playing the game is that there are over 150 champions to choose from but not all of those characters are best suited for beginners that are just learning the game. With limited choices being given to players to acquire champions, beginners should learn the easiest LoL champions that they can use so that they can spend their Blue Essence on.

The Easiest LoL Champions For Beginners

Every beginner goes through the grueling task of learning the inner mechanics of League of Legends. Before players can choose which champions they might want to buy, it’s best to learn the Best Beginner Roles in League of Legends first. Once you’ve chosen which role you want to play, you will be able to play the champions in those roles that are easy to use and will give you the best chances of winning any game without having to rely on advanced skills and tactics.

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Learn about the easiest LoL champions in the game!

Depending on the role you want to play, you should have at least 2 champions that you want to master which are fairly easy to use just in case the opponent bans out your first choice. Your beginner account should have the complete package so if you don’t have a lot of champions when you first register, why don’t you try Buying a LoL Smurf Account so that you can use more champions in your games.

Top Lane

The top lane is usually the lane where the tanks and fighters reside. This lane often involves being left alone for the game and doesn’t need a lot of resources to succeed.

1. Sion

Sion is extremely easy to use and doesn’t involve too many complicated mechanics. It’s easy to farm minions and survive in lane even against the most aggressive opponents. He’s excellent in teamfights and has a fairly easy way to engage onto the enemy team. The best part about this champion is his passive ability that let’s him survive for a few seconds so that even if you die in the middle of a teamfight, you can still contribute a lot of damage to the enemy team.

Sion menacingly holding a large axe | Easiest LoL Champions
Sion, the Undead Juggernaut

Sion teaches aspiring top laners when to effectively engage onto the enemy team. Tanking during a fight is relatively easy as you just need to find a way to survive long enough for your team to win the teamfight. He also deals a lot of damage when you learn how to maximize the use of this champion’s abilities. He’s one of the best tanks in the game so you don’t have to worry about dying a lot since he can survive taking a lot of damage.

2. Jax

If you don’t feel like playing passively into the top lane by using tanks, Jax is the easiest LoL champion to use as an aggressive fighter. He has some good survivability in his kit and some basic mechanical abilities that are great for beginners. He is a really strong duelist and can fight without using intricate combos that players without a lot of experience find really hard to execute. This is a top laner that helps players practice basic trading patterns and aggressive playstyles.

Jax holding a lit lamppost | Easiest LoL champions
Jax, the Grandmaster at Arms

Jax can switch between offense and defense. Jumping towards the enemy and attacking them while using your Q to reset your auto-attacks to maximize damage. You can also practice timing your shields and know when to engage onto an enemy when you want to attack. Use this champion when your team has enough tanks to survive a good teamfight.


The Jungle is the most difficult role in League of Legends because of the difficult mechanics like pathing and surviving the camps. The most common mistake that beginners make when jungling is dying to monsters or recalling too often because they’re taken very low. Here are two of the easiest LoL champions that you can use to prevent that from happening.

1. Master Yi

Master Yi is the ultimate jungling champion because he has everything that players will need to successfully clear jungle camps, gank lanes, and survive the pathing. He has self-healing, good wave clear, and strong ganking tools that make him one of the easiest LoL champions to use in general. Because of his design, Master Yi is a popular choice for newbie junglers in every ELO.

Master Yi slashing her katana
Master Yi, the Wuju Bladesman

Master Yi isn’t only a strong jungler, he’s also very strong at fighting against enemies even in situations where he’s outnumbered. Master Yi is very strong in the low ELO but is actually extremely weak when players understand what his weaknesses are. Try this champion out when you’re jungling so that you can at least get the basic grasp of what it feels like to play outside of the standard lane in League of Legends.

2. Warwick

Warwick is an overlooked jungler that is actually really strong in all ELOs but has a very low learning ceiling in terms of how to use him. His abilities are pretty basic and easy to learn. He can easily clear camps and survive because of the huge lifesteal he has from his abilities. The highlight of Warwick’s champion kit is that he has an auto-gank mechanic that tells people when the best time it is to gank a lane especially for those beginners that have very little map awareness.

Warwick equipped with hextech gear
Warwick, the Uncaged Wrath of Zaun

Warwick’s most difficult ability to master is his skill-shot ultimate ability that requires players to aim really well. Aside from that, players can randomly spam all of his other abilities without thinking too much and it’ll most likely end up okay. Beginner’s should choose to play this champion in the jungle more often especially if they’ve mastered using Master Yi as a beginner champion.

Mid Lane

The Mid Lane is basically where the players that like to stand out the most play. Take a look at our Mid Lane Guide to learn more on how to play on this lane. Players usually use mages here because it’s where most Ability Power-based champions thrive the most.

1. Annie

Annie is basically a champion that was created to be the guide book for mid laners. She has a kit that has everything mid laners need to succeed in the game including strong wave clear, stun abilities, poke/harass mechanics, and a great teamfight presence. When it comes to learning League of Legends in general, players should always use Annie in the mid lane to understand everything there is to know about League of Legends.

Annie and Tibbers in a sea of flames
Annie, the Dark Child

Annie’s abilities are a bit complicated but the mid lane was never created for champions with low skill ceilings. At the very least, this champion makes you learn a lot of important mechanics to know about League of Legends. Spamming Annie’s abilities randomly, which is a common mistake that beginner’s make, can actually turn out to be beneficial if you’re playing this champion.

2. Lux

Every player should know how to play Lux. Lux has a pretty easy kit that deals a crap ton of damage to the enemy team but the biggest problem that beginners may face is learning how to hit those abilities. In lower ELOs, it’s less likely that enemies will easily dodge your skill shots so even the players who are unfamiliar with advanced aiming mechanics will have a shot at being relevant in the game despite the situation.

Lux surrounded by a rainbow prism
Lux, the Lady of Luminosity

Lux is a champion that mid laners who like to get a lot of kills can use. It also teaches the beginner mechanics like map awareness since she can shoot out her ultimate ability from a great distance to help deal damage to the enemy team. She can also teamfight from a safe distance if the player has a problem with staying in the middle of the fight just to get assassinated immediately.

Bottom Lane (AD Carry)

The AD Carry is a role that requires extreme patience and mastery over keeping track of the enemy’s movements. Since they are the most important member of the team, players should learn the easiest LoL champion for the job so that they won’t get left out in the late game.

1. Ashe

Ashe is the simplest and easiest LoL champion that beginners can use in the bottom lane. This champion has some pretty good skills that require very little complicated mechanics aside from pressing a few buttons every now and then. One bad habit that most AD Carry players do is that they try to use their skills too often, as an attempt to use them as their primary damage source when ADCs usually deal damage by using their auto-attacks.

Ashe and her frost bow in a frozen tundra
Ashe, the Frost Archer

Ashe solves the bad habit that most ADC beginners tend to make since her abilities promote getting spammed on long cooldowns while making auto-attacks look really strong so that they don’t ignore it. Since Ashe slows down enemies on-attack, it makes it easier for the players to continue chasing them while attacking. Just don’t make the common mistake of using her E ability, Hawkshot, on the enemy champion because it doesn’t deal damage.

2. Senna

Senna isn’t exactly the easiest LoL champion to use but this suggestion is more geared towards beginners who aren’t great at farming minions yet and getting consistent CS. Senna is a champion that can act as a support, which is great for players who are Duo’ing with their veteran friends in the bottom lane. The only think that players need to focus on is trying to get the Souls that drop from minions so that you can be stronger later on in the game.

Senna holding her large gun
Senna, the Redeemed

Using Senna means that you’ll also be learning some important mechanics like helping teammates, hitting skillshots, and a little bit of map awareness because of her ultimate ability. Don’t mind players who try to say that Senna is only meant to be played as a support champion because she can still be played as the primary AD carry which is a legitimate strategy even among professional League of Legends players.


The support role is considered an easy role to play but in reality there are a lot of things that are expected of support players. They often get blamed by their duo partner in the bottom lane which makes it difficult to learn by themselves with people constantly complaining about everything.

1. Yuumi

Yuumi is practically a braindead champion that even a 2-year old child can use. Since she doesn’t need to focus on movement, she will be able to avoid tactics like positioning while she focuses on landing her abilities and watching the map in case something happens. Yuumi has a very basic kit and is an excellent support champion that players who are really not good at the game or are perhaps only being introduced in the game can use to practice some League of Legends.

Yuumi sitting on top a floating book | Easiest LoL Champions
Yuumi, the Magical Cat

The most difficult part about playing Yuumi is learning when to attach and re-attach, other than that, this champion is a piece of cake. The biggest problem that Yuumi players will most likely encounter is trying to cover for the mistakes of the ADC since you have no control over where you’re going. Regardless, at least you won’t get blamed for doing something wrong because you have no control over anything at all. She’s the easiest LoL champion of all the champs on the list.

2. Blitzcrank

The easy-hook, easy-win champion that anyone can use. The main win condition for Blitzcrank is hooking a champion and waiting for your team to kill that enemy. One word of advice when playing Blitzcrank is always aim for a target that you and an ally can easily kill. There will be moments that a hook isn’t exactly a good thing because you might drag an enemy champion that can easily turn the tables against you.

Blitzcrank with a sparking fist reaching out
Blitzcrank, the Great Steam Golem

Blitzcrank has some basic abilities and don’t require too much thinking on how to use it. You just basically press all of your buttons after successfully hooking an enemy champion and hope that your teammates can finish them off. He’s one of the easiest LoL champions to use as a support with his mere presence being a threat to the enemy team.

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