The Easiest Way To Play LoL For Beginners

League of Legends is a really fun game that friends can enjoy during their free time if they’re looking for a fun cooperative activity that’s full of action-packed combat to distract them from work, school, or life in general. However, there’s no doubt that in a large group of friends there are cases where some people only get invited due to peer pressure and have no idea how to really play the game. That’s why we’re introducing the easiest way to play LoL if you’re a beginner that wants to enjoy without getting pressured.

The Easiest Way to Play LoL

Playing LoL to the level of veterans can take quite some time and if you’re the new guy who just started playing a few weeks ago, you might be feeling like you’re not performing up to the expectation of your friends. Even though your friends most likely don’t really care about your performance and simply want to have fun with you, that guilty feeling can really stick and affect your mental if you’re performing badly in a game.

Alternatively, if you’re looking to introduce a new player to LoL, you might want to give them a little help so that they can slowly learn how to play the game and reach a certain level of comfort. Of course, the main purpose of inviting a friend is to show them how fun the game is, but a lot of people don’t like the feeling of being a burden to other people. That’s why you need to introduce the easiest way to play LoL to help them play more comfortably.

1. Play Enchanters Every Game!

Enchanters are by-far the free-est way to get ELO in League of Legends. They have a really low skill floor and takes very little game mechanic to be decent at using these champions. Of course, high-level enchanters are on a different level, but you can basically say the same thing about every other champion class. Since most enchanters are supports, you don’t really have to do much in the laning phase except heal, shield, and assist your allies.

Yuumi as a school principal - The Easiest Way to Play League of Legends
You don’t even have to do anything

It’s extremely hard to be bad at using enchanters in League of Legends. Champions like Sona, Yuumi, and Janna only really require you to aim and spam your abilities properly. Unlike other support champions that need to learn how to engage onto the enemy, roam the map, and use complicated combos, enchanters don’t really have to do much to succeed in the lane. About 90% of the work comes from your bot lane partner, so you don’t have to worry about messing up.

2. No Pressure When Playing Tanks

Tanks are the least stressful role in the game since the only expectation from them is to engage onto the enemy properly. It doesn’t matter how many times you die, as long as you die during a teamfight because that’s what’s expected from tanks anyway. Also, even if you fail in the laning phase, tanks don’t need that much resources to be relevant at what they do, which is to be a beefy character that can soak up damage in the front line.

Malphite as a giant robot - The Easiest Way to Play League of Legends
Rock solid!

The hardest part about playing tanks is knowing when to use your engage ability, because it can place your team in a very dangerous spot if you whiff it. However, when you’re playing with friends, it’s extremely easy to play this role because you just have to wait until your friends start shouting “Go! Go! Go!” before you use your engage ability. Also, tanks don’t struggle too much in the laning phase because they can absorb a lot of damage.

3. Avoid Jungling at All Costs!

Playing Jungle is probably the most stressful way of playing League of Legends. The role includes so many responsibilities that simply can’t be ignored and almost everybody likes to blame junglers for their mistakes during the laning phase. A bad jungler will almost always result in a game loss, so it’s a good idea to stray away from this role if you’re looking for the easiest way to play LoL playing alone or with friends.

Hecarim as a mechanical lancer - The Easiest Way to Play League of Legends
An advanced role to play.

Of course, every League of Legends player should learn how to play every role at a decent level but if you’re simply looking to breeze through League of Legends without any worries, you may want to ask for a role swap when you’re auto-filled in this position. The jungle position will require you to really take the game seriously and we still suggest that you learn how to play it whenever you get the chance.

4. Play with a Duo

Playing with a Duo is the easiest way to play ranked games up to the Gold Division. Having a friend or someone you respect playing with you makes the game a lot easier when you’re in a team full of random people who you’re afraid might start trash talking you. The best way to play Duo is to both take the bot lane roles (ADC and Support), so that you’ll be more coordinated and motivated to play the lane properly.

Playing with a friend - The Easiest Way to Play League of Legends
Don’t do it alone!

It’s not a good idea to “get carried” when playing with a Duo since your ELO might get inflated in contrast to your actual skill level. Your goal shouldn’t be to get a higher rank. Your goal should be to achieve a higher skill level that will allow you to climb up to a higher rank so that the level of satisfaction will feel more authentic. In fact, you’ll be more stressed out if you allow yourself to get carried to a higher rank only to perform really badly game after game because your opponents are simply too good.

5. Become a One-Trick Pony

Becoming a one-trick pony means you’ll play only one type of champion as much as possible in almost all of your games. Many people hate one-tricks that force their champion even in a role that doesn’t fit it, but at the end of the day, most one-tricks have very high winrates because they let their mastery over that one champion carry them to victory since they almost always perform really well in the team.

Shaco as a mad clown - The Easiest Way to Play League of Legends
Master one champion above all!

Being a one-trick is a decision that requires dedication and won’t really be rewarding at first, but you’ll eventually reach a level of mastery that allows for the easiest way to play LoL. Don’t mind the haters and let them watch you succeed. Another good tip to give you the easiest way to play LoL is to use the “/muteall” command. This function cuts down the stress of playing the game by half every time.

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