The League of Legends Fighting Game is Going to Be a Banger!

The League of Legends fighting game is looking like a promising project and people are already busy making sure it’s a topic of conversation in the community. There’s a lot to look forward to when it comes to this project and the entire world has its eyes locked on whether or not they’re able to deliver a game that fans are able to enjoy. Is it going to be an absolute banger or a huge disappointment that people will laugh about on release?

The League of Legends Fighting Game is Coming!

The League of Legends fighting game, also known as Project L, is a trending conversation in the gaming community and that’s because the release date of this game is getting closer. Riot Games is planning on giving the world a sneak peek on the gameplay by showcasing the game in Evo Japan 2024 this April 27th-29th. This will give us a good idea on whether or not it will be a project that we can all enjoy.

Darius' team fighting against Ahri's team - League of Legends Fighting Game
Are you ready for the League of Legends fighting game?

There is no definite release date for Project L but we’re expecting it to come soon. Even though we will see a look at the project at Evo Japan 2024, there is no guarantee that we will be seeing the final product which Riot Games will be content on delivering to the fans. That will depend entirely on the community’s feedback about what they see which will decide whether or not massive changes need to be made for the game’s development.

There are still many questions about the game that can’t be answered right now until Riot Games gives us more details about the game. So far, we’ve only seen the basic gameplay and some previews of champions that will be in the game. However, it’s important to keep in mind that what we have now isn’t even half of what we’ll get once the game is released because they’ll need to add a lot more content to keep fans happy.

Ahri in the Champion select screen - League of Legends Fighting Game
Choose your fighter!

Once the League of Legends fighting game is released, the community’s reaction will be huge regardless of whether the preview will be a success or disaster only because it is developed by Riot Games. There is a loyal core community among League of Legends fans that will enjoy anything that Riot Games releases. That won’t be the case for the long-term since a massive success during the initial release won’t always translate to a loyal playerbase.

What Do We Know About the League of Legends Fighting Game?

We only know a handful of details about the League of Legends fighting game which includes the basic gameplay that we’ll be getting. We know that it will be the traditional style of fighting games that heavily focuses on tag team mechanics. We haven’t seen anything innovative yet from the project and we’re still unsure whether or not Riot Games is planning on adding a unique mechanic that will separate this game from the other fighting games.

We also don’t know what the payment model will be for this game or it’s projected price in case Riot Games decides it will be free-to-play. However, it’s important to keep in mind that Riot Games’ policy is heavily against pay-to-win mechanics which is why they always try to make their games accessible to all players without needing to spend on non-cosmetic items. Hopefully, the same will be applied to this game in the future.

Guide on the basic controls for Project L - League of Legends Fighting Game
Learn more about the game!

In terms of release date, there’s nothing much to go on from Riot Games. We will be getting a quick sneak preview of the gameplay but we’ve already seen some of that from the trailers. We also don’t know the entire champion roster that will be included in the game since that is probably still in the development stage and requires a heavy emphasis on balancing to make sure that everything will be smooth.

What we do know is that Riot Games is working hard on creating a game that the players will love. They won’t release a product that they’re not satisfied with which is why they are a company that is extremely hesitant on giving away release dates for games they are developing unless the game is already ready to go. However, the true judge of this game will be the larger gaming community who are already excited to try it out. The same way they made sure to release great content for League of Legends in 2024.

Is Project L Overhyped?

It is definitely a big topic of conversation with Riot Games loyalists making exaggerated claims about it overtaking its competitors in the fighting game genre. However, a game produced and developed by an AAA company will always have a massive budget to make it a great game. Needless to say, many games developed by AAA companies have fallen flat on their face with most of them not being able to recover from their initial failure.

Ahri and Darius staring it down.
It’s almost here!

As we have already emphasized in this article, it is too early for anyone to have an opinion about the game. There is barely any content revealed that it wouldn’t be correct to say that the game is either good or bad. It’s good to keep in mind that Project L doesn’t even have an official name yet. Project L isn’t its official name. The same way VALORANT was called Project A and the League of Legends MMO is called Project T.

The Future of the League of Legends Fighting Game

The world will have its eyes locked on Riot Games’ every move about the game. Since the League of Legends MMO has lost a lot of interest due to a lot of events that happened during its development, the larger gaming community is shifting its focus on the fighting game instead. They want to know if Riot Games can release another success like VALORANT or create another game like Legends of Runeterra that will quickly be forgotten.

Ekko smacking Darius with his weapon - League of Legends Fighting Game
Is it gonna get a beatdown?

The future of the game is unclear but with so much hype surrounding it, we are absolutely sure that there will only be two results: become the next big game title or become the next big flop that the community will be laughing about for months. There is a lot of pressure for Riot Games to release a good game and we hope that it will be a banger.

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