LPL 2021 Update: The Powerhouse Region

The LPL 2021 Spring has just concluded with Royal Never Give Up coming out on top after an impressive regular season and the Spring Season Trophy to bring home. Despite Damwon Kia undoubtedly being the best team in the world right now, there’s no question that the LPL continues to be the strongest region with almost half of the teams in the region being fierce competitors in contrast to the other regions that only have 1-3 competitive teams with the rest being participatory fillers.

LPL 2021 Spring Champions Royal Never Give Up
The LPL 2021 Spring Champs!

Is LPL 2021 The Strongest Region?

The LPL is undoubtedly the strongest region because of the level of competition in the region compared to the rest of the world. LPL’s Top 6 teams seem to have a very small skill gap and are capable of beating one or the other. The Top 7-10 are also fierce competitors that would surely be able to take 1st place in regions like the LCS or PCS. Having a strong competition pool helps develop the region as a whole because teams will always have the need to improve by learning from their opponents strategies until they create one that works against any team.

FPX vs RNG Highlights Game 4 LPL Spring Finals 2021 FunPlus Phoenix vs Royal Never Give Up by Onivia
FPX vs RNG Game 4 LPL 2021 Spring Finals

The LCK may have the strongest team in Damwon Kia but the difference between them and the second seed (Gen.G) is astronomical. Gen.G is a good team that’s for sure but they are only probably as good as an LEC 4th seed, which makes people ask the question on what’s going on in that region. The LEC is probably the 2nd best region with MAD Lions, Rogue, and G2 Esports being great teams that have equal chances. The PCS and LCS also have really good 1st and 2nd seeds but the rest are playing on a whole different world (in a bad way).

RNG’s Not-So-Surprising Victory

Despite being the 1st Seed of the LPL’s regular season, RNG quickly fell off being the favorites to win the playoffs. Who could blame the fans for choosing FPX when they initially beat RNG 3-0 in the 4th Round of the playoffs. FunPlus Phoenix had 5 World Champions in their roster so everyone was quick to jump on the train when they saw the team’s games against both RNG and EDG. The one thing that fans didn’t take into account was the fact that RNG actually 2-0 against FPX in the regular season.

Sjokz giving Xiaohu a medal for winning MSI 2018
Victory to the old guards

Royal Never Give Up was apparently the underdogs in the finals. So, when FunPlus Phoenix took the first game, everybody thought that the series was over and that FunPlus Phoenix simply couldn’t be stopped. Fortunately for RNG, LWX underperformed during the finals with Ming, Xiaohu, and GALA stepping up against their lane opponents. FunPlus Phoenix may be the tempo kings with a really high peak, but RNG are consistent and manage to pull through when it matters.

RNG’s Chances at MSI 2021

After securing themselves as the LPL 2021 Spring Champions, RNG makes it to the Mid-Season Invitationals for the 3rd time. Ming and Xiaohu will be attempting to reclaim the trophy as the remaining members of the 2018 Roster that won. This version of RNG is fresh, with both the playstyles and players being completely different from how they were even just 2 years ago. They have a more independent style since the team doesn’t need to play around a superstar AD Carry anymore.

Xiaohu saying that RNG is back on top
The world shall know RNG

We placed RNG at 2nd place in our MSI 2021 Power Rankings because of how dominant and consistent Damwon Kia continues to be throughout Spring 2021. However, we don’t believe that RNG doesn’t have a chance. In fact, among all of the teams participating at MSI, RNG has the best chance to beat Damwon Kia as long as Cryin doesn’t get too overwhelmed by the power of the Mid-Jungle duo in Showmaker and Canyon. The bottom lane and top lane needs to show up if they want a chance to take home the trophy.

FunPlus Phoenix Return to Summer

Assuming that FunPlus Phoenix doesn’t change its roster for the LPL 2021 Summer season, fans will be looking at another strong run from the team. Since FPX managed to place 2nd in Spring, they have a great chance at winning the 2nd seed at Worlds or compete in the Regional Finals if they fail to win the playoffs. However, FPX fans don’t want that. The real goal is to reclaim the throne as the LPL 2021 Summer Champions to bring glory to a once great organization.

FunPlus Phoenix hugging each other after winning Worlds
Can they bounce back?

FunPlus Phoenix is really strong but they lack prioritization on a specific lane. Both Doinb and Nuguri often secure leads on their own so it leaves Tian with a facilitative role. The bottom lane doesn’t seem to be the strongest lane for FPX which is why Tian prefers to roam around the top side of the map or stealing the enemy’s jungle camps instead. FPX need to find a way so that the bottom lane doesn’t become their biggest weakness coming into spring.

The Other LPL 2021 Competitors

JD Gaming, TOP Esports, Edward Gaming, and Suning are looking really sharp. Aside from JD Gaming, these teams seem to still be adjusting to their new rosters and are looking to improve at every game they play. For a region that has 17 teams in the League, they manage to sharpen their gameplay by clashing against the best of the best, facing off against different playstyles. LPL 2021 Summer is looking hot already with these teams looking towards the future.

LPL likes to add newly promoted players into their main rosters, and most of the time those players grow from the experience. This is something that the other regions should be doing instead of scouting for talent in other regions or trying to make do with veterans who are already way past their prime. As the LPL continues to develop new faces, it will only become stronger and establish itself as the primary region. For now, we can only watch them achieve this dream slowly.

Can RNG beat Damwon Kia?

Royal Never Give Up has the highest chances of going toe-to-toe against Damwon Kia. As long as the team doesn’t crumble under the pressure of playing on the international stage, they have a legitimate shot of toppling down the LCK representatives at MSI 2021.

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