The LPL Spring 2022 Playoffs Postponed Due to Surge in Covid-19

The LPL recently announced that their playoffs will be postponed until further notice due to the surge of Covid-19 in the country. As the region finalized the top 4 teams who will compete in the semifinals, concluding the first three rounds of the LPL Spring 2022 Playoffs. Unfortunately, the LPL will hold their playoffs at a later date when the situation in the country has settled down and it’s safe for both the players and audience to play on stage once more.

The LPL Spring 2022 Playoffs Summary

Six teams in the LPL fought in the playoffs to secure the last two spots of the LPL Spring 2022 Playoffs semifinals, where they are awaited by Victory5 and Royal Never Give Up, who have both secured their Round 4 byes by placing in the top 2 of the regular season. Ultimately, Top Esports and JD Gaming were the teams that managed to defeat all the others and get a chance to win in the double elimination rounds.

The LPL Spring 2022 Playoffs postponed!

LNG, Weibo Gaming, and EDward Gaming, who were two of the favorites in the region, didn’t make it into the double elimination rounds after failing to beat the other teams. Despite having a powerful roster revamp, the two teams who represented the LPL at Worlds in the past two years failed to get a chance to represent the region at the Mid-Season Invitational. As the suspense builds up, what are the chances these four teams take it all when faced against each other based on their performance in the regular season?

The Top 4 Teams of the LPL

Many of you are probably itching to watch the LPL crown it’s newest champion, but the region won’t be playing any time soon. However, we can use this time to discuss how the LPL Spring 2022 Playoffs might go depending on their performance and record so far. While the regular season results might not fully determine how a team will do in the playoffs, we can still make some assumptions based on the team’s overall record.

1. Victory5

Victory5 stand at the top of the LPL with it’s newly formed roster, which is a huge improvement compared to last season where they placed dead last with a record of 0-16. The team’s star players include names like Rookie and Karsa, but it’s the bot lane where V5 have found much success. The new tandem of ppgod and Photic have surprisingly worked out really well and have dominated every other bot laner in the region.

IG Rookie raising his fist, fighting sign - LPL Spring 2022 Playoffs
Rookie is ready to fight!

Rookie is still the mechanical keypoint at which the team finds themselves relying on when the going gets tough. He manages to play clutch when the team needs him to be which is a huge factor in the team’s success. Karsa’s experience and leadership managed to glue the team together to become a well-oiled machine despite all these players not having any experience playing together whatsoever.

2. Royal Never Give Up

Royal Never Give Up retains its spot as one of the most consistent teams in the LPL as they place second with a semi-revamped roster. After spending a year at the top lane, Xiaohu returns to the mid lane replacing Cryin. Meanwhile, Worlds 2020 semifinalist – Bin – leaves Suning Gaming to join the team as their top laner. With this roster, the team has managed to retain its strong-side top lane playstyle with a more reliable mid laner in the midst.

RNG Ming doing a peace sign - LPL Spring 2022 Playoffs
RNG is looking to defend their title!

The team sticks to its playstyle and manages to execute it perfectly every time. There are only a handful of teams that are able to play towards the top lane with as much success as RNG and none of them have managed to make it into the semifinals. This may be one of the reasons why this team might be making a comeback to the Mid-Season Invitations for a chance to defend their title and be the first team to win it thrice.

3. TOP Esports

TOP Esports is another top contender and tied at 11-5 alongside JD Gaming, Weibo Gaming, and LNG. They are a pretty strong all-rounder team that pretty much relies on the power of their individual talents rather than having their own identity and playstyle. However, Knight is the man that really carries the team through the depths and manages to save them when the other laners don’t perform up to par in the games.

TOP Knight staring into the distance - LPL Spring 2022 Playoffs
Knight carrying it to the international scene!

While the team had some struggles in the regular season, they managed to find a working formula when they introduced a new top laner in Wayward. He is pretty much an unstable factor in TOP Esports star player formula, but he is definitely better at his job as compared to Zoom, who hasn’t shown impressive results. Whether or not TOP Esports reclaims the LPL title or not depends on how good Knight will play in the next few series.

4. JD Gaming

JD Gaming was pretty much a surprise. While they have already proved themselves as LPL champions and have been consistent in the past few splits, no one really expected them to push further, especially when Zoom and Lvmao left the team. However, the team’s new bot lane seemed to have proven everybody wrong and gave them what they needed to compete at the highest level once again.

JDG Kanavi looking disappointed after the match - LPL Spring 2022 Playoffs
Don’t count JDG out just yet!

The team barely beat Weibo Gaming to secure their spot in the LPL Spring 2022 Playoffs Top 4, but they managed to do so and convinced everybody that they’re still in it to compete. JD Gaming and TOP Esports are looking to make it a rematch of the LPL 2020 season where these two teams were the giants of the region. JDG shouldn’t be underestimated since they have every chance to make it to the top as well.

When Will the LPL Playoffs Resume?

The LPL Spring 2022 Playoffs will hopefully resume on April 12th, with the first match between Victory5 and TOP Esports kicking things off. However, there’s always a chance that the schedule will be postponed further depending on the situation in the country. They could also move it to an online setting.

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