The Most Useless Champion Ability in League of Legends

League of Legends has over 160 champions already and that means there are a lot of abilities that poor casters have to memorize to make games interesting. Every ability in the game gives a champion their identity but it’s only natural for some abilities to end up being poorly designed. Let’s take a look at the most useless champion ability in League of Legends that players won’t even remember because they’re so forgettable.

The Most Useless Champion Ability

There are a lot of powerful abilities in League of Legends but there are only a handful of abilities that can be considered useless. Since most abilities in the game have some degree of usefulness, the skills on this list won’t completely be useless. This is especially true since Riot Games makes an effort to rework champions with bad kits. It won’t be easy to find the most useless champion ability in the game.

Let’s take a look at some champion abilities that barely work properly or are only used for the sake of activating a more powerful ability. There are different kinds of abilities and just because they don’t deal damage, they’ll be considered the most useless champion ability in League of Legends. Instead, let’s look for abilities that have no identity whatsoever and can be replaced by anything else and still be useful.

5. Ivern’s W – Brushmaker

Ivern received a massive buff recently but his extremely powerful kit forced Riot Games to nerf him to the ground once again. Unfortunately, Brushmaker has once again become a frontrunner in the search for the most useless champion ability in League of Legends. Even though the prospect of giving bonus magic damage on-hit and a place to hide for champions sounds pretty useful, the value it gives is simply too negligible to even matter.

Ivern making a brush patch - Most useless champion ability
A brush? Really?

Creating a brush in the middle of nowhere can certainly prove to be an advantage but it can also turn out to be an annoying ability that your allies will tell you to stop using in fights. Since brushes don’t add stealth while attacking, the enemies can still hit your allies and stay within vision. On the other hand, the enemy can use the brush you created to search for an opportunity to push forward and retain a safe space to avoid auto-attacks and targeted abilities.

4. Blitzcrank’s W – Overdrive

Blitzcrank’s Overdrive is probably the most notorious among all League of Legends abilities as being such a horribly designed skill. Out of all the movement skill abilities in the game, this is the only one that also applies a slow to the user. There’s absolutely no reason for the slow to exist, especially in an era of League of Legends where there are so many champions with multiple dash or blink effects that close the distance easily between two characters.

Blitzcrank going into overdrive - Most useless champion ability
He slows himself?

Since the ability is mostly used to close the distance between you and the enemy, the slow usually applies when you’re trying to move back or continue the pursuit. In either case, it’s no debate that intentionally being slowed isn’t a good ability to have. Luckily for Blitzcrank, he has a lot of useful abilities so the fact that he intentionally applies a slow on himself is partially redeemed. If you think this is the most useless champion ability in the game, get ready for the next ones.

3. Fiddlesticks W – Bountiful Harvest

Bountiful Harvest is an ability that is extremely powerful… if the enemy stands still and lets you do what you want. Unfortunately, Fiddlesticks’s W ability is only really good if he or his team manages to layer CC abilities to lock down the enemy. Other than that, it’s mostly used for clearing jungle camps. The worst part about this ability is that the range is extremely short even if you can target multiple enemies at the same time.

Fiddlesticks absorbing life essence - Most useless champion ability
Stop moving around!

Did we mention that this ability also gets canceled if you move or get CC’ed? Most channeling abilities are usually extremely powerful since other mages don’t have a lot of survivability. Fiddlesticks is given an option to heal himself but it doesn’t really work if the enemy simply walks away. It’s such a bad ability that players who play this outside of the jungle won’t even bother even getting 1 point to upgrade this ability.

2. Shaco’s E – Two-Shiv Poison

For a damaging ability, this is probably one of the worst ones out there. This is only really useful if the enemy is below 30% and that’s not a good look to have if you’re an assassin. This ability only really shines if Shaco tries to go full AP but that’s a build that’s reserved for those who are just out to have fun. Otherwise, this ability is extremely useless in most cases and doesn’t really provide any damage.

Shaco throwing a poisoned dagger - Most useless champion ability
Is that all that does?

It also has a passive ability where the enemy gets slowed and poisoned whenever Shaco attacks them. However, the values of those effects aren’t really noticeable when playing this champion. An assassin having a damaging spell that barely does any damage in most cases is a pretty hilarious thought. Even though Shaco is still mostly annoying despite the uselessness of this skill, it still doesn’t redeem the existence of this ability.

1. Cassiopeia’s Passive – Serpentine Grace

Cassiopeia‘s passive ability shouldn’t exist. There is no point to its existence. Even though it saves Cassiopeia a bunch of gold in the long run and actually makes her have the highest movement speed in the game at Level 18, the majority of the game is spent with the player extremely frustrated about the fact that she’s extremely slow since she can’t purchase early boots to make her impactful around the map in the early game.

Cassiopeia slithering to the mid lane - Most useless champion ability
Really Riot?

As a mid laner, mobility and roaming are central parts of their identity. The fact that Cassiopeia can’t even outspeed her opponents in the mid lane is a huge blow to her entire kit. This ability doesn’t even make sense in terms of design. They should have added something ore useful to boost her capabilities in battle instead of literally crippling her during the early stages of the game.

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