The Pros & Cons of Buying LoL Smurf Accounts Online

There has been a lot of interest in buying LoL smurf accounts online lately and those who haven’t tried it are hesitant to buy these kinds products online. However, the biggest issue that people who want smurf accounts have is that they are not sure if spending money on an account from a 3rd party is the right choice. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of buying smurf accounts online to give people an easier time making a decision.

The Pros & Cons of Buying LoL Smurf Accounts

Buying League of Legends smurf accounts should be done with careful consideration. Like with every type of product, each consumer has their own needs that sellers can provide. A lot of websites don’t cater to specific needs which can be problematic to the buyer since they’ll feel unsatisfied with the product being delivered. If you’re the type of consumer that has no experience with buying smurf accounts, it’s a good idea to learn everything about purchasing these kinds of products.

LolFinity is one of the leading sites that provides high-quality smurf accounts for all types of buyers. That’s why it’s important to share this kind of information with our dear buyers to give them more confidence in choosing the products for them. Whether it’s about buying LoL smurf accounts or VALORANT accounts, there’s always something that the consumers want to know about when it comes to the account they’ll be using for a long time.

The Pros

Let’s start with the pros of buying LoL smurf accounts online on legitimate websites like LolFinity. Creating a secondary account may seem like a way more efficient method but you’d be surprised at the significant difference between buying and leveling your own smurf account.

1. Skipping the Leveling Process!

The main appeal of buying LoL smurf accounts from legitimate websites like LolFinity is that you skip the tedious process of leveling your own account to Level 30, which is the worst part about creating a new smurf account. Leveling your own smurf account to Level 30 will require you to spend play 150+ games which is roughly about 62 hours of gameplay. The worst part about that is that you have to play unenjoyable games with AI bots or opponents/teammates that are learning how to play the game.

A fresh Level 30 account - Tips to Buying LoL Smurf Accounts
Don’t waste your time leveling an account!

Legitimate online smurf merchants should guarantee that all of their accounts are at least Level 30. They should also guarantee that the leveling process was completed organically. Leveling accounts inorganically can cause the purchased account to get banned in the future. In addition, the online smurf merchant should also have a refund or replacement policy regarding the product to ensure that you never get scammed.

2. Play in Any Region You Want

Instead of purchasing a region transfer in the Riot Games store, you always want to have an account in another region instead. Major smurf merchant websites give their customers multiple options when choosing an account to buy. One of these options includes the region of the account you want to buy. A great online store will have options for all Riot Games regions and even accounts sold for the official League of Legends PBE.

List of perks when buying LoL Smurf accounts
Choose where you want to play!

The problem with transferring your primary account using the official region transfer product is that it is ridiculously expensive. Also, many people often regret transferring their accounts to another region. Keep in mind, transferring to a new region resets your original Ranked Standing so you’ll have to re-climb if you don’t return to your original region within TWO weeks and the same also applies to the region you recently transferred to.

3. Champions and Resources Available!

Another tedious part about leveling up a new account is that you have to farm tons of Blue Essence to purchase champions in the shop. With over 160 characters in the current League of Legends roster, it’ll take a ridiculous amount of time to get even half the champions you want. Luckily, major smurf merchants like LolFinity have various bundles that will give buyers the option to choose how much Blue Essence and champions are included in the account.

List of available champions in the account - Tips to Buying LoL Smurf Accounts
No need to farm for champions!

It might look like accounts with more Blue Essence and Champions are unnecessary, especially since they are more expensive. However, it’s still a good deal to get significantly more champions for a few extra dollars than spending a couple of hours of your life just to buy a single champion in the shop. Remember that you need to see if the website you’re buying from has multiple options to choose from to make sure that they take their business seriously.

The Cons

There are also cons to buying LoL smurf accounts online, especially if you’re not familiar with the market. If you want a more legitimate experience and avoid the cons we’ll list below, it’s a good idea to stick with trusted websites like LolFinity that only uses safe payment options and have the backing of an active community that vouches for the legitimacy of the products.

1. Running the Risk of Scams

Buying ANYTHING online runs the risk of being scammed. There is a chance that you’ll enter sensitive information such as your credit card details to a suspicious website. Make sure that you are entering your payment details on trusted payment options such as Stripe, PayOp, Paypal, or the bank you are using. Crypto is also a good way to pay for products online since it allows you to keep your anonymity.

Twitch drowning in gold coins - Tips to Buying LoL Smurf Accounts
Keep your sensitive details secured!

The best way to make sure that you are not being scammed is to go for major websites. People often try to find “cheaper alternatives” but end up suffering because of it since they don’t only lose money but also get their credit card information stolen. Another way to get scammed is by receiving defective products so make sure that the products you are buying have refund or replacement policies.

2. Bot Farmers

Bot farmers are the bane of the smurf account community. There are many websites that simply purchase from Chinese bot farmers and resell them to the players for a low price. However, this runs the risk of your account being banned because it conflicts with Riot Games’ terms of service.

Gragas dressed as a farmer - Tips to Buying LoL Smurf Accounts
High-risk of bans

Websites like LolFinity have dedicated staff that levels up accounts organically. This means that the chance of an account getting banned is near zero. As a consumer, you never want to rank up an account that eventually ends up getting banned.

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