Top 10 Best ADC Players in LoL History

The bottom lane is the lane where most of the action takes place as teams tend to prioritize skirmishing here to pick up two kills and get their own ADC player ahead. Since marksman champions tend to have less flashy abilities compared to other champion roles, an ADC player has to be more creative on how they play in order to create the perfect opportunity to make plays of their own. Let’s explore some of the best ADC players in the world that have made a name for themselves playing this role.

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The Best ADC Players in LoL History

ADC’s were one of the few exciting roles to play but the role kept getting screwed over with unideal patches. During the Marksman Update of 8.11, almost all of the marksmen died and the bottom lane was filled with mages and fighters. A lot of gimmicky champion duos in the bottom lane were favored over having traditional marksmen in the starting line up. These players rose above what made the lane difficult to play and made their name showing the people why they were the gods of the bottom lane.

10. Zven

Zven was one of Europe’s best ADC players rivaling the King of Europe himself. During his time on G2, he dominated much of the scene and won 3 domestic titles with the team. He may not be the most accomplished on the international stage but for a long-time he was considered as a player that was considered the best ADC in Europe, a title that no one other than Rekkles has ever gained. He was a well-known player alongside his bot lane duo – Mithy.

Zven wearing his old G2 Jersey
The European Challenger
  • Region: LEC, LCS
  • Years Active: 2013-Present
  • Teams Associated: G2 Esports, SK Gaming
  • Career Peak: 2017
  • Biggest Achievement: EU LCS Champion

Zven was later scouted and invited to play for North America. While the first two years he spent in this region were way below anyone’s expectations, he managed to redeem himself once he joined Cloud9. Zven’s peak was considered to be during 2017 but a lot of players still believe that he hasn’t reached the peak of his career yet and might reach a stage higher than groups. Whether he’ll redeem his former glory or not is up to how he will perform with his new roster.

9. Doublelift

Doublelift is one of North America’s best players and is considered the best ADC player in the region. Doublelift is always made fun of for consistently failing to make it out of the Group Stage every single time he manages to attend. However, those very same individuals should also consider the fact that he has managed to win the 8 LCS titles and attended Worlds 6 years in a row. Despite joining different teams, he remained a consistently good player throughout all of them

Doublelift flexing his muscles
NA’s Number 1 Marksman
  • Region: LCS
  • Years Active: 2011-2020
  • Teams Associated: TSM, Team Liquid
  • Career Peak: 2016
  • Biggest Achievement: MSI 2019 Finalist

The King of Trashtalk has always been a hustler so much so that he often found himself burnt out from playing the game. Doublelift has recently announced his retirement so we won’t know if he will ever be able to finish his goal of making it out of the Group Stage. He will forever be one of LCS’ HoF players and will have his spot as one of the Best ADC players on this list for a long time coming.

8. Deft

Deft was a big name in the LPL during the era of the invincible EDG era in 2015. He was so dominant during this time that he was consistently having a good performance against RNG’s Uzi. He was a Korean superstar and one of the many LCK players that moved to the LPL during the Great Korean Exodus. LPL is known to be the region where great bot laners are developed and so during his time in this region it became clear that he up’ed a level during his time with EDG.

Deft raising both of his hands
Korean Marksman, Chinese Champion
  • Region: LCK, LPL
  • Years Active: 2013-Present
  • Teams Associated: Edward Gaming, Samsung Blue
  • Career Peak: 2015
  • Biggest Achievement: MSI 2015 Champion

This player has always been in the conversation when it comes to players that will most likely succeed at worlds simply because he’s an excellent team player and has a good sense for the bottom lane. His career flunked a little bit after his return to the LCK when the region assembled KT Rolster superteam but his performance remained dominant. He managed to consistently make it to the Worlds Stage and for the simple reason that he can carry.

7. Imp

Imp is probably a name not many people know about because of how long ago his achievements were. This man’s League of Legends at Worlds 2014 was beyond what any player could have hoped to achieve at his peak. Imp remained relevant until 2015 during his time with LGD, which was a team that had a lot of expectations placed upon them during that time. Unfortunately, he has never found any international success beyond his championship victory in 2014 with Samsung White.

Imp staring at the screen
The best ADC player in Korea
  • Region: LCK, LPL
  • Years Active: 2012-2019
  • Teams Associated: Samsung White, LGD
  • Career Peak: 2014
  • Biggest Achievement: Worlds 2014 Champion

Imp is considered as one of the best ADC players to go down in Korean League of Legends and there are only a few of them that have the honor of having this title. The LCK has the most number of World Championships and with players like Imp providing a key role in the team’s success, it’s no wonder why the region has become legendary. Imp announced his retirement in 2019 after spending 10 months with JD Gaming.

6. Jackeylove

Jackeylove is one of the more contemporary figures of Chinese ADCs. The LPL has been making big moves to ensure that he’ll be the next face of the region and for good reason. China has been one of the biggest hotpots for talented AD Carries in the world, so much so that even Rekkles mentioned that he would want to retire as an LPL player towards the end of his career. Jackeylove has proven himself to be an aggressive player that doesn’t fear the thrill of the moment.

Jackeylove sitting down with his team
The man to take up the mantle
  • Region: LPL
  • Years Active: 2016-2020
  • Teams Associated: Invictus Gaming, TOP Esports
  • Career Peak: 2018
  • Biggest Achievement: Worlds 2018 Champion

One of the most overused phrases in the LPL is “Jackeylove was too overextended” and for good reason. He is a young player that sees a play and doesn’t hesitate to take it even if the rest of the team doesn’t follow up. For most viewers, this might seem reckless and overeager but these moments can prove to be crucial for both sides. This playstyle is only unacceptable because he doesn’t have duo that’s capable of following up with his think. For now, he has a long way to go before he can climb up the Top 5.

5. PraY

PraY’s Ashe Arrow. Need I say more? The legendary AD Carry for the ROX Tigers (formerly, KOO Tigers) has won the LCK on three different teams – NaJin Black Sword, ROX Tigers, and Longzhu Gaming. He’s also the 2nd player that got 2000 kills in the region after Faker. He’s played for the region for the longest time and has one of the most decorated careers in the history of the league. Like a lot of his predecessors, his only failure is not winning Worlds before his retirement.

Longzhu Gaming's PraY laughing and smiling
Crownless but victorious
  • Region: LCK
  • Years Active: 2012-2019
  • Teams Associated: ROX Tigers, Longzhu Gaming
  • Career Peak: 2015
  • Biggest Achievement: Worlds 2015 Finalist

This player’s career has been nothing but incredible. He was able to fully utilize the skills of marksmen to their truest potential using pure talent alongside his longstanding duo partner – GorillA. His achievements as a player are even recognized in other regions which earned him monikers such as “King of Twitch” or “Prayven”. He has also been chosen several times to represent Korea in international tournaments. He deserves to be at the Top 5 list of the best ADC players in the world.

4. Rekkles

Rekkles is a man who’s widely considered as the best ADC player in the West and The King of Europe. The man has been on a mission to prove himself as not only the greatest AD Carry in the west but in the entire world. Everyone thought that Worlds 2018 would be the year that dream would finally come true but a 0-3 loss to Invictus Gaming and Jackeylove has broken that dream. He has been playing for a long time but it seems he’s far from retiring any time soon.

FNC Rekkles Putting Down his Headgear
The King of Europe
  • Region: LEC
  • Years Active: 2012-Present
  • Teams Associated: Fnatic, G2 Esports
  • Career Peak: 2015
  • Biggest Achievement: Worlds 2018 Finalist

Everybody thought that Rekkles would stay in Fnatic forever but his thirst for victory has pushed him to make a career defining decision. The man moved to G2 Esports, arguably the best team Europe has ever produced, in order to search for new opportunities to help him win the world championships. Now that G2 Esports is looking like a proper superteam, the chances of Europe securing the World Championship Trophy isn’t such a slim chance anymore.

3. Ruler

Ruler was and still is was one of the best ADC players in the world. The man won Worlds 2017 while playing for Samsung Galaxy and received the award of Most Valuable Player. He also represented Korea in the 2018 Asian Games as the team’s AD Carry. In today’s time, he’s still remains as a consistent ADC and managed to carry his team to the world stage multiple times. During Worlds 2020, he played a portion of the tournament with an ear infection that would hinder his hearing but managed to put on a stellar performance and get out of groups.

Gen.G Ruler alongside CoreJJ
The Developing Champion
  • Region: LCK
  • Years Active: 2016-Present
  • Teams Associated: Samsung Galaxy
  • Career Peak: 2017
  • Biggest Achievement: Worlds 2017 Champion

Ruler has a relatively young career and has only been playing professionally since 2016. While he already won a World Championship in his 2nd year, he still has a lot more time before he decides to stop playing the game completely. A lot more can happen during this time and he hasn’t shown any decline in his performance. Ruler might just pull out a second title win within the time he has left and it won’t be surprising to see him do so.

2. Bang

Bang is a two-time World Champion and is one of only four people who have successfully defended his title in the World Stage. He was part of the SKT dynasty that shook the very foundation of esports to its very core and stood as one of the teammates that supported Faker in his rise to stardom. As for Korean superstars ADC players, Bang definitely stands on top in terms of achievements. However, there is much room for debate on who the most skillful ADC Korea has ever produced.

Bang looking at the screen intensely
2-Time World Champion
  • Region: LCK
  • Years Active: 2012-Present
  • Teams Associated: SK Telecom T1
  • Career Peak: 2016
  • Biggest Achievement: Worlds 2016 Champion, Worlds 2017 Champion, MSI 2016 Champion

There’s nothing much to say about Bang’s career except it’s extremely exceptional and worth the mention. He might even deserve the Top Spot if not for the man they call the King. A lot of people say that the only reason Bang managed to perform the way he did was because of Faker, Bengi, and MaRin who paved the way for him to succeed in his lane. Regardless on what the haters may say, League of Legends is a team game and every victory will always be the result of team effort.

1. Uzi

The man they call King, formerly the Crownless King. He is the one person that many people consider to be Faker’s true rival and has always faced against him in tournaments. Uzi has the mechanics of a man whose hands have been blessed by god, a feat that’s more emphasized since he plays as an ADC instead of Mid. Uzi makes any champion look like they’re made to outplay. An entire team has been built just to boost this man’s potential but in the end, his health betrayed him before he could prove himself to the world.

Uzi holding his trophy in disbelief | The best ADC player to ever live
The Greatest ADC of All-Time
  • Region: LPL
  • Years Active: 2012-2020
  • Teams Associated: Royal Never Give Up
  • Career Peak: 2018
  • Biggest Achievement: MSI 2018 Champion, Worlds 2013-2014 Finalist, Asian Games 2018 Champion, Back-to-back 1v1 Allstars Champion

Uzi may have a less impressive set of trophies when you compare him to a player like Bang but his skills are far beyond what any League of Legends players can hope to achieve in their lifetime. This man stood against the Worlds best time and again so much so that their story is one that is hard to forget. Uzi deserves to be called the best ADC player in the League of Legends history and the world will never forget why.

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