Top 10 Best Support Players in LoL Esports History

Support is often the most overshadowed role in League of Legends. Imagine playing this role in the professional scene when the other 4 roles can easily outshine you since they’ll be gaining all of the kills and do the flashy moves during the matches. However, there are some individuals in the league that are appreciated because of their obvious contribution to the team. Here are the top 10 best support players in League of Legends esports that will surely impress you too.

The 10 Best Support Players

Support players are the least likely to be noticed during the most exciting parts of the game such as teamfights or the laning phase. While it’s true that some support players’ gameplay are extremely dull, there are some mechanically gifted support players that just blow the game out of proportion because of their inhuman reactions. Some of the best support players are known for their huge contribution to their teams and will always have a spot at the top names on this list.

Best Of Mata - The Legendary Support | League Of Legends
The Top 10 Best Support Players of All-Time

We’ve collected some of the names that are known throughout all of the major and minor regions, ranking them according to their skills and relevance to their team. Like all the other rankings we’ve made, we’ll rank them according to their peak performance and also the duration of their relevance to the league. Do you have some players that popped into your mind? Here are our Top 10 Best Support Players in League of Legends esports history.

10. Ignar

Ignar is a member of the legendary Misfits Gaming roster that almost beat SK Telecom T1 at Worlds 2017. He is known for being a mechanically gifted sentinel and enchanter player that prioritizes at keeping his allies alive during important fights and giving them leverage to carry the game. While he hasn’t really won anything to boost his standing more in this list, the mere fact that he was a key player during their Bo5 against the Korean powerhouse proves that he deserves this spot.

Ignar wearing a misfits uniform
The Patient Follower
  • Current Team: Evil Geniuses
  • Home Region: Europe
  • Nationality: Korean
  • Career Peak: 2017
  • Highest Achievement: Worlds 2017 Quarterfinalist

Ignar became one of the hottest supports after that year and was eventually recruited back home to play with bbq Olivers. Unfortunately, the success went downhill from there and he reached difficulties in the next few splits. It was only when he started playing again in Europe where he would once again regain his status as one of the best support players in the region. He continues to be one of the most dominant support players in the world until today.

9. Swordart

Speaking of legendary rosters, no one will be able to forget the 2015 Flash Wolves that took down KOO Tigers 2-0 during the group stage and were set to make a huge upset in the tournament. Unfortunately, the team was terribly inconsistent with their worst performances showing more often than their best. Swordart provided an identity and stability to the young team and led the team for many years to come as the most experienced active support player on this list.

Swordart back in his LMS Flashwolves uniform | Best Support Players of All-Time
The Old Mentor
  • Current Team: Team SoloMid
  • Home Region: Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan
  • Nationality: Taiwan
  • Career Peak: 2015
  • Highest Achievement: Worlds 2020 Finalist

Swordart would continue making appearances in the World stage years after Worlds 2015 but it was only when he made the switch to the LPL that he finally reached the main stage once again. On Suning Gaming, Swordart would prove that his experience as a support and mentor to a rising start ADC helped the team become one of the most dominant teams in the world. Despite playing for so long, he continues to be one of the most notable names in LoL Esports.

8. Mikyx

Mikyx is one of the most consistent supports in the LEC. His arrival to the region rocked the very foundations of the bottom lane which made him one of the most sought after supports in the league which caused him to quickly rise through the ranks until he joined the G2 Esports superteam in 2018. This man was so good that Perkz only decided to make his controversial swap to the bottom lane if G2 Esports agreed to take in Mikyx as his bottom lane duo as part of the deal.

G2 Mikyx standing up | Best Support Players of All-Time
The Flexible Right-hand
  • Current Team: G2 Esports
  • Home Region: Europe
  • Nationality: Slovenia
  • Career Peak: 2019
  • Highest Achievement: MSI 2019 Champion, Worlds 2019 Finalist

Mikyx proved to be a support that elevated the abilities of his ADC, even adapting to a strange bottom lane meta where his duo partner would play fighters and mages in the bottom lane. He would further prove to be an asset to the team by winning both MSI and helping the team reach the Worlds 2019 Finals where they would eventually fall to FunPlus Phoenix. Even today, Mikyx is still considered one of the best support players to have ever touched the game in European history.

7. GorillA

GorillA is another one that isn’t exactly a world champion but is definitely a world-class player that proves he’s one of the best support players in LoL history. He is 1/2 of arguably the best bot lane duo to have ever graced the game with his mechanical skills. This player is executes the lane masterfully while keeping up with one of the most dominant AD Carry players in the world during his time. Together, they seemed like an unstoppable force but were only thwarted by another powerhouse bot lane.

Gorilla smiling at the press | Best Support Players of All-Time
The Reliable Partner
  • Current Team: N/A
  • Home Region: Korea
  • Nationality: Korea
  • Career Peak: 2016
  • Highest Achievement: Worlds 2016 Semifinalist, Worlds 2017 Quarterfinalist

Unfortunately, GorillA has already retired from professional play but his legacy will continue to this day. Even though he didn’t achieve as much after breaking away from his bottom lane duo partner, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t belong in the top 10. Although, it should open up the debate on the importance of the bottom lane synergy in contrast to natural lane talent that other supports in this list have. He continues to share his experience on the rift as an analyst for the LCK.

6. Madlife

Madlife was known as god by a lot of Korean fans because of his omniscient playstyle that showcased his massive brain power. Despite not winning any international titles, he’s still considered as the most influential support players of all time where he basically invented the Thresh Hook Prediction that we all enjoy until today. He was the original king of supports and the only real thing stopping him from taking the top spot is a Worlds or MSI trophy to show his greatness.

Madlife in his Golden Coin United uniform | Best Support Players of All-Time
The God of Prediction
  • Current Team: N/A
  • Home Region: Korea
  • Nationality: Korea
  • Career Peak: 2012
  • Highest Achievement: Worlds Season 2 Finalist

Madlife has had a pretty short career with the remaining years of his career spent teams whose relevance were declining in the league. New players may not know who this man was but we’re confident that he was the very first player to have legitimately started a cult based of how good he was at playing support. Maybe some clips and highlights from early League of Legends tournaments will give justice to the legacy that this man has built for himself.

5. CoreJJ

CoreJJ is the first World Champion on this list and is man that has impacted the League of Legends scene in two separate regions. While CoreJJ was playing with arguably the best AD Carry in 2017, CoreJJ definitely held his own image to the point where he caught the eye of fans everywhere. The great thing about CoreJJ is that he spent almost an entire year playing in the LCS before joining Samsung Galaxy and still managed to become relevant despite the significantly lower quality of competition.

CoreJJ holding his hair up
The Sentinel of East and West
  • Current Team: Team Liquid
  • Home Region: Korea
  • Nationality: Korea
  • Career Peak: 2017
  • Highest Achievement: Worlds 2017 Champion

This man has competed in the Finals on an international tournament in two different teams – Samsung Galaxy and Team Liquid. CoreJJ even managed to defeat Invictus Gaming, the defending World Champions, while playing in an NA team. He continues to mentor new AD Carries to become better versions of themselves so that they’ll develop into better players even outside his influence. He still makes the same flashy plays as he once made when he was playing in Korea.

4. Meiko

Our first entry from the LPL is one of the two legendary supports in the region. Meiko has played with multiple generations of bottom laners with EDward Gaming and achieved success with all of them throughout his career in the bottom lane. When we talk about support players that are not defined by their bottom lane partner, Meiko is definitely in the conversation as his pure talent, experience, and decision-making skills make him the perfect partner to play with.

EDG Meiko looking a bit disappointed | Best Support Players of All-Time
The Man Behind the Greats
  • Current Team: EDward Gaming
  • Home Region: China
  • Nationality: China
  • Career Peak: 2015
  • Highest Achievement: MSI 2015 Champion

Meiko has played with both Korean and Chinese bottom laners which means he has overcome the language barrier which is important in a bottom lane duo. He continues to be relevant in the current LPL meta and is still the number 1 rival for the best support in the region. Despite EDG undergoing so many huge roster changes and rebuilding processes, he remained loyal to the organization and is the only remaining member of the 2015 roster that’s still active.

3. Wolf

Wolf is probably the most decorated support player on this list with 2 World Championships and 2 MSI Trophies under his belt. He has definitely contributed to the success of the team but begs the question of how much he truly impacted the games of SK Telecom T1 during those wins. Players like MaRin, Faker, and Bengi were definitely key players in the lineup with Bang being one of the most consistent AD Carries during the SKT domination era.

SKT Wolf giving a thumbs-up
The Decorated Champion
  • Current Team: N/A
  • Home Region: Korea
  • Nationality: Korea
  • Career Peak: 2015
  • Highest Achievement: World 2015 & 2016 Champion, MSI 2016 & 2017 Champion

Even if we’re pretty skeptical of the relevance of Wolf outside of SKT, he still deserves some respect to his name because a bad support player would bring down even the strongest teams. There’s no doubt that Wolf is the man that most support players want to become and the fact that he’s a back-to-back World Champion and MSI champion proves that he’s one of the best support players to have ever touched the game.

2. Ming

Ming makes 2nd place in our Top 10 Best Support players list not only because he currently holds the title of The Best Support Player in the World but also because he has shown a higher-level of relevance in the team. A lot of people think that Uzi mainly carried the bot lane but in truth, he hand-trained Ming so that he can catch up to his mechanics and aggressive style. Despite being paired with the Greatest ADC Player of All-Time, Ming still managed to show he’s a key member of the team.

RNG Ming smiling at his computer | Best Support Players of All-Time
The King’s Custodian
  • Current Team: Royal Never Give Up
  • Home Region: China
  • Nationality: China
  • Career Peak: 2018
  • Highest Achievement: MSI 2018 and 2021 Champion

A lot of esports fans don’t know that Uzi almost never played regular season games so it was up to the rest of the team to carry the burden until playoffs where he would return. No matter which AD Carry would be assigned to stand in for Uzi, Ming managed to bring the best out of them in-game. He the ultimate roam support that is almost always at the right place and is an excellent engage support. He has held the title of best support for 3 years since their win in 2018.

1. Mata

Mata is called The Mastermind since he practically controlled everything that happened around the map. Players would also call him The Buddha as comparison to Madlife in terms of mastery over the champion. Like Ming, Mata also competed with Uzi but managed to show that he’s a player that has a name and mechanics of his own that complimented even the greatest AD Carry in the world.

SKT Mata at a tournament | Best Support Players of All-Time
The Playmaking Mastermind
  • Current Team: N/A
  • Home Region: Korea
  • Nationality: Korea
  • Career Peak: 2014
  • Highest Achievement: Worlds 2014 Champion

He isn’t as decorated as some of the support players on this list but he managed to remain relevant holding the title of the best playmaking support in the world for over 4 years. He is a man that’s definitely worthy of being called The Best Support Player of All-Time. It looks like it will continue being this way until Ming or some other active support on this list prove otherwise.

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