The Top 10 Most Annoying Champions to Play Against in LoL

League of Legends literally has over a hundred champions that players can choose from to play in a game. With so many champions in the game, it’s pretty difficult to keep them unique in a way that gives them their own identity. However, there are some champions that have built a reputation of being the most annoying champions in the game due to frustrating mechanics that exist simply to mess with the opponent and throw them off their game.

Top 10 Most Annoying Champions in LoL

There are some champions in League of Legends that 90% of the playerbase will be okay if Riot Games decided to remove them from the game. These are champions that make the opponents’ (and sometimes allies’) lives a lot more difficult than they should. We call these the most annoying champions to have ever exist not only because they were designed to make life harder but the players who pilot these characters feed off the frustrations of the enemy player.


When choosing the 10 most annoying champions in League of Legends, it’s hard to be objective when all you can feel when they pop into your brain is anger and frustration. This is why we’ll base it purely on how angry the name makes us feel just by mentioning them. Recalling past experiences and how they really mess up your day whenever someone else plays them on the enemy team. Here is our list of 10 most annoying champions in League of Legends.

10. Bard

Bard is one of those champions that’s annoying to play against and play WITH. Bard has a passive ability that requires him to walk around the map to collect stacks which means he’ll be constantly leaving his ADC behind. If you’re a bot laner, you probably know the stress of playing 1v2 for half the duration of the laning phase. As an enemy, Bard is a pain in the butt because of how many escape tools he has and the amount of sustain that he provides in lane.

Bard dressed as a nature spirit | Most Annoying Champions in LoL
Gotta get ’em Meeps

The most annoying part about playing with or against Bard is his ultimate – Tempered Fate – which allows him to place units and structures into stasis for a short duration. This cancels a lot of playmaking and just kinda ruins the momentum in the heat of battle. If you’re an ally, there’s also the chance of your allied Bard messing you up if they use their ultimate on you or your opponent in a really horrible way that just helps the enemy player instead of dooming them.

9. Shen

Shen is definitely one of the most annoying champions to play against especially in solo queue. His entire kit is about denying the opponent and for a champion that doesn’t have any dedicated damaging ability, he sure does hit like a truck. Like many of the people on this list, the main thing that makes Shen so annoying to play against is his ultimate ability which allows him to teleport beside an allied champion at any time whenever a fight breaks out.

Shen performing surgery
You never have the upper hand

The enemy might think that they’re winning the trade until the champion they’re attacking suddenly gains a shield. At that point, the enemy has no choice but to retreat unless they are confident about fight a 1v2 situation where Shen’s taunt and shields are waiting for them. The only saving grace is that Shen players also feel annoyed with their teammates when they don’t play aggressively once Shen targets them for their ult and ends up with him awkwardly standing in the back line.

8. Heimerdinger

Heimerdinger is an absolute pain to play against no matter where you are in the lane. This champion was probably designed to screw with the enemy since he’s practically untouchable in the laning phase. You’re constantly getting aggrod by Heimer’s turrets whenever you try to walk in range. When you’re laning against Heimerdinger, you have no choice but to hit his turrets only to wait for him to put them back up after a few seconds when in the lane.

Heimerdinger explodes a bomb on himself | Most Annoying Champions in LoL
The Ungankable Scientist

The worst part about fighting against Heimerdinger is that you might as well forget about trying to solo kill him when you’re an immobile melee champion. He’ll just stand in the middle of his turrets and bait anyone into thinking he’s a squishy little brainy yordle. Once you make the mistake of diving him in the middle, you almost get instantly popped by all of his abilities and get barraged by 3 turrets at a time while he just stands there making fun of your poor life decisions.

7. Blitzcrank

There’s nothing worse than playing against hook champions in the bottom lane. When it comes to champions that have the most annoying hooks, there’s nobody that really makes your blood boil than Blitzcrank. The machine simply dashes at you and throws out a 0 skill level hook that, for some reason, lands every time. The Blitzcrank Q has such a ridiculous range that if you get hooked, you’re already probably screwed since nobody can come help you in time.

Blitzcrank wearing an obviously fake disguise
Hooks for days

The worst part is that Blitzcrank’s hook is most tolerable during the laning phase. It’s during the mid to late game when one or two picks can decide the fate of the game when Blitzcrank really becomes a menace. Randomly getting hooked means instant death when he’s surrounded by 2 or more of his allies. Your team is constantly trying to get behind each other to the point that even the tank is probably standing really far away in fear of getting hooked by Blitzcrank.

6. Illaoi

Every top laner knows the pain of facing off against Illaoi in lane. Tentacle momma has one of the most annoying skills where you get beat up by stuff in the surroundings even though you’re not really doing anything. The worst part is when Illaoi manages to grab your spirit and then suddenly you’re getting damaged from far away. If she manages to break your spirit (in-game or out of game) you’ll start getting slapped by the tentacles surrounding you.

Illaoi infused with the essence of the universe
Watch out of those tentacles!

Illaoi is one of those champions that really likes the action. Trying to group up against Illaoi is a really bad idea since she’s one of the very few champions that can actually 1v5 the game when her ultimate is active. The best thing you can do while her ultimate is up is probably watch one of your allies get killed before you re-engage and hope that you can deal enough damage to burst her down. Otherwise, it’s best you play a ranged champion against her so that you’ll stand a chance.

5. Zoe

The champion that everybody hates to see – Zoe. She’s one of the latest champions on the roster but one that nobody appreciated when she was released. Her whole entire kit was probably something that some sadistic Riot Games developer though of to torture League of Legends players. To this day, she remains to be one of the most annoying champions in the mid lane with so many players wanting to ban her just for the sake of not dealing with it.

Trickster skin Zoe dashing | Most Annoying Champions in LoL
Watch out for the Sleep Trouble Bubble!

The entirety of her ability kit is as annoying as the champion design itself. The sleep from long-range can really mess you up and set you up for a really good engage. The Paddle Star ability combined with her ultimate does a ton of damage which will probably take 40-60% of your health in one go. The most annoying part is her ability to take summoner spells and item abilities which can really turn the fight around in her favor if she gets the right one.

4. Shaco

The Clown Prince of Crime takes the number 4 spot of our most annoying champions in League of Legends. Shaco is the master of deception and baiting the opponent into doing things that they aren’t supposed to. Leading even the smartest players into a trap is the greatest achievement for an intelligent Shaco player and the frustrations of the person that got baited. Everything you do is thrown back at you and you just feel so bad after getting killed by this champ.

Shaco dressed as the Mad Hatter
The Clown of Horrors

Shaco uses traps, invisibility, and clones as the core of his kit which are the most annoying skills to deal with in the game. The worst part is getting assassinated by a Shaco player when you’re alone in the lane just for a stupid clown to suddenly show up from stealth. Something that adds to the frustration that you feel is when your allies kills the clone even though it’s pretty obvious that the real was is running away which causes you to get feared or even killed.

3. Singed

There is a saying in League of Legends which says “never chase Singed”. Aside from his annoying laugh, Singed is a champion that plays in a non-standard fashion. Something that’s most common in Singed players is the act of proxy farming which can be devastating if you don’t deal significant burst damage to minions because it might cause you to take a lot of damage. He might seem like he’s leading you to kill him but that’s just something he wants you to think.

Singed hanging out on the beach | Most Annoying Champions in LoL
Never chase a Singed

Trying to engage on a Singed without burst damage is like trying to run into a cactus. He probably wants you to go near enough so that he can fling you and make you think that you have the upper hand while the poison trail does its job. Players that make the mistake of trying to chase Singed will learn a quick lesson in DoT poison damage as they patiently wait for you to be low enough for them to turn the fight around in their favor during a fight.

2. Yasuo

When it comes to the most annoying champions in the game, no list will ever not include Yasuo in the top 3 spot. This champions, and its players, are one of the most annoying things to deal with in League of Legends. Having a Yasuo on your team will instantly break your heart because you know that you won’t be enjoying the game as they slowly go 0/10/0 in the lane. The worst part is that they flash the Level 7 mastery on everything that they think is an “outplay”.

Yasuo dressed as an 8-bit video game boss
Ready for some Yasuo action?

Playing against Yasuo in the lane can also be pretty annoying because of his mobility and sustained poke damage. Getting hit by Q pokes and tornadoes can really chip you down while they just zoom around the battlefield with their E ability. Even though they’re not winning in the lane, they simply spam their Mastery 7 flair like there’s no tomorrow just to drain your willingness to play this game and throw it into the gutter so that you’ll want to uninstall this game later.

1. Teemo

There’s no surprise that the devil himself takes the top spot of our most annoying champions list. This champion was never designed to be competitive but his skills make for something that makes the player lose anyway. It is said that every time you play against Teemo in League of Legends, you lose 1 year of total lifespan from the stress that you feel while playing the game. Whether it’s in the laning phase or the later stages of the game, it’s no fun playing against this champion.

Teemo laying out a ton of mushrooms | | Most Annoying Champions in LoL
The Devil Himself Appears

Teemo’s abilities are really annoying. Whether it’s just poking you down with a poisoned dart or spreading disease-filled mushrooms all over the map, the damage he deals is so ridiculous that it’s impossible to play the game without buying 100 Control Wards in your inventory in addition to the sweeping lens just so that you can walk around safely. Stepping on a mushroom later on in the game as a marksman or mage will cause you to instantly recall back to base.

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