Top 10 Most Fun LoL Champs You Can Try Out

Playing the right champion doesn’t necessarily mean the champ that gives you the most wins. League of Legends still remains to be a game and games are meant to be enjoyed. The best way to enjoy this game is to find some fun LoL champs that you can have a blast playing without forcing some weird builds that just annoy the hell out of your teammates or aren’t relevant enough that you’ll almost always end up being smashed in lane. There are over a hundred uniquely designed champs in the game but these 10 have the most entertaining gameplay.

Pink Ward "The SHACO God" Montage - League of Legends

Most Fun LoL Champs To Play

League of Legends champions each has their own identity. All champions are designed with competitiveness and functionality in mind but some have been designed in a way that’s really enjoyable for players. If your goal is simply to have fun, you can go to unranked and play any champion you want to use but if you want a fun LoL champ that you can use even in ranked, take a look at this list. Here are some of the champions that will bring you a sense of enjoyment playing the game.

1. Ivern

Ivern isn’t called the Friend of the Forest for nothing. This champion has one of the funniest champion designs in League of Legends which make him look a bit silly but is actually a really strong champion in any situation. Ivern has recently found prominence as a top-tier Top Lane champion which defeats the purpose of his entire champion design but is working nonetheless. Because Ivern has a very flexible kit, he can be played in any lane and still be able to hold his own.

Ivern trapping a Runeterran poacher
Grandfather Green

Playing Ivern as a jungler is probably the highlight of why he’s considered as a fun LoL champ. The unique jungle path combined with his passive ability makes jungling a lot more interesting and removes any negative thoughts you have about playing the Jungle role. He’s light and fun and has a fun skill kit that will make you and your team laugh out loud in away that still allows your team to win games. The downside of Ivern is that you have to learn an entirely new Jungle path for this champ.

2. Lee Sin

Just watching Lee Sin players fill the viewers with a lot of joy. The champion has one of the flashiest kits and requires a lot of practice and familiarization to make the combos work. There’s a lot of ways you can play Lee Sin and even world-class pros have developed unique builds and strategies to help their team win. Players who like to press a lot of buttons and have a lot of freedom on how to play a champion, Lee Sin should definitely on the top of their list.

Ominous Lee Sin surrounded by dark aura
Sight isn’t necessary for having fun

Lee Sin has a really high learning curve and may take some time before you reach an acceptable level of play. The best thing about playing Lee Sin is that he’s relevant in any situation or meta because of his utility as a champion. This means that even if you take a few months to master this champion, you can continue using him no matter how many patch changes come your way… but you’ll probably be tired of playing him by that time.

3. Singed

The ultimate bait champion that you can use to play some League of Legends tag with players who are unfamiliar with the number one rule when playing against Singed – “Never chase Singed”. This champion popularized some unorthodox League of Legends tactics like Proxy Farming. The best part about playing tanks is that they don’t mind that they die as long as they deliver kills to feed the right teammates (Not to say that it’s okay to start feeding the enemy laner).

Singed dressed up as a bee keeper leaving behind a trail of bees
“Never chase Singed”

Singed is easy to learn and easy to use. Whether you want to play him using standard tactics or advanced ones, it’s up to you. The most important tactic to learn as a Singed player, however, is to master the art of baiting an opponent into chasing you. You might have to splurge on some trigger-worthy emotes to tilt the opponent hard enough that the entire enemy team tries to catch you while you leave a trail of poison that just kills them in their own blind rage.

4. Teemo

Playing Teemo is like making a deal with the devil himself. If you are willing to accept the fact that every single League of Legends player in the entire world will hate you, Teemo is definitely one of the most fun LoL champions to play. Teemo exists to make the enemy team go into a rage. Putting down mushrooms in the most unexpected areas, camping common routes while invisible, or harassing immobile top lane champs are some examples of how you can make the enemy’s life a living hell.

Teemo dressed up as a bee
The demon of League of Legends

Teemo isn’t the most competitive champion in the game but he does his job really well. Playing Teemo can be a mentally taxing to you as well especially if the opponent is very familiar with how to counter this champion – buying a crap ton of pink wards and sweeping lens. Teemo is cute but don’t let his looks fool ya cuz he’s out for blood. Players should try him out even once so that they’ll understand where all the hate is coming from.

5. Jhin

Jhin is widely considered as the best-designed champion in the game and for good reason. His kit as a marksman is perfectly balanced and he has everything that a champion from his role should have but not in a gamebreaking way. As a marksman, he is definitely one of the more enjoyable champs to play because you aren’t forced to simply point and click auto-attack 90% of the time since his kit requires him to use his skills in the most calculated ways.

Jhin wearing a dark cosmic skin

The thing that makes Jhin of the most fun LoL champs is the fact that he makes you think. Positioning, attack timings, and skill placements are all important factors to playing this champion. You can’t blindly attack and expect that everything will go your way. Jhin is one of the more serious champions on this list and doesn’t have any silly mechanic to him but for some reason it’s just really enjoyable to play him. Try playing him on your next game and you’ll see exactly what we mean.

6. Kled

Kled is a crazy champ with one of the craziest concepts in the game. This champion is a popular pick in the Top and Mid lane. He’s a juggernaut with one of the highest sustains in the game. Beware, this champ isn’t for player with a weak heart and lack of confidence and taking huge risks. Kled charges forward and dashes and flashes inside the battle, attacking everyone fearlessly… at least, until Skaarl runs away and leaves Kled by himself.

Kled and Skaarl wearing medieval armor | Most fun LoL champs

Kled is extremely fun especially if you have a coordinated team. His ultimate allows him to charge into battle from halfway through the map and take his entire team with him. Fighting with Kled is a heart-attack everytime as you need to keep collecting courage to summon Kled back before you die in your fragile Kled form. Players that like a little thrill in their gameplay will consider this one of the most fun LoL champs that they’ve ever played.

7. Bard

Bard is a support champion that makes AD Carries stressed, and by that, we mean the AD carries on Bard’s side of the team. This champion is one of the more roam-heavy support champions because of his need to collect chimes around the map. Like the other champions, his kit is what makes him an extremely fun LoL champ to play. Catching out enemies using your Cosmic Binding or denying Rift Heral charges using Tempered Fate are some examples on how you can enjoy this champ.

Bard dressed up as a bard
Need more of dem meeps

Bard is also extremely mobile and is great at baiting enemies into following him into unfavorable fights. Using his Magical Journey to create portals into areas where the enemies don’t have vision makes for an excellent surprise attack. Bard isn’t technically a difficult champion to learn but you need to be cautious about learning when to get Chimes as you might accidentally leave your AD Carry in an unfavorable situation that allows enemies to kill them freely or push the lane state into an unfavorable position.

8. Shaco

Nothing screams “fun” more than a jester. Shaco is the ultimate League of Legends prankster and is one of the more interesting champions to master. There’s a reason why there are a lot of Shaco one-trick players and that’s because of how flexible you can play this champion. At the hands of master Shaco players, the possibilities on outplay are endless and can leave your opponents smashing their keyboards from frustration. You can play Shaco in any lane you want and it won’t matter because he can carry games single-handedly.

Shaco's default skin, a demon jester
Seeing your opponents suffer is the peak of enjoyment

Shaco is one of those champions that require a high mastery to have a consistent win rate because his basic strategies are extremely predictable. Knowing how to move your clones or where to position them will increase your chances of leading your opponents on unfortunate adventures. As an assassin, Shaco can kill any enemy he wants in the most obnoxious ways possible. You can watch one-tricks like ChaseShaco or Pinkward to learn more about how to play this champ.

9. Yasuo

Yasuo is a perfectly healthy champion that almost everybody loves to play. He has one of the highest pick rates in League of Legends and that’s because he has a cool skillset that children love to play (not saying that every Yasuo player is a child or anything). Being able to zoom around the battlefield and poking enemies with your stick is as cool as cool gets and this is exactly why you should be playing Yasuo. He has one of the highest mobilities and is the king of duels.

Yasuo wearing old American western-themed costume
Perfectly balanced

Yasuo is at the top of the most fun LoL champs statistically speaking as the world seems to like playing this champion. A good percentage of people might express their hatred towards this annoying champ but that doesn’t matter. Even if Yasuo goes 0/11, he will always find a way to come back to the game and dominate your team despite being galaxies behind in terms of gold. This champion is a must-play for all kinds of League of Legends fans.

10. Yuumi

Yuumi is a champion that you want to play if you just want to relax and unwind in League of Legends. If you’re planning on binge-watching a TV show your co-workers at work have been obsessed with but don’t want to miss out on playing League of Legends, Yuumi is the champion that you want to play. She’s a super chill champ that you can play with little to no-attention at all and can win you games with the bare minimum effort.

Yuumi's default skin, a magical cat on a book
Chillin’ on Summoner’s Rift

She is a fun LoL champ that gives you all the freedom in the world. All you have to is ALT + Tab every few seconds to press a skill and your allied AD Carry won’t even notice that you aren’t paying attention to the game at all. This is especially true if the game is going extremely passive and nothing exciting is going on in the game at all. Kidding aside, her skillset is really fun and it’s exciting jumping around from one teammate to another in high-intensity fights.

Who is the most fun LoL champion to play?

There are different ways players can have fun in the game but if you aren’t sure what you want what that is for you, you can try playing these champs: Ivern, Lee Sin, Singed, Teemo, Jhin, Kled, Bard, Shaco, Yasuo, and Yuumi.

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