The Top 10 Tankiest LoL Champs That Are Impossible To Kill!

Tanks are one of the most annoying champions to deal with especially if they reach the later stages of the game when they’ve stacked enough defensive stats to stay in the frontline forever. League of Legends have a lot of tanks that can be played but most people don’t prefer to use them because of their extremely boring playstyle. Today’s we’ll be taking a look at some of the tankiest LoL champions that make every damage dealer’s life extremely miserable both in the laning phase and teamfight setting.

The Top 10 Tankiest LoL Champions

Let’s rank the top 10 tankiest LoL champs in the game. League of Legends includes a ton of champions that are purely focused on soaking up a lot of damage either by having an extremely large health pool or stacking up mitigation stats that reduce incoming damage. Aside from mitigation, champions that have self-healing, shielding, and defensive scaling also play an important role in making sure that these champions become extremely tanky in the later stages of the game which you can do if learn how to play tanks.

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When ranking the tankiest LoL champs, we’ll be placing them in the ideal scenario which is when they’ve built all 6 defensive items and have maxed out all their abilities. Unfortunately, there are champions with infinite scaling so they’d automatically rank first in an uncontrolled environment. This is why we’ll be looking at them at the 40-50 minute mark so that we can have a fair ranking of all these champions. Without further ado, here are our picks on the top 10 tankies LoL champions in the game:

10. Sett

Ever since his release, The Boss has been at the top of the hardest champions to kill in League of Legends and despite his shields, passive regeneration, and defenses getting nerfed multiple times, he still remains as one of the tankiest LoL champs in the game. Even though he’s considered more of a bruiser since he doesn’t have a lot of defensive stats, his survivability options make him tankier than most tanks in the game. His main job is to threaten the frontline by having powerful CC options and a decent amount of damage.

Sett as a giant mecha robot
The Immovable Fighter

Sett’s tankiness mostly comes from his W: Haymaker, which converts Grit into a huge shield. He also has a very powerful passive ability that lets him regenerate his health extremely fast which makes him a menace during the laning phase. He’d be at a top 5 tank in the game if it were not for his low defensive scaling which is only expected since he wasn’t designed to be a pure tank. However, a bulky champion that can deal a ton of damage is still a huge threat in the game.

9. Tahm Kench

Unbench the Kench as the terror of the deep enters our list of tankiest LoL champions with his unique kit that relies on a mechanic called Gray Health. Before this champion got nerfed, he would be able to mitigate a lot of damage since he can regenerate a large portion of the missing HP and provide an extremely large shield that made it almost impossible to kill him. Even though this mechanic is not as strong today, it’s still relevant enough for him to be considered in the top 5.

Tahm Kench as a cult figure - tankiest LoL champs
The Insatiable Hunger

After his recent rework, Tahm Kench has regained his former glory as one of the tankiest champions in the game. A master Tahm Kench player can play around their Thick Skin to mitigate a lot of damage and stay in fights longer than most champions can. Unfortunately, it’s really easy to counter him as a tank by simply building anti-shielding and anti-healing which leaves the entirely of his bulkiness on natural stats such as HP and mitigation stats.

8. Cho’gath

Cho’gath is the very definition of what it means to be a tank and that is to be a huge meatshield that takes the punishment. The biggest strength of Cho’gath that makes him qualify as a tank is the fact that his HP scales according to the amount of enemies he has consumed in the game. Even though he begins the champion as a tiny roach creature, he becomes a monstrous titan at the later stages of the game that takes up the entire screen which makes it hard to hit anything other than him.

Cho'gath as a machine of war tankiest LoL champs
The Gigantic Terror

As mentioned, his ultimate ability allows him to become such a chunky champion that it will take a while to take him down especially if he has built a lot of damage mitigation. His passive ability also helps him sustain a little by healing some damage which is extremely useful in both the laning phase and teamfights. Sadly, those are all the defensive tools that are made available for him and he’s still essentially just a meatball that can be chunked down slowly.

7. Leona

Leona is the first dedicated support champ on the list and is definitely a candidate for one of the tankiest LoL champions. Supports aren’t given a lot of resources to build items so it’s hard to appreciate how tanky these champions actually are but this list has made it so that we can judge them to their full potential. Leona is an extremely tanky champion that likes to stand in the middle of fights and has the tools to stay there for an extended duration.

Leona under the power of the sun
The Sunlight’s Shield

Her tankiness purely comes from her Shield of Daybreak which reduces the amount of damage she takes for a short duration in addition to the bonus armor and magic resist that she gains. While this is active, she’s basically unkillable and any damage you deal towards her is so irrelevant that you can’t really see it. If this champion had some sort of self-sustain she’d definitely be at the top of the list but we both know that’d be extremely broken.

6. Alistar

Alistar is another support champion that has defensive stats that makes him a bulky tank that’s almost impossible to kill. As one of the most favored melee supports in the game, he has a lot of early game survivability in the form of healing and tenacity. He becomes even bulkier once he reaches his Level 6 powerspike in the form of his ultimate ability. Alistar can literally run the enemy down and barely take any damage at all, cementing his spot as one of the tankiest LoL champs in the game.

Alistar without his chains tankiest LoL champs
The Unbound Gladiator

Alistar has self-sustain in the form of his passive, which activates faster when he’s able to target multiple champions at once. This champion also has the second-best mitigation ultimate ability in the form of his ultimate, which blocks all crowd-control effects and has a maximum of 75% damage reduction from all sources. The only defensive ability stronger than this are invincibility abilities which are usually given to champions that aren’t as tanky.

5. Shen

Shen‘s character model doesn’t look tanky but you’d be mistaken if you don’t consider him one of the tankiest LoL champs in the game. This champion doesn’t have a lot of offensive options since he was purely intended to be a defensive tank but as changes went by to both the game and this champion, he is able to become an excellent damage dealing while retaining his overall bulkiness. For those who have faced this champion, you know how difficult it is to kill him.

Shen wearing an japanese warlord armorset - tankiest LoL champs
The Invincible Blade

This champion has a lot of tankiness in the form of shielding and blocking. Aside from the ridiculous amount of defensive stats that he has innately, he also has a lot of damage immunity and mitigation from his abilities. Shen’s strength lies in auto-attack-based matchups because he has an ability that makes him immune to all auto-attacks (even empowered ones). He also has a shield that has a pretty short cooldown meaning he’ll be blocking a lot of damage in fights.

4. Dr. Mundo

Dr. Mundo is a tank that utilizes different ways to keep himself alive during fights. Even though he uses his own HP as a resource for his abilities, the effects of those skills allow him to stay alive and heal up a lot in a fight which makes him such a difficult tank to kill. Imagine a bulky tank being able to walk in and out of a fight freely, choosing where he wants to go and how long he wants to stay in a fight but regaining most of his health as soon as he makes it out of danger.

Dr Mundo as a contemporary fitness figure
The Masochistic Madman

Dr. Mundo has a lot of healing in the form of his passive ability and ultimate ability which can quickly restore him to full health. He also has a natural anti-CC shield that makes it difficult to lock him down which is extremely useful for a tank. Finally, he also utilizes gray health like Tahm Kench but his version is a lot weaker. All of this combined make it so that he can’t get easily taken down by the enemy even if they try to rain down all of their abilities on him.

3. Maokai

Maokai makes it to the 3rd spot on our list of tankiest LoL champions because of his powerful sustain. In terms of tanks, Maokai is the king of self-healing, even more so than champions like Dr. Mundo. Once he has built enough items to bulk up his health pool, his lack of mitigation stats are compensated by his powerful passive ability that allows him to absorb health from the enemy that slowly puts him back to full health. Imagine how an ADC lifesteals back to health but on a tank champion.

Maokai's victorious line skin - tankiest LoL champs
The Strength Sapper

This champion doesn’t have other abilities that boost his mitigation but that’s okay because his armor and magic resistance growth are extremely high. Maokai is reliant on items which make it hard for him to beefy enough to reach the point where he can sap the life out of everyone. However, we’re looking at champions when they’ve already fully completed all their items which is why Maokai has made it to the top 3 names on our list.

2. Sion

Sion is by far the beefiest champion in League of Legends in terms of raw health because he has the ability to scale infinitely with his Soul Furnace ability. As we’ve mentioned at the beginning of the guide, we’re only looking at the stats on the 40-50 minute mark to make it fair since League of Legends matches last that long at the latest. Luckily for this champion, he doesn’t need infinite scaling to prove that he is one of the tankies champions in League of Legends.

Sion covered in dark ice tankiest LoL champs
The Unstoppable Force

Aside from the amount of HP that this champion has, Sion also has a shield and a zombie form that serves as an additional way to tank damage since most enemies will either try to avoid, CC, or kill it as quickly as possible. The zombie form is extremely hard to kill since it has 100% lifesteal and hits like truck which makes it extremely disruptive in fights. It’s really hard to kill Sion and there are times when you might consider not wanting to kill him at all.

1. Ornn

Ornn is the ultimate defensive tank in terms of defensive stats. To those who have fought against Ornn before, they know how terrifying it can be to let this champion reach the later stages of the game. As the game’s ultimate tank, mage, assassin, bruiser, ADC, he can do everything from locking down opponents, taking a lot of punishment, and dealing a lot of damage. He is the single most powerful tank that can stay in a 1v5 fight and one or two down before he dies.

Ornn channeling the power of lightning tankiest LoL champs
The Unbreakable Anvil

The thing that makes Ornn the King of the Tankiest LoL Champs is that he gains at most, 30% increased armor and magic resistance from his passive ability. Meaning if he has filled his inventory with defensive items, he’ll have so much mitigation that he’ll be soaking so much damage. If the enemy is running a mono-damage lineup, there’s no way that they can take him down quick enough to get to the backline before they kill everyone on your team.

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