The Top 10 Weakest LoL Champions in the Runeterra Universe

The Runeterra Universe is filled with a variety of characters that are both epic and powerful. However, despite the game finding a way to find a balance in terms of power, the lore makes it clear that the difference in actual power that these units have is extremely far. That’s why we’ve come to discuss who we think are the weakest LoL champions according to their lore in the Runeterra universe. Who do you think will make it to the top of the list and be hailed as the worst fighter in League of Legends?

The Weakest LoL Champions in Runeterra

When it comes to singling out the weakest LoL champion in Runeterra, we have to take a lot of factors into consideration. Things like innate magical ability/strength, combat experience, mastery over their abilities, having a strategic mind, and the weapon they use are all things that play a big part in this list. Some champions were simply added into the game because it feels like they made sense in the story rather than because they are powerful fighters.

Keep in mind that League of Legends abilities don’t always accurately display how a character will act in the real world. For example, champions that use guns are depicted to always have unlimited ammo even though that isn’t really the case. We’ll be looking at these characters in a way where they would make sense in real combat using the information available in the lore. Let’s take a look at our top 10 weakest LoL champions that we found in the Runeterra universe.

10. Annie

Don’t get us wrong, we know that Annie has extremely powerful magical abilities and that Tibbers can be a dangerous opponent to face. However, unlike in the old cinematics and in the game, Annie actually has no control over her powers. Tibbers may be able to protect her from harm but the best she can do in actual combat is try to force her abilities out. In fact, Tibbers isn’t even a powerful entity, just a gigantic flaming bear that moves really slowly.

Annie and Tibbers wearing costumes of each other - Weakest LoL Champions
Just an unstable child

If an enemy was intent on getting rid of Annie, all they had to do was bypass Tibbers and take out the caster. Of course, some D-list mages might not be able to do so but if you place a trained barely trained individual like Caitlyn to take a shot, she could blow her brains into bits. However, when she grows older and masters her abilities a lot more, she’ll stop being one of the weakest LoL champs and probably become one of the most dangerous mages across the land.

9. Jinx

Jinx has seen a lot of love in the Arcane series but today, we’re going to be ranking her among the weakest LoL champions in Runeterra. You probably watched Jinx in the series handle herself really well against the peacekeepers, Firelights, and some other strong fighters but remember, those are just side characters. Her fight against Ekko on the bridge, which is one of the most memorable moments in the show, could probably tell you how easy it is to just smack her and get on with it.

Jinx's original attire in the arcane series - Weakest LoL Champions
Just a crazy girl with a gun

Given Jinx has had some informal training to be a great fighter and that she lived in the harsh streets of Zaun, she still suffering from her mental state, which can be a weakness in combat. Of course, Jinx is still better in fights than most of the characters on this list who probably won’t even come close enough to her before she blows them up or riddles them with bullets. Under all that craziness, she’s still a normal human being that has her weaknesses and limitations.

8. Singed

Singed is a mad scientist from Zaun who has created poisonous concoctions that are extremely deadly and can cause the eradication of cities at once. He also has potions that can make himself exceed human limitations. However, that doesn’t change the fact that he can get dropped by any person that has basic training. Once the potion wears off, he’ll start feeling the effects of all the things that hit him while he was under the influence and his body will break down all at once.

Singed with post-apocalyptic mech - Weakest LoL Champions
Just a mad scientist

When it comes to real combat, Singed has no clue how to fight himself. This is why he has subjects that he has created who are chemically enhanced to fight in his stead. The only reason why Singed would inject himself with chemicals is if he was left with no choice. Even then, he’d probably use his enhancements to escape rather than fight an opponent that he knows he can’t defeat. Besides, if the opponent was wearing a gas mask, Singed’s knees would be shaking right off the bat.

7. Orianna

Orianna is both machine and human with the power of hextech infused in her body. The game may display her as a character with strong magical powers but we don’t think she does all the things she does in the game in real combat. It’s true that she can control her mechanical ball but what does it take for a real combatant to dodge something so obvious. There’s also the fact that her mechanical structure makes it impossible for her to move with as much agility as an organic being.

Orianna wearing a valentines day costume - Weakest LoL Champions
Just a mechanically modified lady

That being said, Orianna isn’t just a bucket of bolts. She still has the consciousness of a mortal so she can figure out a way to defeat an opponent. We’re still skeptical that she is of any use in combat but the fact that she has a gigantic metal ball that she can hurl around means that she’s probably stronger than an average soldier. Hextech is also a really strong energy source that is infused inside her body so there’s no telling what other things she can do.

6. Graves

Graves is a tough man with a powerful shotgun. Even though that would be enough for any human being to back off from him, it doesn’t make him a really strong individual. His resilience would probably be his greatest strength but if the guy was using a shotgun, we can deduce that accuracy isn’t a skill that he trains that intently. Unless the opponent is dumb enough to charge at a guy holding a really large gun head-on, he probably won’t be able to hit anything.

Graves with a larger shotgun - Weakest LoL Champions
Just a tough guy with a shotgun

Graves probably has both combat experience and the physical strength to back him up. However, if you were to pit this guy with champions in the game, he’d probably be down on his back in the first 5 seconds of the fight. The only reason this guy is probably even alive right now is that he has Twisted Fate to bail him out of dangerous situations or to act as bait when the going gets tough. Otherwise, he is straight up one of the weakest LoL champions in the universe.

5. Jayce

Jayce’s inclusion on this list is probably the least controversial as everyone knows exactly why. Jayce is a genius inventor who also happens to be totally ripped. The Mercury Hammer is an extremely powerful weapon but let’s not pretend that it’s easy to use. Jayce is like the Batman of the Runeterra universe except he doesn’t have the same amount of IQ and knowledge of martial arts so he’d probably just get dropped by a random guy that manages to get close.

Jayce's original attire in the arcane series - Weakest LoL Champions
Just an inventor with a hammer

The Mercury Hammer looks extremely heavy and the power of the Hextech Crystal would probably offer so much recoil that even his weirdly muscular body would still have a hard time using it. Even though he’s called the Hero of Tomorrow, Piltover isn’t exactly a place filled with crime. The city has its own peacekeeping force that deals with immediate threats like Zaun which is why we didn’t include Caitlyn here because she’s probably stronger than how she looks.

4. Twitch

Twitch is a chemically enhanced rat that has learned to survive in Zaun. That’s basically the brunt of his lore and looking at a creature like that, there’s no way he can beat anyone in a straight fight. Although, we do know that Twitch has spent a lot of time trying to learn how to use weapons and survive in an extremely dangerous place like Zaun so we can give him the benefit of the doubt and understand that he’s probably stronger than your average foot soldier.

Twitch wearing tactical gear - Weakest LoL Champions
Just an evolved rat

Twitch also has the ability to take advantage of his terrain and strike when the opponent least expects him. However, when he gets discovered, there’s probably very little he can do in actual combat than try to run away and look for a better opportunity. Twitch may be really strong in the game but in the Runeterra universe, he’s just an oversized vermin who will take his spot at the number 4 spot of our weakest LoL champions list.

3. Draven

Draven is one of the champions in League of Legends who has the most unrealistic kits ever. Unlimited throwing axes and being able to throw it across the stage is simply impossible. Draven is one of the most prominent gladiators meaning he’s probably strong in terms of real combat but the arena is known to be purely entertainment. When it comes to a real fight, his opponents won’t be holding back and his antics won’t remotely help him in a fight.

Draven swirling his axes -- Weakest LoL Champions
Just a narcissistic gladiator

The lore writers previously said that Draven has a belt containing his spinning axes so he’s not totally helpless in a real fight. However, he tries to play it off as if he is a ranged attacker that uses throwing axes to deal damage. If he was fighting people that knew how to block or parry, he’d most probably get beaten easily. There’s also no way his opponents would ever let the axes bounce back to Draven. Unless this fighting style makes more sense, he’s definitely one of the weakest LoL champions for now.

2. Blitzcrank

Blitzcrank was literally created as a cleaning robot. He has AI but not the same way as Orianna who actually has a human consciousness that can think outside the box. He has very little combat capabilities, meaning he has no way of winning any fight at all. The strongest part about him is that he has a metallic exterior so it’ll be hard for normal soldiers to beat him with any kind of weapon that doesn’t explode or knock him off the ground in any way.

Blitzcrank wearing a disguise - Weakest LoL Champions
Just a robot intended for helping people

Aside from those things, Blitzcrank is easily one of the weakest LoL champs in the game. He may seem strong but there’s no way he moves the same way he does in League of Legends where he gets to go where he needs to go. He’ll probably just find the nearest source of filth to clean it up if he’s ever placed in battle. However, his lore does state that he’s smart enough to go on a self-enlightenment journey after he and Viktor separated but at the end of the day, he’s still just a robot.

1. Seraphine

In the game, Seraphine is a musical mage but in Runeterran lore, he’s just a normal girl. She literally has no special gift aside from being in tune with the brackern‘s musical essence. The powers that she has in the game is non-existent in the Runeterra lore meaning she doesn’t have those magical waves of energy that she shoots out. She has no magical ability. She probably doesn’t even have the floating board she’s on because everything about her is a lie.

Seraphine in an eastern style costume - Weakest LoL Champions
Just a girl who likes music

You may question why she’s here but Sona is not despite being basically the same champion. The difference is, Sona’s powers actually exist in the universe and it’s mentioned that her music is so powerful that it can make people dance until their bones break. Seraphine, in the lore, has nothing except some good hearing. This is why we’re crowning her as the weakest LoL champion according to the Runeterra universe lore.

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