The Top 10 Weirdest LoL Storylines In The Game

The League of Legends universe is filled with a rich set of lore that explains every important character in Runeterra from the beginning of time until the world’s present day. While most of the lore provides interesting insight on the relationships that each and every event or person has to the world of Runeterra, there are some that can be considered the weirdest LoL storylines. Some of these storylines are absolutely hilarious while the others are just downright weird that it doesn’t make any sense at all. Let’s discover some of the weirdest LoL Storylines in the game.

The Top 10 Weirdest LoL Storylines

People who follow the Runeterra saga like to read about all of the stories that involve their favorite characters. Having a deeper understanding of the world that involves our beloved video game characters brings them to life in our imaginations. Adding in the weirdest LoL storylines just adds more spice to the series by keeping the characters diverse in a way that alleviates some of the edginess that most characters have. While there are a lot of dysfunctional characters in the League, there are some whose problems don’t contain the same level of gravity.

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Introducing the Top 10 Weirdest LoL Storylines!!!

There are over 100 champions in League of Legends which all contain a piece of the story with them. The biggest problem in choosing which ones we consider are the weirdest LoL storylines is that a lot of characters contain their own set of problems and flaws. There are even some whose characters received Champion Reworks just to fit the current narrative. Hopefully, we’ve chosen the worst ones that most people will agree on once they see it on the Top 10.

10. Galio

Galio is the first one on our list and the gigantic winged golem of Demacia has a pretty messed-up storyline. As a magic-fearing country, Demacia created an artificial living being that exists to enjoy the thrill of battle and fighting alongside his countrymen. The catch is that Galio can only move if he feeds off enough magical energy from a powerful mage that allows him to break away from his inanimation to immediately jump into battle and remove the threat.

A white marble golem with wings
The Motionless Hero

The really horrible part about Galio’s existence is that during the time that he is inanimate, he retains his consciousness as a statue outside Demacia. As people pass by the peaceful streets of Demacia during its happiest moments, Galio is cursed to watch his people enjoy their everyday lives while he remains motionless in an artificial existence. For a hero that protects his country from the greatest threats, he’s rewarded with a lonely existence brought about by human prejudice. Definitely one of the weirdest LoL storylines out there.

9. Teemo

Teemo is known to be one of the most popular and beloved mascots among people who don’t play League of Legends regularly because of his adorable looks. For the average LoL player, Teemo is known as many names such as The Devil, Satan, The Most Annoying Champion, and so on. At the beginning, Teemo had a pretty simple storyline as the super-soldier that protects Bandle City from harm. However, the public’s memes and jokes about the champion has added a bit of a twist in this champion’s storyline.

A furry little creature with a scout's hat
The Cutie with a Dark Side

In the present League of Legends universe, Teemo retains his storyline as a super-soldier that protects Bandle City. However, it is heavily emphasized that Teemo likes to accept the deadliest missions and always insists that he go solo. This is to hide his true personality from the other yordles. In truth, Teemo has a dark side. Whenever he goes into battle, he supposedly becomes a bloodthirsty maniac that likes to inflict pain upon his opponents using the toxins that he produces to give his opponents the most painful death imaginable.

8. Shyvana

Shyvana’s title makes her seem like a half-breed of a human and dragon. While we don’t want to go into the specifics of how a dragon and human could… well… copulate, you’ll be relieved to hear that Shyvana is of pure dragon blood. As an egg, Shyvana was born as a full-breed dragon but was stolen as an egg by a very sneaky mage. On the mage’s journey back to Piltover, the dragon egg hatched and assumed the form of a baby girl with pale, purple skin. The mage decided to keep the baby and raise her as his own.

A woman with purple skin wearing dragon ornaments | Weirdest LoL Storylines
The Dragon Raised by a Human

The story gets weirder as Shyvana grows up as a human who was able to transform into a dragon. Shyvana’s mother – Yvva – decided that it was time to reclaim her daughter and ravaged through the lands of Valoran. Yvva managed to kill the mage that raised Shyvanna and during the same day, managed to rescue Jarvan IV. Shyvana would then fight alongside Jarvan to slay her mother and deliver her skull to the Kingdom of Demacia. Today, the young dragon (which is the pinnacle of magical power) lives in a city that hates everything about magic.

7. Jinx

Jinx is possibly the most eccentric character in League of Legends. She has a reputation form being a destructive maniac whose only purpose is to create pure chaos in the city using her weapons. She is created as a Joker-like figure in the sense that her actions aren’t intent on having purpose or order that most organized crime bosses have in order to reap rewards like money, power, influence, and other stuff like that. Basically, Jinx likes to party with guns because it makes her feel good.

A skinny blue-haired woman weilding a shark-shaped gun
The Troublemaking Prankster

One mini storyline that Jinx had that makes her have one of the weirdest LoL storylines is the one where she challenged the entire law enforcement department of both Piltover and Zaun by declaring she would steal from the most secure vault in the city. True enough, Jinx managed to smuggle herself inside the vault despite every cop in the city (including Vi and Caitlyn) preparing traps in advance. She would leave the vaults in ruins, with everything inside burnt to a crisp.

6. Jhin

Jhin continues to have one of the most mysterious lore in League of Legends. Despite being such a significant character in the Ionian storyline, the way he is depicted always makes him look like a side villain in other character’s stories. He is depicted having a strange obsession with the number 4 which isn’t necessarily explained throughout his text which adds to the level of mystery that this champion has. The only thing certain is that he’s one of the most dangerous criminals in history.

A man with a half-broken mask
The Obsessed Marksman

Despite being such a powerful person in the main storyline, Jhin spent most of his years being imprisoned by The Kinkou Order. He is considered as a champion having deserved a spot in our Top 10 Weirdest LoL storylines because his entire part in the Runeterra Series is basically being a side character. His existence is never emphasized in their own story unlike other champions in the game. Instead, he’s just this guy obsessed with the number 4.

5. Cassiopeia

The Du Couteau are known to be a family that have heavy ties with the Noxian military and politics. Cassiopeia is one of the daughters of the famous General Du Couteau (unnamed) who was heavily interested in political agenda in the Empire. However, Cassiopeia’s mother was a member of some sort of secret organization called The Black Rose that aimed to unearth the secret powers of the god-warriors and take it for Noxus. Cassiopeia was trained in the ways of The Black Rose and eventually became their most reliable soldier.

A woman cursed with the body of a serpent
The Cursed Daughter

When Jericho Swain successfully launched a coup against the Grand General Boram Darkwill, Cassiopeia’s mother was disgusted by her husband’s part in assisting Swain. The mother forced Cassiopeia to unearth a hidden power that would help her exact their revenge. Unfortunately, when Cassiopeia unearthed the power of the Ascended, she became cursed with the appearance of the snake. She was overtaken with grief having lost any chance to live a normal life ever again due to her mother’s selfishness.

4. Dr. Mundo

Despite his name, Dr. Mundo is no doctor whether it be in the medical sense or by earning a doctorate in other fields of education. In truth, Dr. Mundo is nothing more than a bouncer for some of the chem-barons in Zaun. He was also described as a really kind man that made a living by simply intimidating other people, not leading to any violence thanks to them being scared by his physique. That all changed when Dr. Mundo accidentally stepped on one of his bosses foots which sent them into a rage.

An asylum patient with purple skin
The Chemical-filled Bouncer

The boss sent Dr. Mundo to one of the asylums to make an example out of him. However, the scientists inside the asylum saw this as an opportunity to make Dr. Mundo their guinea pig, injecting him with all kinds of drugs and chemicals during his stay. As the months passed by, he went insane since he doesn’t know why his boss sent him there. Eventually, the only reason he thought on why was there was because he was a doctor too. Eventually, he learned to embrace the pain whether he is the one who inflicts it or the one that causes it.

3. Aurelion Sol

Aurelion Sol has a strange storyline in League of Legends. He is depicted as an almighty being that creates and consumes galaxies at will. He is also feared around the universe as the most powerful creature to roam the cosmos since the beginning of time. He is wise, powerful, and practically indestructible to the point that no one would dare challenge him. That is until a bunch of ambitious humans on Runeterra managed to easily enslave him using a crown that they placed on him as an offering.

A gigantic cosmo dragon made up of galaxies
The Enslaved Creator

That’s right. The god-like figure in the Runeterra universe was tricked into slavery. The Targonians of Runeterra basically offered a crown to Aurelion Sol to prove that he was the king of kings which he gladly accepted. It turns out, the crown was cursed with an absolute control spell that successfully bound the cosmo dragon. Aurelion Sol’s power and knowledge has been used to give humans powers such as Ascension. For the most powerful being in the universe, it kinda doesn’t make sense that he would easily get trapped like that by inferior beings.

2. Rammus

In 2nd place for our Top 10 Weirdest LoL storylines, we have Rammus. Rammus may be just the OK champion in League of Legends but in Runeterra, he’s referred to as a god that helps the people in times of need. The story goes that people will hear the rumbling of the sands when a calamity is about to strike alongside the figure of a beast rolling freely through the sands. Strangely enough, whenever Rammus would appear, calamity would strike the area but his warning would save countless people from suffering a horrible fate.

An armadillo-like creature with a spiky back | Weirdest LoL Storylines
The Rolling Passerby

On the actual lore, it is not specifically mentioned whether or not Rammus intentionally warns the people or if he can truly predict the future. There’s a high chance that Rammus doesn’t know nor does he care about the events happening around him. There’s one story where Rammus singlehandedly defended villages by defeating an entire army of Shurimans by toppling down a gigantic structure on top of them. Once again, it’s not known if he did this on purpose or if he was just simply strolling by.

1. The Legend of Urfwick

We didn’t specifically say that this was specifically about champions because when it comes to the weirdest LoL storyline, nothing beats the legend of urfwick. Urf was a simple chef that aspired to be a member of the League of Legends. Urf spent months training to become stronger, leaving his ancestral home with only a spatula in hand as his primary weapon to become one of the heroes he hears about in the stories.

Warwick wearing Urf's skin
The Legend of Urfwick

Despite all that time training, he never managed to become strong enough to challenge the champions of the League of Legends. However, the organization admired his hard work and assigned him to be a guard that patrolled the area which was good enough for him until he can get stronger to truly earn a place in the League because he hasn’t given up yet. One night, Warwick stalked the weak and helpless Urf and slaughtered him under the full moon. There, Warwick wore the skin of Urf as a prize he had gained for himself.

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