The Top 10 Worst Skins In LoL That You Shouldn’t Buy

League of Legends is a treasure trove of artwork that comes in the form of character designs and skin splash arts. There are the types of arts that are extremely nice to look at but others are just complete duds. Now that we’ve tackled both the Coolest Skins and Cutest Skins in League of Legends, we’ll be moving on to the worst skins in LoL history that you just shouldn’t buy even if your life depended on acquiring them on your account. These are the skins that simply aren’t worth it.

The Worst Skins in LoL History

League of Legends has been adding new members to the League of Legends Skin Creation Team to provide the best skins that even if they were made as a joke, they’d still look really nice. However, the early days of League of Legends weren’t as detail-oriented as the skins we have now. A lot of them simply question how low of a budget Riot Games had to hire people that would create such low-quality skins for a game that literally millions would play.

Alien Invader Heimerdinger - Skin Spotlight - Invaders Collection - League of Legends - Patch 10.8.1
The Worst Skins in LoL History

Taking a look at the old versions of Lolipoppy and Sasquatch Nunu & Willump are examples of the weirdness of LoL skins back then. Luckily, these skins’ splash arts and models have been updated. Champion skins are also reworked so a lot of the old version of skins slowly die out. However, there are some remnants of the worst skins in LoL today that have survived Riot Games’ wave of reworks and remain to be a sight that no one wants to see in-game.

10. Rusty Blitzcrank

Rusty Blitzcrank is one of the Rarest Skins in LoL History because it was removed shortly after it was released. The reason? Because this skin was so bad that even Riot Games had to pull it out after realizing their mistakes. The skin isn’t necessarily ugly but it literally had nothing separating it from Blitzcrank’s default model. Who even thought that a slightly rusty version of a robot would make people go: “Oh! I wanna buy this skin.” Well, now it’s worth more than its original price.

Slightly rustier version of Blitzcrank | worst skins in LoL
A skin that needs polishing

This skin is no longer available for purchase but an account containing the original version of Rusty Blitzcrank can fetch an average price of $500. This item is more of a collector’s skin for the sake of completion. Let’s be real here, which one of you guys is willing to shell out $500 for a skin that no one will even notice when you whip it out because of how little difference there is from the default version.

9. Magnificent Twisted Fate

One thing that a player definitely doesn’t want to see when he/she acquires a skin either from the lootbox or purchasing from the store after looking at the splash art, is that the skin practically didn’t change at all. For something called “Magnificent” this skin doesn’t look like anything was changed at all. The worst part about it is that it’s considered a Legendary skin, when it’s more like one of the worst skins in LoL history to have ever been released.

Twisted Fate with a magnificent red cape
A magnificent red cape.

The splash art of Magnificent Twisted Fate looks kinda nice and might even be worth the price of a Legendary skin. However, if you’re not a person who looks at the gameplay model by reviewing skin spotlights on videos online, you’ll quickly regret your decision. In fact, people are still unhappy about getting this skin even if they get for free on chests because it’s such a waste of a Legendary spot. We just wish this skin looks more unique in a way that doesn’t look like the default skin.

8. Black Belt Udyr

Slapping the Riot Games logo on a skin is equivalent to placing an Apple logo on a device just to add more value to it. Black Belt Udyr is the worst offender of these Riot Games skins since this skin is basically a duller version of the default Udyr character model but with the addition of a black belt and the Riot Games logo. Yes, that’s all you’re getting for the money you’ll be paying for if you buy this skin so there’s really no reason to get this skin using your RP or Orange Essence.

Udyr wearing a karate outfit
Just Udyr with a belt

We really can’t blame this skin for existing since it’s one of those skins that were created in the early days of League of Legends. Udyr is a champion that has never seen any sort of visual rework so his aesthetics still remain the same until today. Riot Games needs to update this champion’s kit and his skins, removing the Riot Games logo on the skin because it’s totally unnecessary and doesn’t even make sense to be there unlike the Riot Tristana and Riot Singed skins.

7. Hot Rod Corki

One of the worst things in League of Legends is when they try to transform adorable little Yordles into humans. Hot Rod Corki is the worst example of this as Riot Games has definitely messed up by making this skin. They try to make Corki look like a cool racer person but it ends up looking like a midget version of Waluigi riding on a badly designed Mario Kart. If this isn’t a skin that perfectly exemplifies the worst skins in LoL list, there’s nothing that will convince you otherwise.

Humanized version of corki
Just… why?

Corki’s mustache wasn’t well transitioned from yordle to human. Combining that with his unchanged voiceline just makes the skin sound really weird. The only decent part about this skin is that the shark design for the hot rod vehicle looks a bit decent. It’s still a bit weird. Luckily, Corki has a lot of other good-looking skins that are way more worth than this one so if you’re looking for something to buy, it’s better to try out something like Corgi Corki which is a lot more adorable.

6. Alien Invader Heimerdinger

The alien design that cartoons or other media have tried to portray has always been ugly and creepy. Even though the community has been memeing Heimerdinger’s hair looking like a weirdly deformed head, this skin just puts it on a whole different level that even the memers can’t even laugh about. This skin is easily something that will make you hate looking at a champion especially now that they’re showing his creepy red eyes that was always hidden behind the goggles.

Generic alien aesthetic Heimerdiner | Worst skins in LoL
That green brain hurts me.

The only thing that we can say is that we wish this skin would totally be removed from the game. the green color just makes this skin a lot worse. The worst part about this skin is when it does its dance emote where they just do a head spin on the ground where everyone can see the exposed brain being ground on the dirt. That’s a sight that will make you cringe so much to the point that it might even make you nauseous and uninstall League of Legends for good.

5. Jurassic Cho’gath

Cho’gath is a champion that really doesn’t get any good skins with only 2 or 3 of them being actually decent. The problem with making monster-themed champions is that the artists don’t know how to transform them into a different kind of monster so they end up making monstrous creations instead. Jurassic Cho’gath is a good example of a really good idea for a theme but went wrong when it finally came to the actual design of the skin going into the in-game model.

Skeletal version of Cho'gath
Place this back in the museum

Jurassic Cho’gath is just bones which kinda fits the Jurassic theme if we’re talking about those that are in the museum. The problem with a skeleton Cho’gath is that it’s just a bunch of light-brown skinny outlines walking on the map and the worse part is that he gets bigger as the game progresses. Looking at the pile of bones is definitely not something that you want to look at when you’re trying to buy a skin. Definitely, a higher one on our list of worst skins in LoL history.

4. Sailor Gangplank

Speaking of worst skins in LoL history, Gangplank simply does it best by showing off one of the corniest outfits in the game even if it’s done ironically. The sailor costume only really works on a handful of people and Gangplank definitely isn’t one of those people that rock this costume. Even Popeye looked better than Gangplank in this outfit. Looking at this skin just makes you wonder what the hell the skin team was thinking to add such an abomination to the rift after having an entire company to review it.

Gangplank wearing a standard sailor costume
Even Popeye would cringe at this.

Sailor Gangplank’s worst look is in its splash art. We respect artists and love that each of them has their own art styles and designs but there are some pieces that can only really be considered a “miss”. I don’t want to know what Gangplank is feeling right now wearing that cheesy outfit. His eyes speak the entire story looking at how dead they look behind that shining smile that’s obviously fake. I even the most notorious captain needs to start learning how to sail somewhere.

3. Gothic Orianna

Oh, no. Goth is an outdated style but even in today’s time, people still know how to rock it. If you were going to ask someone how to draw a gothic character, maybe it’s a good idea to ask an artist that has a keen sense of what it looks like. You know what makes this skin one of the worst skins in LoL history? It’s because this skin is only terrible on the PC version of the game compared to its counterpart in the Wild Rift version where the artist looks like he/she absolutely knows what they’re doing.

gothic-themed orianna | worst skins in Lol
Do not botch the goth!

Everything about gothic Orianna looks absolutely horrible. From her weirdly draw hair to the confusing-looking ball, her entire design looks like a confused teen trying something out for the first time with the vaguest idea after seeing other goth kids rock the look. Hopefully, Riot Games does Gothic Orianna some justice by incorporating the Wild Rift design onto the League of Legends skin shop so that some Orianna fans have more choices other than Winter Wonder Orianna.

2. Shamrock Malphite

You ever notice that some shiny pokemon have the laziest designs and are just green instead of some other color that makes players appreciate them more? This is League of Legends’ version of that. On our number 2 spot of worst skins in LoL history, Shamrock Malphite definitely deserves his spot as The Hulk and The Thing had a little baby which decided to join Summoner’s Rift. We just don’t know what to say about this skin other than ask what Malphite had for lunch to be that color.

Clover themed Malphite skin | worst skins in LoL
Unlucky clover

There are champions whose other skin color schemes seem to only be replaced with a different shade such as Zac Sweet and White Mage Veigar. In the case of Malphite, the change in color seems to be one of the very few things that you can really do to make a skin for a rock monster but for the love of all things that is good, why’d they have to use green. If you notice most of this champion’s skins in the game, they all have the same theme. Might as well make a chroma for it.

1. Nosferatu Vladimir

OH MY GOD. What did Riot Games do to Vladimir?! This skin definitely deserves the top spot on the worst skins in LoL because it totally destroyed the image of two entire character in one go. We’re not talking about just Vladimir but also Nosferatu himself. This skin looks more like Alien Invader Heimerdinger minus the brains and weird eyebrows. Incorporating Nosferatu’s image onto Vladimir didn’t go as planned now that they’re stuck with… whatever this is.

A bald Vladimir | worst skins in LoL
What did they do to you, Vladimir?

Nosferatu Vladimir looks like an adult film star trying to create vampire-themed content. The in-game model of this skin just makes anyone wish they had played the default version of the champion skin instead. This skin makes any Vladimir main cry as they have to live with the fact that bald Vladimir exists and will forever be a part of the League of Legends skin lineup.

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