Top 11 Best LoL Esports Journalists to Follow

When it comes to following esports news, LoL esports journalists on social media are who players watch closely to get the best and most reliable news before they even come out on official sources. These individuals work hard to give their followers new and exciting content regularly to deliver what’s expected of them. As outstanding individuals that contribute so much to the esports community, let’s appreciate the Top 11 LoL esports journalists that delivers the best news to their followers.

Travis Gafford interviews Doublelift | best LoL esports Journalists
Who’s your favorite LoL Esports Journalist?

The Top 11 LoL Esports Journalists On Social Media

There are a ton of LoL esports journalists that provide excellent content and cover a wide range of topics and deliver reliable information. However, a lot of people sadly don’t notice the articles’ authors but should be celebrated otherwise. For now, we’ll focus on the more accessible and prominent journalists that post useful esports news on social media outlets such as Twitter or post on YouTube. Who do you think will make it to the Top 11 list of LoL Esports journalists?

11. gzeebee (Sher)

Sher is a leaker and translator that mostly covers LCK and LPL content. As a pair of regions that both use very exclusive languages, it’s hard to follow news about your favorite Asian teams. This person mostly translates news from official sources to English or takes announcements or messages made by esports personalities in social media such as Weibo. Sher posts all of their content on Twitter, all of which are posted or at least translated in English.

gzeebee translating and discussing Xiye’s return to LGD
  • Mostly Covers: LPL, LCK
  • Journalist Focus: Translations
  • Company: N/A

The content that Sher usually shares Weibo exclusive content that most English followers won’t see otherwise. There are also translations from Chinese/Korean interviews, highlighting some of the most important parts of the statement to share with fans. Just like the average esports enthusiasts’ Twitter account, a lot of relevant information is being shared by this person so that players will be more updated on news regarding their favorite Asian teams.

10. Leaker Xu

Leaker Xu is a leaker that delivers information that they receive right away. The only downside of Leaker Xu is that the information he receives isn’t always accurate so some of them come out as Fake News. However, he’s not completely wrong when it comes to the news he receives so you can use it as basis when receiving leaks from the other LoL esports journalists on this list.

Leaker Xu Discussing Roster Change Speculations
  • Mostly Covers: International
  • Journalist Focus: Leaks, Gossip, Rumors
  • Company: N/A

Much like other leakers, the peak of this account’s content comes during the pre-season where organizations are making roster changes. If you want to have a discussion on which players you think might go where, this is the place where you can get opinions. Don’t take everything seriously because leakers are often wrong since not all of their sources are reliable and only want to send what they believe.

9. iCrystalization (Linda)

Linda is one of the favorite personalities to follow for LPL content. She is a translator that primarily focuses on the Chinese League of Legends scene and has in-depth content about translating interviews and announcements in Chinese social media outlets. Since she focuses more on the LPL, she provides a lot of content about the region, even some of the more casual part about the pro-players’ lives which is very refreshingly nice to see.

iCrystalization Translating Xiaohu’s Weibo Post
  • Mostly Covers: LPL
  • Journalist Focus: Translations, Esports Opinions
  • Company: N/A

Since she’s not really a traditional esports journalist, the approach to her content is pretty light and fun. As a huge LPL fan, she also posts a lot of stuff regarding her personal opinions on the players and teams in a region. Creating conversation is an important part in any content creation. If you can understand a bit of Chinese, you’ll see some screenshots of interviews on her page. Some people can be skeptical about translations but Linda definitely does a good job at it.

8. LEC Wooloo

The mystery person who’s identity has created a bit of drama in the esports scene. LEC Wooloo is a very famous leaker in the LEC community who has a really high success rate in terms of esports roster changes and rumors. Unlike most LoL esports journalists, leakers don’t exactly follow the norm of using 100% accurate information but take very reliable information and compare it with other sources before sending it out to the public.

LEC Wooloo Reporting Rumored Roster Changes
  • Mostly Covers: LEC
  • Journalist Focus: Leaks, Rumors, Gossip
  • Company: N/A

LEC Wooloo’s content is mostly very popular during the pre-season and moving towards the post-season. This is when League of Legends organizations start making moves by changing the members of their team. If you’re the type of player who finds it exciting to know about roster changes and other esports gossip in the European League of Legends scene whether it’s the LEC or a minor league, LEC Wooloo is the best source to get them first.

7. kenzi131

kenzi131, formerly associated with FOMOS, is a photographer and reporter. They are one of the more reliable news sources in the Eastern league of legends scenes. Although, they mostly post their reports in Korean so it’s not exactly the most accessible but Twitter mostly has a translate function. The only problem that players might encounter are picture announcements that isn’t easily translated by Google, especially if you are only using the mobile version of the app.

kenzi131 tweets about Damwon Kia going home
  • Mostly Covers: LPL, LCK
  • Journalist Focus: Esports News, Announcements
  • Company: FOMOS

You’ll only see the best esports news and announcement on this person’s Twitter page. Most of the content on this person’s Twitter is taken from Naver. You’ll be able to follow some of the dramas happening on the eastern side of the League of Legends communities, especially the Korean parts. You can also check out their Flickr page to follow some esports photographs taken during official League of Legends events and competitions.

6. BloopGG (Pablo Suarez)

BloopGG is a Spanish investigative journalists that provides reliable information about LoL esports. The only problem is that a lot of his content is focused more towards the Spanish audience which is why not everything is delivered in English. However, you can always translate the content yourself using the auto-translate feature to get a general idea of what the post is about. Players that like to focus on some European League of Legends news will want to follow him.

Elyoya admits to breakdowns from pressure at MSI, says he pushes himself to feel comfortable
BloopGG Interviews Elyoya MSI 2021
  • Mostly Covers: LEC
  • Journalist Focus: Official News/Announcements
  • Company: Dot Esports, Esportmaniacos (formerly)

Bloop also does interviews for Dot Esports so if you’re interested in hearing some of them (in Spanish) then follow his Twitter page. This guy also covers a lot of Spanish streamers and teams. You might think that it’s a very limited demographic but considering a large percentage of the world are Spanish-speakers, this person has a wide audience. Even if you’re not Spanish, you should still follow him for some of the English content being posted every once and a while.

5. Ashley Kang

Ashley Kang is a Korean interviewer that releases English sub interviews from the LCK. The Korean League of Legends scene has been one of the most popular non-western Leagues for the longest time but because most Koreans don’t really conduct interviews in English, it becomes difficult for the rest of the world to follow the opinions and stories of the players that are not as popularly covered (unlike players like Faker).

DK Khan wants to face G2 to avenge his time at 2019 SKT | Ashley Kang
Ashely Kang Interviews DK Khan about MSI2021
  • Mostly Covers: LCK
  • Journalist Focus: Interviews, Translations
  • Company: Korizon Esports

As an interviewer, Ashley Kang has bridged some of the interests and questions that most non-Korean fans have always wanted to ask the LCK players. This interview style has made her content so engaging and inviting that the viewers always look forward to her interviews, especially those that she conducts with the viewer’s favorite LCK player. Instead of being some unreachable personalities, Ashley Kang has created a place where fans can relate towards these players’ struggles and experiences as people too.

4. Emily Rand

Emily Rand is an award-winning LoL Esports Journalist that primarily covers Eastern League of Legends Esports scenes. Nowadays, she works at the LCS as an Analyst but she still provides some insightful news and information about the esports scene internationally. She also co-hosts a podcast called Rift Reaction to talk about the news about League of Legends esports around the world. She is one of the most reliable sources of news in the community which is bolstered by her in-depth knowledge about the players, teams, and leagues in general.

Emily Rand’s Feature Article at MSI2021
  • Mostly Covers: LEC
  • Journalist Focus: Podcasts, Discussions
  • Company: LCS, Formerly: ESPN, Yahoo!, TheScore

Even though she’s pretty much inactive as a LoL esports journalist, it’s still worth following her to engage in discussion about the League of Legends community as a whole. Most journalists only provide insight about a single region but Emily follows various regions which make her content very informational if you want to have a more unbiased knowledge about the League of Legends International Esports scene.

3. Travis Gafford

Undoubtedly the most handsome and charming LoL esports journalist in the industry, Travis Gafford owns one of the biggest LoL Esports YouTube news channels in the world. He conducts one-on-one interviews with various players post-game, sometimes even outside of the LCS/LEC. He manages to deliver high-quality content and asks the right questions that most of the viewers relate to. Just looking at him strangely makes you want to buy Alienware gear.

Jack on C9's MSI run: 'I'd love to bring home that fourth [Worlds] spot for North America'
Travis Gafford Interviews C9’s Jack Etienne
  • Mostly Covers: LCS
  • Journalist Focus: Interviews, Podcasts
  • Company: Travis Gafford Industries

Travis Gafford is a fan favorite and no matter what kind of content he posts, the people seem to love it. He has an established community where viewers can have in-depth discussion about the state of League of Legends Esports depending on the interviews. He also guests in various podcasts to discuss very controversial and questionable aspects of the league. The most impressive part about Travis Gafford is that he’s not afraid to dish statements that compromise his and his company’s relationship with Riot Games.

2. FionnOnFire (Tyler Erzberger)

FionnOnFire is a storyteller who focuses primarily on sharing the narrative behind player’s histories in the League of Legends esports scene alongside other games such as Valorant. He is one of the best people to follow for fans that want to learn about the role of pro-players in their teams and wish to follow their journey to success with the teams that they’ve joined along the way.

FionnOnFire’s Article on The New Mid Lane Kings of the LCK
  • Mostly Covers: LCS
  • Journalist Focus: Story Telling
  • Company: Upcomer, ESPN (formerly)

Fionn also has in-depth knowledge about the esports scene internationally because he follows various League of Legends esports leagues. Most of his content involves narrative-style articles that deliver a somewhat dramatized yet accurate re-telling of a series of historical events surrounding the players and the team on an esports event. He tries to combine personal experiences to create a Esports Fan POV of how the players have attained success.

1. Jacob Wolf

When it comes to the best and most reliable LoL esports journalists in the community, there’s no one else that tops the list other than Jacob Wolf. This man is an investigative esports journalist that gets information waaaaayyyy before any other journalist does. This means that any changes regarding rosters or esports drama will most likely come from Jacob first since he has created a network of reliable sources that deliver plans. He has a 100% accuracy rate in terms of esports rumors being right.

Jacob Wolf Nomination For Esports Awards 2020
  • Mostly Covers: LCS
  • Journalist Focus: Official News Announcemtns
  • Company: Dot Esports, ESPN (formerly)

Jacob Wolf stated that he prefers being right over being the first to report something. Even though he gets the information beforehand, he prefers to confirm his sources until he’s sure that the news he receives are worth delivering to the public. One of the most important parts about good journalism is making sure that the information you deliver is accurate, which is something that Jacob Wolf is extremely good at.

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