The Top 5 Best ADC Champions in League of Legends

Marksmen are very unique in League of Legends because their role in the team as primary carries are always very distinct. There are times when the ADC role became extremely weak but no one can argue that it is not the most important role in any team composition. That’s why we’ll be ranking the top 5 best ADC champions ever created in League of Legends in terms of their overall design and historical impact to the role.

The Top 5 Best ADC Champions in LoL

There have been a lot of ADC champions that have been added to the game and each of them has earned their time on the spotlight. There are some champions that have been applauded for their uniqueness but some have received a lot of backlash due to their overpowered design. Regardless, we’ll be taking a look at some of the best ADC champs that Riot Games have added to the roster in the bot lane.

Samira in a shootout - best ADC Champions in LoL
The Best ADC Champions in LoL!

Searching for the best ADC champion doesn’t mean looking for the strongest one in the current meta. We’re looking at their relevance throughout the different metas and how they helped shape how the ADC role has evolved. There are many good ADCs created throughout League of Legends’ history but we’re looking for the top 5 that we think are the most iconic names that players will always remember as power picks in the lane.

5. Ashe

Ashe is one of the true OGs in League of Legends and even though she has undergone so many changes throughout the years, she’s still such an iconic ADC champion that she is the one character that players might never forget. She has been new players’ tutorial buddy for so long that it’s hard not to find anybody who has experience playing League of Legends who doesn’t at least recognize her.

Ashe shooting ice arrows in the Freljord - best ADC Champions in LoL
Uniqueness in the role.

The reason why she’s one of the best AD Carries is because of her unique position as a utility-focused AD Carry. Unlike most marksmen who draw their power in either exceptional mobility or powerful auto-attacks, Ashe likes to use her abilities to slow, stun, and reveal her enemy’s positions around the map. Since she is the only ADC who has a kit like these, we can safely place her as one of the most important ADCs in LoL history as she introduces a unique playstyle in the role.

4. Jhin

Jhin is one of the best designed champions in League of Legends history. He is an iconic marksman with a very unique playstyle and has remained a favorite for a lot of ADC mains even after falling off the meta multiple times. As a pure AD Carry, it’s only natural that he gets his spot as one of the best ADCs in the game as he has always had very high play rates, especially when crit AD carries had their resurgence in the bot lane.

Jhin wearing futuristic armor - best ADC Champions in LoL
Number 4 on our list!

Jhin makes himself known as one of the best ADC champions in League of Legends because he introduces a playstyle that rewards players for making tempo plays rather than blind aggression. He has always been a powerful pick and has historically been difficult to deal with in both the laning phase and teamfights due to the distance that he can create between himself and the enemies while still being able to contribute damage or control.

3. Caitlyn

Caitlyn is the champion that every League of Legends player visualizes when someone says “ADC”. Her overall design is the epitome of what it means to be a marksman in League of Legends and she plays the role in a way that can easily be followed by both inexperienced players and veterans alike. She has the longest attack range out of all the other carries at the start of the game and she’s able to take full advantage of that very well.

Caitlyn wearing resistance fighter clothing - best ADC Champions in LoL
The essence of ADCs

We would say that Caitlyn is one of the best ADC champions out there with a kit that allows her to provide utility and survivability when fighting enemies. She has a high skill ceiling but isn’t difficult to use as a new player being introduced to the bottom lane. Combining all of these elements together means that you always want players to master playing the fundamentals of the ADC role by having them use Caitlyn.

2. Kai’sa

Kai’sa is one of the top ADCs for high ELO AD Carries since she provides everything that a marksman wants except a decent attack range. In terms of pure utility, this champion is a beast with two mobility spells and two powerful offensive spells that work well with her playstyle. This makes her one of the most versatile carries in League of Legends with her only weakness being her extremely short range that makes her vulnerable for a counter-attack.

Kai'sa wearing futuristic armor - best ADC Champions in LoL
Mobility and versatility.

She is a powerful beast in the bot lane and it’s easy for an experienced AD carry to steal the game away with her as a primary carry. Unlike most AD Carries, Kai’sa is designed to be strong in all stages of the game and the fact that there are so many ways to play her make the design such a fun experience for any player to use her in the bottom lane. She also works well with a lot of different supports so you can maximize her potential regardless of your bottom lane duo.

1. Aphelios

It takes 200 years of experience to decide which AD Carry makes it to the top of the list and we’re confident to place Aphelios as the King of the bottom lane. This champion has seen its ups and downs in the meta but there was never a time where he became unplayable due to the changes in the mechanics that surround the playstyle of AD Carries and marksmen in general.

Aphelios celebrating the spirit blossom festival - best ADC Champions in LoL
200 years of experience!

Aphelios has been one of the most powerful and impactful AD carries in League of Legends in laning, teamfighting, and objective control. Needless to say, he deserves to be crowned the best AD carry that League of Legends has ever created in the marksman class. Of course, there was a time where he was just a little bit too good at what he does but after a lot of changes, he finally held onto an acceptable power level that doesn’t take away from what makes him good as a champion.

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