The Top 5 Best Bot Lane Combos in League of Legends

The bot lane is unique in its identity because it’s home to two laners as opposed to the Mid Lane and Top Lane that each have only one laner per side. The AD Carry and Support are two of the most important roles in a team and having a powerful combination is the key to winning early in the game. That being said, let’s explore the top 5 best bot lane combos in League of Legends history that synergizes extremely well when paired together.

The Best Bot Lane Combos

The bot lane is unique in that it relies on the synergy between two players rather than having individual success. Even if you’re an extraordinary player, your bot lane partner can run it down and flush all your effort down the drain. Having the best bot lane combo can often give your partnership in the bottom lane a higher chance of succeeding if not in the early game then towards the late game because of their harmonious relationship.

Some AD Carries and Support champions stand out by themselves and even though some champions were created for each other in the bot lane, they’re not exactly always the best combination in the game. Some of the best bot lane combos in League of Legends history have been born because of their power during a specific patch, but the best of them have persisted through time to remain as the best pairing for each other.

5. Caitlyn & Lux

The first duo on our list is Caitlyn and Lux, with the two champions boasting their synergy as an incredible power pick in the bot lane. This duo is incredibly punishing because of Caitlyn’s long range and Lux’s zone control that force the enemy bot lane to move around uncomfortably due to the fact that they’re always under threat. Every bot laner knows that this is the duo that they hate to play against because there is a small chance that they’ll ever have priority in lane without the jungler’s help.

Caitlyn and Lux in school uniforms - best bot lane combos in LoL
Pure damage and lane control!

Caitlyn’s ability to make traps and hit at long range means that enemies are forced to stay away from the wave unless they want to risk getting auto’ed for free. Lux’s long-range skills that can slow and root enemies ensure that they’ll always deal a ton of damage whenever something hits. As the icing on the cake, both champion’s ultimate can hit at a really long distance and will always ensure that an enemy below 10% will always die.

4. Senna & Tahm Kench

Senna & Tahm Kench is a unique combination because it essentially features two supports and two carries at the same time. Senna is designed to be a passive champion that benefits from letting her bot lane take the CS at the beginning but eventually becomes strong enough to be the main AD Carry. On the other hand, Tahm Kench was initially intended to be a support champion but with a powerful offensive and defensive kit, he’s able to make use of the gold he gets in the lane efficiently.

Tahm Kench and Senna looking ominous - best bot lane combos in LoL
Scaling towards the late game!

Tahm Kench’s job is to take the CS early in the game to allow Senna to farm souls and use that early advantage to set himself up as a powerful tank in the mid to late game. While Senna works well with many other champions either as a support or AD Carry, Tahm Kench is the only one that can transition well and make use of the resources that he acquires in the early game to maximize Senna’s kit.

3. Kai’sa & Nautilus

Kai’sa is a champion that plays aggressively at short range and is often her weakness despite having such a powerful offensive kit. As an individual she makes for a pretty decent AD Carry, but it’s very hard to make full use of her kit unless you pair her with the right champions. This is where Nautilus comes in to save the day. The two champions just make for such a powerful combo that it’s impossible not to take Kai’sa without Nautilus.

Kai'sa and Nautilus at sea - best bot lane combos in LoL
Total control over the teamfight!

Leona is a close second to this powerful pairing, but Nautilus’ point-and-click CC and extremely useful passive just makes it easier for Kai’sa to come in at the right moment. Nautilus can protect Kai’sa and act as a disruptor in the middle of the fight while layering his CC abilities to proc Kai’sa passive ability which both allows her to deal more damage in a fight or use her ultimate ability in case she’s not presently in range for the fight.

2. Lucian & Nami

Lucian and Nami is an upgraded version of Caitlyn and Lux that closely resembles the aggressive playstyle but creates its own identity by being able to take its power even outside the laning phase. The Lucian & Nami combo works when Nami uses the Electrocute keystone since this enables the lane to be a high kill threat lane with the only condition that needs to be met being that Nami hits her Q – Aqua Prison – ability on a target.

Futuristic versions of Lucian and Nami - best bot lane combos in LoL
One CC to take the kill!

Lucian’s high burst damage makes it possible for him to chuck out about 50-75% an enemy’s HP if he manages to land all of his abilities (aside from his ultimate) in the lane. Nami on Electrocute simply activates all the necessary conditions for this to happen by dealing the remaining damage and stun-locking an enemy in place. These two champions would have made for the best bot lane combo if not for the fact that the next one is simply more broken.

1. Kog’maw & Lulu

Kog’maw & Lulu is the best bot lane combo and a timeless partnership that just spells perfection. These two champions work the best together and no other bot lane pairing comes close to the level of synergy that these two have. Kog’maw and Lulu is a powerful bot lane combo that enables late game success that basically ensures that you win the game if it reaches the later stages with the two champions scaling up.

Kog'maw and Lulu as monster and trainer - best bot lane combos in LoL
A timeless duo, perfect for each other!

Kog’maw, by itself, is an extremely powerful AD Carry that scales well into the late game. However, it’s glaring weakness is that it’s extremely immobile and easy to kill. Lulu completely removes that weakness with her W, E, and R abilities that make it impossible to one-hit Kog’maw. In addition, Lulu casting both W and E on Kog’maw will make it a powerful machine gun that just deals an incredible amount of damage even if it just stands there.

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