The Top 5 Best Champion Ultimates in League of Legends

There are over 160 champions in League of Legends and each of them has a signature ultimate that makes them stand out. Today, we’ll be taking a look at the best champion ultimates in terms of how powerful and impactful they judging by their raw value in teamfights. Let’s take a step in Sylas’ shoes and see which champion’s R button we want to have in our team.

The Top 5 Best Champion Ultimates

Champion ultimates are often the flashiest things in the game with players showing off how powerful they are by being able to take control of a fight. Of course, the game isn’t designed to only introduce powerful ultimates since some a lot of them are designed specifically to complement a champion’s other abilities. That’s why some ultimates may seem broken but that’s only because they are good on the champion that uses them.

In this list, we’ll be looking for the best champion ultimates regardless of the champions using them. This means that we are searching for ultimates that stand out by themselves and don’t need anything else to make them good. We most likely won’t be looking at ultimates with high damage outputs since that is mostly relative to external factors rather than the ultimate itself. These are some of the ultimate abilities that we think deserve to make it on the list.

5. Ornn: Call of the Forge God

Ornn‘s Call of the Forge God is the first ability on our best champion ultimates in League of Legends. This ability is one of the most powerful engage tools in the game, being able to hit a large area for a ridiculous amount of range. This ability almost always ensures being able to catch out an enemy, if not the enemy team, to guarantee that a teamfight is always started. It also synergizes really well with a lot of other champions, making its utility invaluable when teamfighting.

Ornn channeling the power of the storm - best champion ultimates in LoL
No escape from the forge god!

Ornn makes good use of it but if this ability was included in every other champion, it doesn’t take away from the value it provides. This simply good in every situation especially since it provides a powerful slow, knockup, and relatively good damage that makes it everything a champion wants to have for crowd control. The only thing holding this ability back is the fact that it is countered by other champion’s abilities such as Yasuo’s Windwall.

4. Shen: Stand United

Shen’s Stand United is probably the dream ultimate that every support player wants to have. Unfortunately, the ability isn’t given to a dedicated support champion. This ability provides a global presence for the champion that owns it, making it impossible for the enemy team to engage in 1v1s as long as this ability is off cooldown. Many players know the pain of winning a fight only for it to be turned around by a masterfully-time Shen ultimate.

Shen wearing yellow ninja armor - best champion ultimates in LoL
You can’t kill my teammate!

Global presence is probably the most important thing for a champion and having that option makes the user even more of a threat since they are almost always present in a fight. The thick shield that this ultimate provides also adds to its power, making it so disruptive in fights and can almost always save a teammate’s life. You can even use this ability just for the shield so if your enemy laner prevents your teleport, it has still provided a lot of value to the fight.

3. Mordekaiser: Realm of Death

Mordekaiser’s Death Realm is every champion’s worst nightmare. Even duelists that excel in 1v1 fights would absolutely hate being dragged into the death realm because they will always lose out on something regardless of the result. This ability is flexible in its use with some players using it aggressively while others use it simply to isolate the biggest threat on the enemy team.

Mordekaiser conquering the wild west - best champion ultimates in LoL
Come here with me!

An ability that locks another champion into an alternate realm is already good but if you take into the account that he reduces 10% of the chosen’s champion stats and applies it to themselves, then you have a truly broken ability. To top it all off, the user takes all of that stats for an extended duration if they successfully manage to kill the enemy champion while in the realm of death.

2. Nocturne: Paranoia

Remember how we said that global presence is one of the most broken things to have in League of Legends? Here is the ability that provides one of the most broken global presence skills in the game. Unlike Stand United, this ability doesn’t target an ally and instead goes for an enemy champion. This means that it is impossible for an enemy ADC or support to roam the areas of the map that have vision without getting punished severely.

Nocturne surrounded by red aura - best champion ultimates in LoL
Darkness consumes you!

Nocturne loves this ability and it is perfect for him but every other champion would be able to use this ability a lot more efficiently. This ability is a constant threat to the map that the entire enemy team needs to adjust their playstyle just to be safe from this ability. In addition, it also limits the enemies’ vision, forcing uncoordinated teams to scramble in fear. This makes it one of the best champion ultimates in League of Legends.

1. Alistar: Unbreakable Will

Alistar‘s Unbreakable Will is undoubtedly the best champion ultimate in League of Legends. This ability may look simple with the description text being short but this ability is absolutely broken on every champion that uses it. It is one of the best damage-mitigation ultimates in the game and the fact that it cleanses all crowd control effects simply puts it at the top of our list.

Alistar rampaging through the streets - best champion ultimates in LoL
I don’t feel a thing!

At max value, Unbreakable Will mitigates 75% of damage taken. That is a huge majority of all damage dealt by the entire enemy team. Every champion would love to have this ability, especially carry champions since it allows them to practically be invincible during a fight. Even though it is a simple ability, it is undeniable that taking 75% less damage from enemies is a ridiculous ultimate to have.

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