The Top 5 Best Enchanters in League of Legends

Enchanters are one of the easiest champion types to learn in the game. If you’re looking for an easy way to play the game, these champions should be at the top of your choice preference since they allow you to succeed with very little effort. While enchanters may have an entry-level skill requirement, they can also have a high skill ceiling. Let’s take a look at some of the best enchanters in League of Legends that prove they need real skills to prove their worth.

The Top 5 Best Enchanters in LoL

Enchanters are very easy to get into, but if you want to draw out their full potential, you might need to attain a higher skill level. Most people hate playing against enchanters because they make it really hard to play against the allied AD carry. An enchanter’s role is always to unlock their teammate’s full potential by giving them buffs or healing and shielding them throughout the fight to help them survive just long enough to pop off.

A Valentine-themed Sona skin - The best enchanters in LoL
Let’s take a look at some of the best enchanters in LoL!

The best enchanters in the game have a lot of flexibility and don’t just rely on their ally to be strong. Some of the greatest enchanters in the game can stand up on their own feet and carry the game off their ability to protect their ally. While players won’t always appreciate what an enchanter does in the game since they usually aren’t flashy, these champions are usually ignored. To erase that image, let’s take a look at some of the best examples of powerful enchanters in League of Legends.

5. Senna

Senna is a unique design because even though she’s an AD Carry, she’s also pretty much a support enchanter. Her champion design forces her to be the support in the early stages of the game and eventually become strong enough to be the carry for her team. She is usually paired with a strong laner that doesn’t necessarily need heavy resources, but can benefit from having CS early into the game.

Senna under the moonlight - Best Enchanters in LoL
Is she even a support?

Senna is one of the best designed champions in League of Legends since she has a very strong kit only balanced out by the fact that she needs to have a slow start. Even after she reaches the point where she’s already strong enough to stand on her own, she is still able to fulfill her role as a pseudo support that can shield and heal her allies when they are in need. This makes her one of the best enchanters in League of Legends since she can be flexible to the needs of her allies.

4. Renata Glasc

Renata Glasc is a relatively new champion in the game, but she has already risen to popularity for having a very strong kit. As an enchanter, she is very aggressive and can provide very strong engage, which is something that most enchanters basically lack. She is extremely annoying to play against because she has one of the strongest abilities in the game, which allows her to give her allies a conditional revive that can be gamebreaking when it works.

Renata Glasc in a chemical-infused facility - Best Enchanters in LoL
How is this even a basic ability?!

Renata’s W ability – Bailout – is extremely powerful as it can technically allow her to revive an ally as well as giving them an extra bar of HP. This alone secures her spot as one of the best enchanters in the game, but her true appeal comes from the fact that she can engage onto the enemy from long range. She can also take advantage of very strong enemy champions by taking control of them and forcing them to hit their allies.

3. Yuumi

Yuumi is probably one of the most hated champions in League of Legends, but that’s for a reason that definitely proves she deserves her spot on this list. She is extremely easy to use and extremely quick to learn. Her kit doesn’t require intensive mechanics to understand because they are fairly straightforward and provides a lot of leeway for players to understand. It’s easy to master this champion as compared to other units, so it makes her the perfect support champ to start with if you’re a beginner.

Yuumi with a pumpkin head
Riot, please!

Despite having such a simple kit, she’s also very powerful. Her ability to heal and buff allies is one of the best in the game. It’s extremely hard to kill her because she’s immune while attached to an ally champion. Her CC abilities are also very easy to hit and it’s very hard to fail them unless the ally you’re attached to doesn’t maneuver properly to hit the enemies. She is a game-breaking champion that many people wish wasn’t introduced to League of Legends.

2. Lulu

Lulu is one of the oldest enchanters in the game and is a favorite among high-ELO players because she is packed with abilities that cover every possible weakness that your ally may face. Her champion design rewards skillful players who understand how to maximize their allies potential. It’s very hard to master this champion, but that’s exactly why a lot of support players like to have her as their main champion for the role.

Lulu as a whimsical space heroine - Best Enchanters in LoL
Master of all!

Lulu has abilities to buff allies, interrupt opponents, save an ally from a deadly situation, and poke out enemies during the laning phase. In terms of support mechanics, this is one of the champions that does a lot of work when a teamfight breaks out and there’s nothing that makes her drop off any lower than how we placed her. Her only downside is that her abilities are still a bit undertuned to modern League of Legends in terms of relevance.

1. Morgana

The best enchanter in League of Legends goes to Morgana. She is the champion that does everything from protecting allies to dealing a ridiculous amount of damage, eventually scaling to be a powerful mage on her own right. However, the thing that makes her the most powerful mage in the game is that she has two of the best abilities in League of Legends which are her Dark Binding (Q) and Black Shield (E) abilities that can make any player really mad.

Morgana covered in black thorns - Best Enchanters in LoL
The Dark Queen of Enchanters, herself!

The Dark Binding ability is one of the most powerful CC abilities in League of Legends because it has a very long range, powerful damage output, and extremely long duration that is notorious for being 90% fatal during the mid to late stages of the game when it hits. The Black Shield ability is extremely broken. It’s a spell shield that doesn’t instantly break and easily makes sure that an allied champion is never CC’ed while she’s around. This is why Morgana is almost never becomes irrelevant in the game.

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