The Top 5 Best League of Legends Gifts to Give Your Friends!

Christmas is over and all our gifts have been opened. For those who tried really hard to give their gamer friends something nice, you might have had a hard time choosing something they’d like. Don’t worry, you’ll get another chance to give something nice on their birthday or another special occasion. Let’s take a look at the best League of Legends gifts that you can give to the people around you during this festive season.

The Best League of Legends Gifts

People often don’t know what to give to gamers when it comes to gifts. While gamers aren’t always interested in receiving physical stuff, it would be a lie to say that they aren’t happy receiving stuff from their friends and family who think about it. We gamers are very simple in what we want and are adamant about what we don’t like. People often make mistakes when giving gifts since they aren’t really versed with the culture of gaming.

If you’re a person who has a friend that plays League of Legends, you might want to think about something to give them over the holidays or on their next birthday. There are some League of Legends gifts that players will love to receive regardless of whether or not you’re sure about their personal preferences. Remember that you should always be confident in every gift you give and highlight the fact that the gift is only a symbol of how you want to show your appreciation to that person.

Legendary Skins!

Each League of Legends player would much rather receive specific skins of their favorite champion to play in the game so you might be overwhelmed trying to find out which one it is. If you’re not sure what champion they play, the next best thing you can do is to simply buy Legendary Skins, which are relatively more expensive than normal ones but are always such a hype to receive if you are someone who likes collecting them.

A selection of Legendary skins from the LoL store - League of Legends gifts
Everybody loves legendary skins!

The cool thing about buying legendary skins as League of Legends gifts is that they are almost always worth their quality. There are some exceptions which can fall under the category of the worst League of Legends skins ever created so make sure to take a look which those are before you buy them. Otherwise, we’d say you’re safe to buy any legendary skin in the shop which you can gift to your friends. The only problem is you can only buy this gift if you have a League of Legends account yourself.

Gaming Gear

If you have a larger budget available to you and really want to get a big reaction from the person you want to surprise, you might want to consider buying them some gaming gear. Take note that buying gear is extremely costly because buying cheap items will most likely result in an opposite reaction from the person since most hardcore gamers don’t like using cheap gear since they make the overall experience awful. Don’t be surprised if they end up stashing those items forever, never to be seen or used.

A selection of mechanical keyboards from the Logitech store - League of Legends gifts
Any Logitech keyboard fans out there?

There are a few options that you can choose from that would always be appreciated which would be gaming mice, mechanical keyboards, and headsets. Wireless options are always great but the most decent ones would begin at $90. It’s always good to read reviews on items online before buying them. If you want cheap gaming gear that will always be appreciated by gamers, you might want to look up custom keycaps for their keyboards which will add a more personalized touch.

Riot Games Plushies

Plushies are always a great gift to buy for gamers. Most non-gamers are under the assumption that buying a stuffed toy to a person, especially to one of their male friends might be offensive. However, everybody who plays League of Legends would love to own a chibi version of a character they always play in the game or a plush version of a Poro and/or Pengu. These characters are universally loved by all players so you’d be safe.

The Riot Games official selection of plush toys - League of Legends skins
How can you not like these?

You can purchase the best Riot Games plushies at their official store. Even though they are relatively expensive, you’d appreciate the fact that these toys will always be displayed somewhere they can be seen. This is probably one of the best League of Legends gifts you can buy if you’re unsure what your friend or family member likes. The more you give them, they more of a reaction you’ll get from that person.

Esports Apparel

This is probably a niche gift that you’ll want to do more research about. Giving away esports apparel is basically the same as buying someone sports apparel. You need to find out that person’s favorite team and favorite player to make sure that you’re buying something that they’d appreciate. The last thing you want to do is buy your friend a jersey from a team that he absolutely hates or doesn’t support.

Official merch store of G2 esports - League of Legends gifts
G2 Esports hoodie for a G2 fan?

Most esports teams have online stores where you can buy their merchandise. The best item you can buy is a hoodie because these are clothes that the person can wear inside the house or take outside without looking like they’re overdressed. Just take a look at the person’s room, timeline, or profile page to see if you can find any hints on which teams they support and which teams they hate.

Be Lazy and Give RP

Gifting RP is the same as gifting money to a friend. RP or Riot Points is the main currency in League of Legends. So, if you’re planning to give this to a friend, you are basically saying “here’s some money, go buy yourself something nice”. Which is a good idea if you have absolutely no idea what that person wants or you have absolutely no clue about video games in general. As long as you be honest and tell that person that you didn’t know what to give them, they’ll most likely understand.

RP which can be purchased in the store - League of Legends skins
No shame in giving cash!

Receiving RP is always something that will be appreciated by a League of Legends player (unless they expected something more personal from you). Giving RP probably won’t give you a big reaction from the person especially since they’ll initially be confused by the gesture. However, it’s the safest of the League of Legends gifts that you can buy without feeling guilty that you don’t understand their interests and preferences.

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