The Top 5 Best MSI 2023 Teams in the Tournament

The Mid-Season Invitationals is upon us once again and the top teams around the world will clash to claim the 2nd most prestigious title in League of Legends. With the format changes for this year’s MSI, the stakes and competitiveness of the tournament increased significantly. This year, we’ll be taking a look at the top 5 best MSI 2023 teams coming into the tournament that have the highest chances of taking the title for their region.

The Top 5 Best MSI 2023 Teams

The Mid-Season Invitationals discarded its previous structure of only having one team per region participate in the tournament. In this tournament, the major regions have earned the right to send an extra team to MSI. This means that we’ll be able to see a more accurate list of the best MSI 2023 teams since the best regions will be sending their most successful teams in the season without people calling them out on a fluke victory.

The tournament is structured to reduce the number of pointless games, which improves the viewership experience. Once we get to see the top MSI 2023 teams clashing it out in the final stage of the tournament, we’ll be able to get a more accurate depiction of their overall levels. For now, we can only make an educated guess based on their performance in the previous season. Here are our top 5 best MSI 2023 teams coming into the tournament.

5. Bilibili Gaming

Bilibili Gaming is probably the closest thing this tournament has to a fluke entry. In the LPL, BLG made a semi-miracle run when they climbed from the 2nd round of the playoffs to eventually make it to the final round, beating TWO tournament favorites in Weibo Gaming and Edward Gaming to earn their spot in MSI. As one of the most competitive regions in the world, there is no doubt that they are one of the top teams in the world.

Yagao under the city lights - MSI 2023 teams
  • Regional PlacementLPL Spring Runner-up
  • Players to WatchYagao, Elk

To put this bluntly, the team is made up of previous top teams’ best players who were booted after several successful seasons. The team can be seen as a reject superteam but they managed to silence the haters by defeating the favorites in the tournament and earning their spot as a top competitor. They are not done proving to their previous teams that they made a huge mistake when they were let go so the bloodlust they have might end up being their prime motivator.

4. G2 Esports

G2 Esports has always been the shining light of the West where they led Europe into an age of glory. Despite their most successful roster being almost replaced, they still managed to retain the core strength of their team with different players. In 2023, the team seems like it’s ready to retake the title of MSI champions and prove to the world that the western League of Legends scene has not died out after 2019.

The G2 team playing on stage - MSI 2023 Teams
The best in the West!
  • Regional PlacementLEC Winter Champions
  • Players to WatchHans Sama, Yike

The team might not have had an impressive showing in the LEC Spring season but it would be foolish to think the “G2 magic” has faded completely. A team with strong leadership and strong team synergy can be one of the most formidable opponents in the tournament. Since the Western teams aren’t burdened by heavy expectations to win the entire tournament, they can show a fully-unleashed style of gameplay that will be difficult for organized teams to deal with.

3. Gen.G

Gen.G in 3rd place might be one of the most controversial takes in League of Legends esports but let us remember that regional standings isn’t the best indicator for international success. While Gen.G showed an extremely impressive run in the LCK, the team seems to have a few cracks that will prove to be a huge weakness when playing with teams that they haven’t played with before.

GenG Peanut and CHovy walking off the stage - MSI 2023 Teams
The LCK Champions!
  • Regional PlacementLCK Spring Champions
  • Players to WatchPeanut, Chovy

The team has retained its powerful core in the past few seasons with Chovy and Peanut leading the helm. However, the loss of their superstar AD Carry has led a lot of people to believe that the organization was finished. Luckily, their new bot lane duo has proved to their domestic league that they are up for the challenge. Having rookies in such a heavy bot lane meta can make or break their standing in the tournament but not enough that they aren’t expected to win the entire tournament.

2. JD Gaming

JD Gaming is considered to be a “perfected form” of what Gen.G is to the LCK. The team has a similar style to the LCK champions but with a more reliable bot lane duo that they can fall back on more reliably. All 5 lanes in the JD Gaming lineup are of the highest quality players that the LPL can offer. In fact, they have consistently shown that they are the best team in the region throughout the regular season and even in the playoffs by completely dominating their opponents.

JDG kanavi making a cool pose while sitting down - MSI 2023 Teams
The best the LPL has to offer!
  • Regional PlacementLPL Spring Champions
  • Players to WatchRuler, 369, Kanavi

The caliber of this team is not be underestimated just because the LPL has a reputation for flopping on the big stage. Fortunately for this team, both Kanavi and Ruler are looking to showcase their best performance in the tournament for a chance to be chosen for the Asian Games League of Legends event and win a Gold Medal for their country. The tournament will be exceptionally fierce but even more so for teams with South Korean players under consideration for the prestigious event.

1. T1

The legendary Korean team is once again making their appearance at the Mid-Season Invitationals to try and secure another international title under their name. While T1 wasn’t the winner of the spring season, they are still considered the best team in South Korea, especially with their experience and reputation in international events. They are not considered the favorites to win the tournament but any hardcore analyst would agree that they have the highest chance of winning.

The T1 trio posing for the camera - MSI 2023 Teams
The most successful team in the world!
  • Regional PlacementLCK Spring Runner-up
  • Players to WatchZeus, Oner, Keria

The players in the team earned their right to be called superstar players in their respective lanes through their seasons playing in the team. Unlike JD Gaming who recently acquired the best superstars in the world, T1’s roster has spent several seasons working together through domestic and international events. In terms of synergy and team power, this team is unrivaled and stands atop the MSI 2023 teams as the one to beat.

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