The Top 5 Best Passive Abilities in League of Legends

Passive abilities are often overlooked in League of Legends because they seem like they play such a minor role in the game. However, passives are often the abilities that make or break a champion because of how heavily they impact the identity of the champion. While some champions have passives that only act as a utility to the user, the best passive abilities in League of Legends stand out so much that they would be broken on any champion they are equipped to.

The Best Passive Abilities in League of Legends

There are many good passive abilities in League of Legends that highlight a champion’s power level on Summoner’s Rift. Unfortunately, a lot of these abilities don’t really translate well on other champions since the design is very exclusive to the owner (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing). We’re looking to highlight the best passive abilities in League of Legends that are so powerful that they can work even with other champions in the game and make them more broken than they are.

Akshan dancing around crystal roses - best passive abilities in LoL
Who do you think has the best passive abilities?

When looking for the best passive abilities, it’s a good idea to measure them according to their innate power levels in the game. This means understanding how impactful they are on their own. Passive abilities that are reliant on a specific ability or condition that is exclusive to the user won’t exactly be a contender even though they are extremely powerful. We already talked about the best champion ultimate in League of Legends, so let’s give a spotlight on the passives.

5. Neeko’s Inherent Glamour

Neeko has been rising up in popularity thanks to its recent rework that gave her more utility as a combat mage. One of the highlights of her rework is the changes in her passive ability that allowed her to disguise herself as any allied or neutral unit on the map. This means that players are constantly paranoid about whether something may be an enemy in disguise or not. Unlike Fiddlesticks’ passive ability, this ability can truly make enemies afraid to walk up to units that might actually kill them.

Neeko covered in ice and wonder - best passive abilities in LoL
Where you least expect them.

Abilities that conceal the champion’s forms and locations like Evelynn’s invisibility are really scary to play against in the game. However, most of these abilities are easily countered by having Vision Wards in the right place. The scariest part about Neeko’s Inherent Glamour is that it’s extremely hard to detect whether something is real or not, especially if they disguise themselves as a minon innocently walking up tt the lane.

4. Braum’s Concussive Blows

Braum is probably one of the more impactful choices on this list. His ability allows his auto-attacks to generate a stack of Concussive Blows which will stun and deal bonus magic damage on the 4th hit. Additionally, his auto-attacks also deal more damage after successfully stacking up this passive ability. A passive ability that allows the user to apply crowd control effects to the enemy is a powerful tool that makes them extremely impactful in the team.

Braum shielding himself from dragon fire - best passive abilities in LoL
Knocked in the head.

Imagine giving this ability to a ranged champion or one that can stack attack speed. This ability was intended to be given to a melee support because any other champion would be broken if they had this ability. Even though this champion is extremely broken on paper, it’s still fairly balanced when in the hands of tanks that have really slow attack speeds and have a bit of difficulty reaching priority targets that need to be stunned.

3. Ornn’s Living Forge

Ornn’s passive does not come as a surprise. This ability is like a quality of life improvement for a lot of champions in the game. The primary advantage of having this ability is that it allows the user to craft any item on the shop (except consumables) outside of the base. This means that you get to stay in the lane longer and slowly generate an advantage over your opponent, eventually giving you the means to solo kill them in the lane because of the sheer stat difference between the two of you.

Ornn engulfed in lightning and thunder - best passive abilities in LoL
No need to recall!

The main charm of Ornn’s Living forget that makes it one of the best passive abilities in League of Legends is that it increases the armor, magic resist, and health bonus from all sources by 10%, making the champion bulkier than it is. You don’t necessarily have to build tank items but having extra defensive stats is definitely a universal advantage. Don’t forget that it also allows you and your team to upgrade your mythic items for even more stats in the late game.

2. Senna’ Absolution

Senna‘s passive ability is the master of scaling and is the one skills that make the game such a wonderfully complicated game. This ability allows players to gain stacks of Mist that increase the champion’s attack range, attack damage, and critical modifiers. This means that this champion gets increasingly stronger the longer the game drags out. While the number of mists that drop from minions and small monsters is more frequent if the user isn’t the one who kills it, it’s still powerful even for solo laners.

Senna wielding her giant light gun - best passive abilities in LoL
Unlimited range!

The ability to scale infinitely is definitely an ability that can be considered broken. Luckily, it’s not something that players can easily commit with such low odds during the early stages of the game. Senna’s Absolution benefits every champion in the game, even those that don’t primarily use AD and crit as their primary stats. After all, attack damage modifies every champion’s auto-attacks so it can work no matter who uses it.

1. Viego’s Sovereign’s Domination

The best passive ability in League of Legends undoubtedly goes to Viego‘s Sovereign’s Domination. The ability to take over the bodies of every enemy champion in the game is absolutely broken, especially if you’re a player who understands how to play a large number of champions. In terms of the best passive abilities in the game, there’s no denying that Viego’s is a cut above the rest.

Viego playing an electric guitar while engulfed in flames - best passive abilities in LoL
I am YOU!

Aside from being able to take over the bodies of dead enemy champions, he also becomes untargetable for a few seconds and even regenerates a portion of his health. If an enemy is fed, Viego is able to take advantage of their strength when he manages to take them down because he’ll inherit all of their abilities aside from their ultimate.

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